Author Topic: Irrilevant ban  (Read 174 times)

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Irrilevant ban
« on: July 04, 2022, 12:10 »
I got banned by KSV because he hates people on his purpose with following motivation: "insulting a staff member" when it's not true, I just replied his provocations.

The game was this:;sa=game;gid=6470472

First of all, I was farming bkb (people should know sven requires farm for grow and get usefull in games),and KSV wanted be funny in game evidencing the fact I was farming whole game, when it's not true indeed I died 2 times at start and I got no help from him.
Second thing, he likes ban me because it's his purpose, he wants that people complain to him his actions and ban more, I find it pointless.
I asked help him many times, and I NEVER got a reply from him and never he did something for help me, now answer me, is this a high staff user? (don't take it like an offensive question)
Third thing, I'll show you chat so you will understand the situation in case someone of staff can watch replay:

36:02   ksv   [Allies]   sven still farming ^^
38:30   ksv   [Allies]   with you is -1

He just provokes so the person in question insults him (like happened with me), I didn't talk about him, either insult him first when I have always respected him, but he knows I am a fragile subject to explode and can easily insult, also if in that game insults aren't significative, because I only said he's -1 in this world but because he provoked me first.

I repeat, I didn't insult him first, but also whole game, neither I don't want respect him (thing that is not true, i always respected him), I want him just he knows that I'm not that bad like he thinks, and @ksv please stop hating me, it's pointless.
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Re: Irrilevant ban
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2022, 12:43 »
Like I wrote you via PM, you are ton of fun Shade.

First of all I do not hate anyone. Getting a print Screen of my replays on your PMs is so easy, as well as a stats reset log (whitch I did res just becouse you asked me, multiple times, eaven it wasn`t a standard LA procedure) but I just don`t want to...

As for the game it is just a game we all have a different oppinion. I`m not a conpetitive player I play becouse of the game, I was chatting with Sejtura since he was a staff member and a  dear friend of mine, and yes I was commenting your chat, but from my perspective in a fun way ^^.

Well lets get to the point. Your requests and being on LA is rly Shady like your nick ^^, you usually flame, and have toxic comments on anyone (ofc that is all understandable becouse someone provocked you, or you were nervous, or everyone is a noob ecc...) but you request bans for players that respond on your PM,s or you put out some PS from a comment in a lobby ecc... all the thing you do and worst but its ok when you do it and its not ok when someone else does it... Well let me tell you something all are same here.

I didn‚t ban you after the game, for your comment, and I wouldn‚t do it. But after I got noticed about your request, and after having enough of you taking advantage of inexperienced mods, I gave you a warning, after witch you sent me a PM in whitch you gave me a warning ^^, that you will report me to Cen. So I just solved your request, and gave it to @cen to review. 

No hard feelings see ya around.   :peace:
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