Author Topic: admin drunk or wrong decision  (Read 203 times)

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admin drunk or wrong decision
« on: April 08, 2019, 13:28 »


46:10    melo1905    [Allies]    my connection corrpted
46:14    melo1905    [Allies]    it is gg
46:17    melo1905    [Allies]    kick me
56:19    melo1905    [Allies]    my connection corrupted
56:25    melo1905    [Allies]    this times always same

i didnt Unplugging my connection corrupted. i said it already.  i said kick me to my team friends. i didnt go afk and we won that game i didnt understand your source of decision ? that times was important and my team didnt want to kick me they waited my connection fix but i couldnt anything sometimes my internet connection can do it i called on my phone my internet services company for it.

is the Threatening ban reason ? i Threatening teammate just but i didnt go afk or game ruiner that was a just Threatening. really comic ban reason. this admin could find other good reason to ban :) how old are you jedivh i like your justice xdd already my any teammate didn report me the one player of enemy team reported me. maybe he did it for defeat.

you can look game result we won that game why i do unplugging there is no reason for it. how is this admin ? i cant understand i didnt see so bad admnin decision we won already this game why i go game ruiner ? or plugging. i think this admin is drunk. we won that game and i got 5 day ban and lock really nice.
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Re: admin drunk or wrong decision
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2019, 14:41 »
This is not the first time you did that on intentional..
Also,every game you host it takes at least 20 minutes to start because you go AFK
and other players are just wasting theyr time waiting for you to come.
I warned you several times if you remmember.

Reqeust !Denied