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4k admin
« on: February 24, 2021, 22:20 »


unobjective admin.

he doesnt look or check who report any game. i reported one game ago 1 week. still no result.,199150.0.html

and he giving unobjective decision. he directly ban and he doesnt warn about on rules. if who doesnt know rules. i opened votekick for one player a lot of times and first time i banned cause of that this reason. and i opened just votekick but player conituned play so player didnt kick by players.,199151.0.html

we are coming here to play and fun and this bad admins banned us. this server why hasnt a lot of player ? because this bad admins broken players heart. really trash admin. admins must be objective and ripe musnt be child. really i think delete this game and server cause of this admins. 4k really you are best keep it. if i was a wrong i delete this server iam sure myself.
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Re: 4k admin really trash
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2021, 05:52 »
Moved from ban requests to Complain board.
About trash admin / bad admins
The moment when you lose respect for any reason is the moment you realize that you've run out of chances to give out to help you.

good chat with mannered behaviour gets you somewhere, we would've solved this way before.
Do not act childish or in an inappropriate manner

You talking about rules so?

You got 2 reports for spamming with votekick

First Report: Spamming with !Votekick -
Decision: Warn without ban,199151.0.html

Second report: Spamming with !Votekick
Decision: ban + warn,199157.0.html

How many times have you been in a conversation refuses to be listening and understand
no kick just i opened to vote. you are amazing i delete this server gg.
I have a question if you answer me i'll unban you now, What rules of !votekick?

so you didn't say mention happened in your personal messages

Really not my fault, you still still refuses to listen and understand the rules.

everyone can open votekick. if it a team decision it can be. or one player feeding on purpose or secret game ruiner or afk. i know rules but you cant ban a player if no kick abuse that at last no kick he continue play. i think really delete this server. everyone banning with unreason.
bro i dont open unban if i open a topic i report you but i wont it. already i delete this server. check my sd. i am old player here and when noobs playing bad or stupidly it make me crazy. it is normal because i know very well this game. i can give you a lot of reason to votekick in game. he didnt help me in game. i can offer you a lot of sample. if you want i can give times too in game. when you see that samples you say hmm he can be ruiner or he is ruiner. really your decision is not objective.
i know this poor player server but you cant find any player with wrong ban decision. and you broke heart players with this decision. i can find too many players reporting you 5 times with votekick abuse.if i check your game history i can find your all family flame or any mistake. your decision wrong accept it.

So you talking like you're right all times, you searched and found nothing on me in my games.

If your !votekick is valid why no one votes 2 in games.

To feel the justice on your report, if @ksv or Administrator wanted to reply. thank you.

have a nice day.

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Re: 4k admin really trash
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2021, 08:59 »,199151.0.html

You got more than a fair sanction. I don`t see any reason for a complaint, you can have your own oppinion, but go easy on spiling your emotions on forum, it looks childish, and excessive. Cheers
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