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« on: May 24, 2022, 15:45 »

I would like to compain about fake information and inappropriate decision making of supposedly experienced moderator, here:,201789.0.html

Spoiler for Hiden:
Starting from 10 minutes, you could help your team in many team fights. Instead, you chose to afk farm neutral camps even after you completed your orchid. Your team warned you about the situation several times, but you ignored their call. The votekick was justified because of anti-team gameplay.

Above mentioned moderator is stating several fallacies, in current context I would like to fix/override this decision, consider his competency to occupy role of moderator and issue and include an apology:

I will comment following quotes:

"you chose to afk farm neutral camps ..."
- AFK farming is not possible, either player is farming or he is afk
- Further more is attempting to falsely state what other people choose or not. This is psychological offense and psychopathic condition

"...even after you completed your orchid"
- Another fallacy, at the point I have finished Orchid and boots I have been returning to base in order to attempt an attack

"Your team warned you about the situation several times, but you ignored their call"
- There is no obligation to receive or adress any calls, niether it does violate rules.
- Proper farming is very intensive activity ( also in regards to apm), expectation I will or would address those is either unreasonable or simply dramatic nonsense

"The votekick was justified because of anti-team gameplay"
- this false attempt to justify votekick is just another fallacy, team play is not mandatory behaviour of dota player ( neither here or anywhere else)
- Farming cannot be considered "anti-team" behaviour as an implication just by statement.
- In fact, the "Intention to ruin" is  decision making factor which might or might not justify votekick or usage of any other intrusive command. No reason pointing to intention has been mentioned, because there is/was not any.

This moderator is enforcing his own policy and damaging community, which already has been cut.
Further more it is not a single moderator who is systematically offending dignity of players here.

I would like to kindly ask you to take appropriate actions to enforce accountability of individual community members, including staff.

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Re: Complain
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2022, 20:16 »
In many of your games you afk farm woods for 30min with 0 kills and 0 assists.
We cant allow every average player AFK farming 30 min thinking he is going to save the game afterwards. Dota is a team game.