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Read This Before You Post
« on: January 16, 2012, 05:54 »

This is Tech support board where staff tries to help you fix some tech issues that you can find solution.Because of spam of same topics ,s ome problems and solutions will be written here :

I get autokicked when i try to join lobby

It can be only 2 reasons : You are either banned or you dont have latest supported DotA map. Check on stats page or in channel if you are banned (on stats page , type your name in Search tab , and you will get info about your account ; if you dont have DotA map, go to and download it and put in your Map folder located in your W3 directory).

I cant join server

This is also for 2 reasons : Server is currently offline (it happens everyday ,once around 00.00 hours) or youare IP banned. Both of these things can be checked at forums. There is one icon on their home page which shows either server is on or off. For other issue , check banlist and type your nick.


I have Gproxy problem

Gproxy is coded by staff , not , so we cant really know in details what might be a problem , so its better to go to forums fr help (maybe we wont be able to help you as much as they can )

Best thing to do is reinstall loader.

I won game and i lost PSR !!! Or , my PSR is double less thanit should be.
Its because , you got this message : Autoban is off , you should play till end.This happens when ingame there is 5v3 situation , but that doesnt mean you won game , you must destroy Three / Throne in order to finish and win game. After that , you can leave , and get your PSR. Otherwise , it will count as you left game ,and it will deduct your psr.

Other case is about mode you are playing, -em mode gives double less psr.

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