Author Topic: What items to make in this situation?  (Read 7220 times)

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Re: What items to make in this situation?
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2021, 14:21 »
Call me crazy, but I'd legit try to switch for a siege rush build in this case, to try and take advantage over the fact that its a 5v4 game. Something like losing BF and Abyssal blade and getting Desolator AC. (Needless to say, this whole BS might work, but only until the ~50th minute mark.)

Really not and ideal thing to do, way too far stretched especially because you would lose almost all your worth in team fights, but you kind of need a TEAM in order to win team fights. I'm guessing Ursa could not possibly tank with those items so either you were forced to engage first each fight, or someone would always get caught off guard, forcing you guys to fight or immediately being a -1. And ofc, there's the Pepega Shaker in all of this...

So yea, I'd try going for siege damage and try to end this suffering of a game before Spectre out-scales me. Ultimately, I could agree with @grga_man on his thought.
Close enough , Assault Cuirass instead of Abysall Blade , and Bloodthorn instead of HoT.
Instruct supports to sell (?) Talismans and Make Euls to break those nasty Linken's.
Ursa had Vlad's , that takes care of LS. 
It was a winnable situation with more communication.
But the best answer to this Topic is : Get communication , communication is key.


53:44   Andi1989   [Allies]   get statanic
53:47   Andi1989   [Allies]   satanic
53:47   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   seell and buy hex
53:59   hunterxxx   [Allies]   take
56:12   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   sell setrnies
56:34   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   sell sentries 2k gold
58:26   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   he has linken
58:30   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   blind?
58:32   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   how stun
59:39   Andi1989   [Allies]   shit items weaver
59:44   Andi1989   [Allies]   low armor
75:30   nukecoke   [Allies]   get hx
75:34   nukecoke   [Allies]   get hex
75:46   nukecoke   [Allies]   necro get hex

Meanwhile Necro :

Bonus Round :

74:17   nukecoke   [Allies]   cover me

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