Author Topic: Can somebody with proper DotA knowledge review the ban request again, thanks  (Read 632 times)

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1: Your ingame nickname?
2) Moderator's nickname (as in subject).
3) Why you are not happy with Moderator's decision / behavior.
Well, obviously for anybody with more than 2 grades of elementary school, the request was reviewed by somebody who did never play any competitive dota;

I could understand if they would votekick me for dying at bottom lane near tier1, where i accidentally wasted manta (because i am transitioning from dota2 hotkeys), so my hero just suicided there; Or when i was in few hungreds gold away from bf, but went to facetank enemy spectre, which delayed by bf for 2 minutes;

But for anything else, forcing anti-mage, with no proper items to take completely irrelevant fights, is a joke
Can you please tell me what objectives is my team going to get by 'trying to win' and taking fights without proper vision and planned objectives?

What kind of 'help' do they expect anyway? From somebody who is literally doing his best job there - preventing creep waves to get pushed, and getting geared to finally take crucial fights later, when they would assault really important buildings, rather than tier1 and tier2 towers, where people managed to die without vision for no any proper reason;

And please, if the higher staff member will be about to deny this request - please, let me know in this thread, before closing the thread, because i will have to go through the replay step by step, to review every single moment and to provide a complete set of obvious facts that are literally screaming about 4 players ruining the game due to huge lack of the gameplay knowledge;
Thanks forward !

4) Forum link / Game link.
There is a denied ban request:,201846.msg715505.html
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All players who voted !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to votekick abuse.

However, I agree with @TheJOkerBoy that you did not communicate with your team about the situation. Here's what jokerboy said about your lack of communication with your team:

"Scourge team lost their hope about victory but  on the other hand sentinel team wanted to kick Magina. This is really strange it means there is something wrong here. You think you did correct I really respect you but why dont you talk ?  you didnt write any answer any word. your team wants to win. cant you see how they are fighting ? You could write them that you almost finished the eye of skadi. You didnt communicate with your team. They started !votekick you just didnt care, didnt answer at all."

If you were to explain your game plan, maybe you would not get votekicked, who knows.

In addition, complaints board exists in order to correct mistakes. Your choice of words is really wrong against an enthusiastic moderator who is trying to get better at his position and make the best choices possible. Your wording is degrading towards a staff member. Please be careful with your word choice next time you open a request. No one should insult any other whether a staff member or not. Such behavior will not be tolerated next time.