Author Topic: BAN MAPHACK TROLLE  (Read 848 times)

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« on: September 28, 2018, 02:05 »
1: LouigD

2: trolle


4: A Phantom Assassin suspected, using dust in places where the invisible were passing and her own team reported it. She was alerting the team, exactly where we were going
As you can see:
38:02   Ayron-   [Allies]   lets troll xpam a bit more
38:04      [All]   trolle destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
38:05   Ayron-   [Allies]   !votekick troll
38:05      [All]   [Ayron-] voted to kick [trolle] [1/7]
38:05      [All]   Type !yes to vote.
38:06   Y2K.   [Allies]   ye
38:07   Y2K.   [Allies]   !yes
38:07      [All]   [Y2K.] voted to kick [trolle] [2/8]
38:09   Y2K.   [All]   kick please
38:11   Y2K.   [All]   he has mh
38:13   Y2K.   [All]   neon.mix
38:15   Y2K.   [All]   all the time
38:17   Y2K.   [All]   he had it
38:20   Y2K.   [All]   vote for fairplay
38:24   Y2K.   [All]   i cant stand
38:28   Y2K.   [All]   at idiot with maphacks
38:33   Y2K.   [All]   he keeps signalling
38:36   Y2K.   [All]   at your positions
38:43   Y2K.   [All]   can we kick and report?
38:47   Y2K.   [All]   he does not deserve to win
39:26   Louigd   [All]   tell me the minutes
39:32   Louigd   [All]   i will post that shit
39:33   Louigd   [Allies]   \
39:35   Louigd   [All]   pa
39:35   Y2K.   [All]   eh, kinda all the game
39:37   Y2K.   [All]   after min 10
39:41   CaptaincharisMA   [All]   16/22/31/36

39:47   Louigd   [All]   ok
39:50   CaptaincharisMA   [All]   ty
40:17   Y2K.   [All]   report him then
40:23   Y2K.   [All]   fucking cheater

5: play without wards, and yet PA insisted on always dripping in the exact places where we were. They did not want to kick ES, so we lost it too.
16:30 min PA sighted exactly were we going on top.
(check that minutes: 39:41   CaptaincharisMA   [All]   16/22/31/36[/b])

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« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2018, 14:02 »
no mh detected
1st u gang him min 12

again bone kill him min 20

min 35 slark gang him at nc

so if he had mh you would't kill him at all