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« on: July 11, 2022, 18:41 »
No player has been banned for months for playing Tuskar, Riki, Necromancer, Necrolic, Storm and many other heroes with small bugs.
Tuskar is one of the best heroes and in noob games this hero can be overpowered because noobs will pick agy hero like Sniper, Luna and Traxes and they will go for damage and Lothar as first items instead to focus on survival and its perfectly normal they will not do well. In average to good games I see more often teams with Tuskar to lose the game, often in late game player is lacking knowledge to play this hero properly and in this game Tuskar has lost the game. Hero can be countered, many heroes can neutralize him. Does moderators need to interfere in here or the game can remain free for all players to play whatever they want? It doesn't have sense to ban this after months and years.
This is not the same situation where Riki stack damage after he collect Rapier and keep damage after losing Rapier, its hero ability. Necromancer uses infinite regeneration in some cases, Storm can jump on warded area from 1 base to another, silence his opponent and do full damage making dewarding task for other team sometimes impossible, Necrolic birds generate damage on their own. All the players are already used to old map, not much secrets in there. My opinion is this is part of the game and it should not be forbidden. Better ban player who pick Riki talent to remain not visible in fights, hero should not be hidden during his participation in fight where the only way to stop him is gem, dust and ward.,202004.0.html
I don't know player ^fast^ and I'm not here to defend him, I feel its needlessly intervention from moderator.

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Re: Question
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2022, 01:40 »
Tuskar's bug has been discussed many times on the forum. The player ^fast^ knew about this bug and still chose to abuse it. Therefore, he has been banned due to intentionally abusing a bug.

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Re: Question
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2022, 09:45 »
if we could rely on ones ability to distinguish and obey the rules of fair play without the need of moderator intervention, I would more than happily agree with you  orotel.
Unfortunately we don't live in the ideal world and people enjoy to take advantage of the others by abusing bugs, which in my opinion is something that's puts others off from playing. The question is, why 9 players need to "suffer" so that one guy can enjoy his imaginary ego boost.
In case of tuskar, that hero has 80% win rate if played in balanced game, in reality you can deal 700dmg at lvl 6 (phase boots + corruption orb + bracer)with ulti itself which doesn't degrade over the time as other high dmg burst skills do, with that easy farm you get deso by 11min...and the show goes on.