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Offtopic / Ban & Demote Pandemon for power abuse/impotent checker.
« on: February 01, 2014, 04:12 »
1: Your ingame nickname?
Doesn't matter in this case, he banned THELOVEBELOW not me.
2) Moderator's nickname (as in subject).
3) Why you are not happy with Moderator's decision / behavior.
<abusing commands, render bad decision>

He banned THELOVEBELOW permanently for maphack, because of a scene at minute 34 ingame time (forum post below), you know why ? THELOVEBELOW was sniper, there was a zeus in his team, he was top pushing the lane, legion decided to try to kill him with lothar, ZEUS USED ULTI FOR FIGHT MIDDLE (= invis units visible), then sniper used lothar and backed. How is that maphack ? That is obviously not maphack.
Now, there are two choices:

1. Pandemon didn't see that zeus ultied, in which case you must demote him immediatly before he bans others wrongly too, because he is not fit to be a maphack checker if he can't see something as obvious as zeus ulti.
2. He did see the zeus ulti, but decided to abuse his powers and ban THELOVEBELOW anyway, for another personal reason ... to give an example he doesn't like him, in which case he must be demoted immediatly because he is not fit to be a maphack checker.
In both cases, he is not fit to be a maphack checker.

In any of these cases, he must be demoted immediatly. There is no way in hell someone could "not see" zeus ulti if he was paying attention. He either didn't see it because he is too much of a noob, and because of that he can't be allowed to be a maphack checker, or he did see it, but wanted to abuse his powers and ban him anyway, in which case he can't be allowed to be a maphack checker.

4) Forum link / Game link.,149499.0.html

This message has been sent to Astaroth and XeqtR by private message, as it is in the "not satisfied with moderators decision ?" thread, I posted it here aswell so others can see a more detailed version of how to report someone properly, and also to speed-up the process of solving this problem. (others can see and notify astaroth/xeqtr before they read their private messages)
This topic is not spam, this topic is not against the forum rules, therefore you have no reason to delete/close it.

Have a good day.

Many of you have asked this question. Here's your lucky day.

As you probably know, because I said so multiple times, you are all unworthy of that high % skill usage of mine, so I always play at 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of my ability or lower.

I couldn't resist here though, for one small moment, I've stopped restraining myself too much and let 0.000000000000000001% of my ability show. :(

So here's your chance to see how it looks like.
Start of scene 23:35 replay time (from that moment I had it all in my head from start to finish):

Warning: You might have a heart attack, don't watch this if you have a weak heart.

Oh also, does anyone know of a recording program better than fraps/dxtory ? I've been thinking of doing some recording of live-full played games, then uploading on youtube, for your education.

What I'm looking for is something that doesn't occupy much space.

For example, 5 minutes of recording in fraps = 50 gigabytes or some shit, it's crazy.

Tried dxtory recently, 5 minutes of recording = 12 gigabytes, still a bit too much for my harddrive for a full game.
I've heard there is a way to make dxtory record in a way that occupies very little space, like 5 minutes = 30 megabytes (automatic conversion or something like that, which record and converts recorded material at same time without making lag), but I didn't find it yet, also it lags a lot even as it is with 5 minutes = 12 gigabytes.

Post your favorite/best 5herolineups, and I'll tell you shit about them when I got time.
Also feel free to ask questions about 5herolineup vs 5herolineup.
Also, I'll give you some "exercise" questions (asking what you would do in a particular situation, to start off with an example:
1.What would you do if you are sentinel and you are furion, and there is a 4v5 fight going on at middle lane just above the river so abit on the scourge side which from the looks of it will not end fast but your team will lose it when it's over, only two heroes from enemy team have tp let's say they are dazzle who has meka pipe so he will probably stay and fight and necro with shiva bloodstone, if you are fountain, if the waves are pushed 9/10 of the way twards your enemies base, and if u have as items treads necro3 deso ? (Don't say "but this isn't realistic scenario, you can't know that many things ingame in that exact moment", because oh yes you can, you will see how easily you can gather info when you become close to a decent player)
2.What if there is the same situation and you are a clinkz with only treads orchid and a yasha and you are at the big neutral creep camp close to scourge base to get your ulti ?

3.What if there is the same situation as with clinkz and you are a destroyer with treads forcestaff necro3 ?

4.What if there is the same situations as with clinkz and you are a tiny with only treads mom agha and you are a bit closer to the fight than to their base ?

5.What if there is the same situations as with clinkz and you are a tiny with only treads mom agha and you are a lot closer to the fight than to their base? Answer these questions.)

Some F.A.Q. to save some time:

"Hey, why are u doing this?"
Cause it will make you nabs better players and maybe I won't have to restrain my skills so much.

"Hey, ur mega low noob lol who do u tihnk u are lol ican wrek u 1v1 so easily lol"
You make a good point, say your acc here and I'll make u cry when I have time to waste ingame with rapeing random nabs like u.

"Hey, how u so good?"
Timeless question, it probably comes from being much smarter than a genius, or simply using this thing called thinking and having fast reactions. Or both, in my case, both.

"How do u see the things u see so easily?"
When u get better it just comes naturally, the info is just there, when ur good if someone tells u lineups it's like someone tells u 2+2=4 and then they ask you how does the game go or how does the lineup do and it's like asking you how much is 4+4, just easy.

"How did u get to this insane level?"
For years, by constantly seeing only the errors made in everything at any given point in any game, and correcting them, and completely disregarding, not even acknowledging "perfect" play instead of being proud about it like a weakling who just got lucky, sadly I got to the point that I have to slowdown very much because you guys just quit if I don't surpress my abilities. Also improving reaction time and general speed, remember this if you want to improve, you are NEVER fast enough. You are always slow as fuck.

(Also, I only done what I'm about to say with 8x speed with a single replay, because I saw I can tell everything.
Probably the best exercise to train your mindspeed ingame, to make your reactions quicker, is to watch some random replay of yourself from some years ago saved in ur stats in 2x speed, different one 3x, different one 4x, different one 5x, different one 6x, different one 7x, different one 8x, and to repeat untill you can tell everything that is going on as if it's at 1/2 speed, and if you can't tell what's going on, try again with a different replay (don't cheat yourself by just memorizing what happens in a replay, you are trying to improve your abilities not pass a stupid exam), also by "everything that is going on" I mean, don't miss a single kill, always be able to explain yourself how it happened, always look at minimap every few seconds for some approximate information, always know who is highest leveled, always know who is farming the best, always know when something is about to happen etc. This is ofcourse assuming you can tell what's going on in 1/2 speed or 1x speed atleast XDDDDDDDDDDD, if you can't start with those.)

Too hard ? For your info, you are not even close to being a decent player even if you can do all that I said above, much more is requiered than just decent game awareness and decent reactions to be a decent player.

"What do u mean ignoring "perfect" play?
I'll give you two examples of what I mean.
Did you ever make a rampage ?
Did you fuck up at some point in it by missing some spell or w/e? If yes, then it's still a fail.
Did any of your teammates die because you waited too long? If yes, then it's still a fail.
Could you have done it 10 seconds faster ? If yes, then it's still a fail.
Could you have done it 5 seconds faster ? If yes, then it's still a fail.
Could you have done it 1 second faster ? If yes, then it's still a fail.
Could you have done it 0.001 second faster ? If yes, then it's still a fail.
Did you kill your lane opponent on mid by going to grab rune first?
How long did it take, did you miss a wave of creeps ? If you did then it's still a fail (unless you cared more about the exp than gold), there is more gold in a wave of creeps than in a kill if the one you kill doesn't have a decent streak, and you shouldn't be so scared of your opponent that you think to yourself "I MUST kill him or he gets stronk", let him be stronk, let him be stronk then beat him, it's more "challenging" that way.

See ya on the next episode.

« on: January 22, 2014, 13:11 »
Stop fucking crying in my chat mh mhmhmhmhmhhm hmhmhmhmh hmhmhmhmhhmh and report.

Jesus fucking christ, what the fuck ? I try everything, I don't say anything after you cry, you don't report, you just talk. I insult you and provoke you after you cry, you don't report, you just talk. I make fun of you after you cry, you don't report, you just talk. What does a guy have to do to make you idiots report if you think he has mh ?

Learn to stick by what you say you fucking silly kids, if you think someone has mh REPORT, don't just cry in my chat. The least you can do is make reports, so I can laugh abit at your reports after I endure your retarded whining. Do you kids feel better after you cry in chat ?

Holy fucking shit.

(Don't mind me, just randomly ranting in offtopic section, I had over 100 ppl saying I have mh this week, and that they will report me I will see etc blabla, and not a SINGLE one reported me. What the fuck ?)

« on: November 18, 2013, 18:49 »
I quote the section:
"Post jokes, images, everything that is funny"

JEANDORK is funny.




Offtopic / You want mana ?
« on: November 01, 2013, 09:11 »
I give mana.

Offtopic / quick message to all you noobs.
« on: October 31, 2013, 01:50 »
stop crying in my chat or whispering to me "mh mh mh mh mh mh mh" and go report. your crying only amuses me, but your reports make me have a big smile on my face, so reporting is better.

Feedback / Create an 1v1 ladder.
« on: September 27, 2013, 08:52 »
Create an 1v1 ladder, with the same system as the 5v5 ladder, and to allow the bot to distinguish between 5v5 ladder and 1v1 ladder, create a separate hosting command for the 1v1 ladder, like for instance !pub1v1 "game name", and separate sd command to distinguish between 5v5 ladder stats and 1v1 ladder stats, like for instance !sd1v1 "player name".

It would be fun. There are lots of places where this is already implemented, and it's not hard to implement at all. Just new command to host 1v1, separate tabs on stats page for 5v5 and 1v1 and new sd command for 1v1.

Also, the mode should be forced to -aromshnp, or atleast -aromsh, like it is in other places.

Why ? Simple explanations.

Why to force ar ? Well, imagine ap for instance, 2 people waiting for the other guy so they can counterpick after he picks. It would be lame.
Imagine sd, same thing, people waiting for the enemy to pick so they can counterpick, still lame.
Imagine rd, random luck decides who gains first pick, random luck decides counterpick advantage for guy who gets second pick, or advantage for first pick, depending on the hero pool, still lame.
Imagine cm/cd, even worse, blue player DECIDES who gets first/second. So he decides who gets advantage. Still lame.
With arsh there is perfect balance and only skill will decide winner.
Arsh is the only viable option.

Why to force om ? Well, it would be lame to have full map because creeps can randomly push hard on those other lanes and the guy to which creeps are pushing in other lanes is more pressured, so automatically in disadvantage just based on random luck.

Why to force sh ? Well, because this way there is no crying about "imbalanced" matchups, and if ar mode is forced, (and ar is the most logical choice to force), it would be random luck who gets pick which is better than other pick. With sh there is perfect balance (can't get more balanced than identical hero), and skill will decide the winner, not random pick luck.

Why to force np? Well, mostly because of the maphackers, it would be fun to have runes also, but if there is np then maphackers will have way less reason to use maphack.

You should give this serious consideration, it will drastically improve the number of players playing here if there is 1v1 ladder, people from different places will come here to play -> more players -> more site activity -> more fun -> just win situation no matter how you look at it, and the best of all, not hard at all to implement. Absolutely no reason to not go ahead with this ideea.

« on: August 05, 2013, 04:21 »
I made a lil long post as my BYE here ->,112755.msg485306.html#msg485306

Jean and others, talk to me on steam. -> CoMMoN13371337 is my ID, you can't miss it.




Common !Warned on forum for insulting users (2nd time already) ...

Where exactly was the insult ?

Can anyone answer this question ?


Just because you are virgins, doesn't mean if someone calls you a virgin it's an insult. It's just a simple fact.

If you call an apple an apple, the apple doesn't feel insulted. Wanna know why ?
Because apples are not sentient and are incapable of feeling emotions.

Even if they were sentient though, they wouldn't feel offended for what they are.
Get your head out of the sand, go outside and stand proud and shout that you are virgins, who knows, maybe some females will feel bad for you and help you with that.

And let's say this comparison is unsound.

Do you even know what an insult is ?
Let me help you with some examples.

Actually fuck that, cause i can't even be bothered to show you insults, you aren't worth my time.
Again, just because you feel bad cause you are virgins, doesn't mean it was an insult.

Now i want justice, i was warned for nothing and the whole forum is witness.

Make a formal apology here and i might let it slide.


Offtopic / Haters gonna hate
« on: June 19, 2013, 11:29 »
Check the chat XD i was dying laughing.- -- --- ----> >> >>> >>>>
Iz only game, don't heff to be mad.

This is pretty much a nobrainer, countless situations like this happen all the time:

Some random noob wants mid no matter what (even though he permanently autoattacks and can't deny), then he gets mad cause someone else doesn't let him, then he goes on a feeding spree + courier feeding spree to make the guy who didn't let him mid "mad". Then some from the enemy team do not want to votekick (cause they are so pathetic that they need a guy feeding them permanently to have a chance to win and have 0 integrity or sense of fairness), and there you go. Then you have a 50 minute game, with a guy permanently feeding and feeding couriers. Fun right ?
Why though ? Why ?
When you can avoid it simply by doing one of these two things ?

So, choose one of the two solutions which will solve the problem:

1. Lower the number of people requiered for a votekick (it shouldn't cause any problems since there is already a rule in place which states that those who votekick innocent player will get banned)


2. Ban those who refuse to votekick an obvious game ruiner, because in doing so they CONTRIBUTE to the game ruin and deserve a ban.

I would personally choose the second. How low of a human being do you have to be to not kick someone who has 20 deaths and sold his items and permanently feeds couriers ? You deserve a ban if you don't vote to kick in this kind of obvious situations, by not voting you are as much of a game ruiner as he is because you allow him to ruin the game instead of preventing him from doing so.

Here is a small example of such a situation:

P.S: Another thing, don't even dare to say "if you want better games play higher psr games". This is absolute nonsense offtopic reply which has nothing to do with this topic. (yes, offtopic reply which has nothing to do with this topic, i've said it)

I am making this suggestion for YOU. As in all of YOU. For those which want more enjoyable games with no such retarded situations.
Just because some games are lower doesn't mean they don't deserve to have a good playing athmosphere.
You are neglecting a large part of your players by not trying to improve the system and simply saying "get high psr, better games".

You don't solve your problems by putting your fingers in your ears and screaming "lalala i can't hear you, go play higher psr for better games", you solve them by not allowing such situations (like the one i've given as an example) a chance to exist. You do that by making positive changes.
Stop maintaining this inefficient status-quo and change it for something better.
Move on.
Go forward.


Sports / Jose "0 Trophies" Mourinho
« on: May 18, 2013, 01:08 »
I made this topic so we can laugh at this guy.

"Like me or not, I am the only one who won the world's three most important leagues. So, maybe instead of the 'Special One', people should start calling me the 'Only One'" - Jose "0 Trophies" Mourinho.

I'll start.


Suggestion Board / Forbid the use of custom keys.
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:04 »
Now i know how this thread will go, believe me.

Millions and millions of lovely, wonderful human beings with lots of brains and stuff like that, will come here and say: "WHAAAA ? BUT HOW, IS NO CHEET MEN, IS OKE TOOL EVERYBODEE USEZ IT MEN ISNOGOOD TO REMOOV, PLIZ NO CUZ DOTA HARD, HELP HELPHELP PLS BNO."

Now let's start the thread shall we ?

Maphack and warkeys do the exact same thing.
Which is what exactly ?

They both help the specific user. How? By giving them an unfair advantage over other users.

Maphack is not an ingame feature, it's an added feature to make the game easier for a specific player, over other players -> therefore a cheat.

Warkeys are not an ingame feature, it's an added feature to make the game easier for a specific player, over other players -> therefore a cheat.

Warkeys are, whether you like it or not, a cheat.
That's right, a cheat. Nothing less, than a cheat. Cheat.
Get it ? C-h-e-a-t. Or simply spelled "cheat". It uses the letter "c", the letter "h", the letter "e", the letter "a", and finally, the letter "t".

Now, some other millions and millions of lovely, wonderful human beings with lots of brains and stuff like that, will come here and say: "BUT DUUUUUUUUUUDE, IVEN IN DOTER 2 THER R CUZTOM KEYZ DUUUUUUUUUUDE, NO CHIT MEN NO NO NO, NO REMUV NOOOOO."

Well, that is the case. However, there is a huge difference. The fact that they are a game addition in dota 2 is absolutely irrelevant.

We are not playing dota 2 here, so the custom keys are not an ingame feature.
That means, whoever uses warkeys, or other such custom keys, has an unfair advantage, over people who don't use them.

Another thing, do not even dare to say that the comparison between maphack and warkeys is not realistic, because in fact, it is very realistic.
The result is the same, an unfair advantage over other users.

I'm not going to bother answering questions like "BUT DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, HOWZ WEEL WERKEYZ HEV GIVE SUCK BIG ADVENTAGE ??????????????????".
Why will i not answer them ?
Because the answer is so obvious, that if you do not comprehend it, i may have to come to your house and kill you to rid the world of a possible unprecedented, mindboggling, contagious stupidity disease existence possibility.

Look at that, my post has ended.
Let's end it with a bang shall we ?


I'm tired of weaklings sitting in the base every time they die once and spamming go ff, why do you join a game of dota if you don't intend to play till the end ? you don't have anything else to do ? i have some ideas for you, go jump off a window or bang your head against the wall.
You join a game then you don't play, do you realise how autistic that sounds ? What the fuck is wrong with you ?

And why exactly aren't you banning these people even NOW ? People make reports for gameruiners who say "go end mid im not defending" for 15 minutes straight and they don't get banned with some admin replying "it was over anyway".
First time i saw that kind of reply i laughed for 1 minute straight, but then i realised it wasn't a joke, you people really give up that easy, it's amazing really you just leave me speechless.

Remove ff command -> ban the noobs who refuse to play -> noobs will finally learn to play by facing hard situations and learning from them, instead of just crying in base whenever they die -> games will be more enjoyable since they will be hardfought till the end -> imbecils who refuse to play will leave or be forced to leave -> everyone is happy since all the games will be fun with all the people playing till the end.

Why aren't you doing this ?

Why are you even playing dota ?
To win easy games ?
To cry in base when you are faced with a harder game ?
To run to your mommy when someone outplays you ?
Do you enjoy playing dota at all if you do that ? Where is the fun in having games when suddenly whole enemy team camps fountain from min 10 saying "go push we wont defend" ?
If i were an admin i would ban these kind of people permanently. Luckily for you i'm not an admin.

I don't even know why i made this post, i can already tell you how it will go.
A bunch of noobs will come here and immediately refuse the ideea saying random 0 logic statements just to hide behind their precious friend !ff who saves them from embarassment whenever they get raped.

The end result will probably be - nothing changed. Same horrible games and athmosphere caused by the abundance of frustrated noobs who can't handle how much they suck and want to leave instanly whenever they fail.

Have a good day.

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