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« on: August 10, 2022, 03:34 »
3-misleading game information
4-00:13   GRANATA   !hcl AR
00:16   GRANATA   !pub
00:16      Trying to rehost as public game [AP EU #1].
27:38      Trying to rehost as public game [AP EU #9].
28:43      Game is starting, game mode is set to [ar].
00:24   hobodoksiker   [All]   it wasn't ar
00:33   GRANATA   [All]   my mistake sry
00:42      [All]   [2256] voted to rmk [1/8]
24:53   2256   [All]   nice ap game
39:31   2256   [All]   nice ar game

5-i don't understand what's the need for all this at four o'clock at night,
although the game information is ap, as you can see, it has forced us to play ar mode.because he likes the heroes of his team he didn't want to remake the game.
the time that went out of my life to play a hero I didn't want
Lobby duration:   28:49   Game duration:   42:54;sa=game;gid=6476492

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Re: ban
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2022, 09:57 »
Host can swap a good player to his own team after balance. Host can swap the bad player to the opposing team. even he can lock him there. Host can change mode of the game etc.
You have to be awake while waiting in the lobby of the game. Host supposed to adjust the settings of the game equal for both teams to play fair game. Let's say you noticed that host is preparing a team for himself(he is stacker) or he is preparing an unbalanced game etc. First of all warn him not to do it or simply leave the game lobby.

Finally game started and you wanted to rmk.

00:42   2256   [All]   !rmk
00:42      [All]   [2256] voted to rmk [1/8]

Neither your own team nor the opposing team supported you to remake the game. Anyways, you cannot push them to do it. I would like to remind the rule.

Ingame Rules

0. General codex:

      a) The following rules apply on "", "la tour" channels and in any lobby or game hosted by la-dota bots
      b) Spamming, flamming, national intolerance and similar on our channels will be punished with a channel kick (1st time) or a temporal channel ban (2nd+ time)
      c) Evading ban is forbidden and may lead to a lock on server, as well as permaban on all newly created accounts.
      d) Sharing account is forbidden and may have consequences for both, account owner and other person who is using shared account.
      e) Using more than 1 account is allowed unless the rule 0a is broken.
      f) Backdoor is allowed.
      g) Player cannot be forced to use !ff, !rmk, !votekick or !yes commands even if the majority of players wants it unless the rules oblige him to do so.
      h) Saving the game is forbidden.
      i) Reporting anything you are not directly involved is not allowed.
      j) User can not request sanctions for actions Older than 7 Days.