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« on: November 09, 2021, 14:34 »
1: NickName?
2: Who banned you?
3: Why did you get banned?
I got kicked for being afk
4: Reason that forced you to break the rule?
I was not afk, I was killed and assisted in a kill 15 seconds earlier.
5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.
I don't know why the program wrote - Hypopothalamus was afk for 5 min. Do you want  to kick him ? And instantly, a player kicked me. I was there, my hero just died. I was definitely not afk. I don't know why this happened, but the player in my team did not hesitate for even a second :D
07:15      [All]   [TooShade]Rambokasa killed Hypopothalamus
07:16   TooShade   [All]   you will cry hard
07:22      [All]   [TooShade]Lordeth killed Rambokasa
07:25   TooShade   [All]   stupid fucker
07:33   TooShade   [Allies]   stupdi courier
07:45   Lordeth   [Allies]   dont kick him
07:45   VirtualMaster   [Allies]   -kickafk 2
07:45      [All]   Hypopothalamus has left the game voluntarily, Hypopothalamus was autobanned.
6: Link of the game?;sa=game;gid=6426803

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Re: Unban
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2021, 15:07 »
you are late on start the game. When you returned you failed to gather any experience for that time of period. Thats why system recognized you as if you werent present. However you make sure it doesnt happen to you too often