Author Topic: Fixed game count difference between !sd command and stats page  (Read 414 times)

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For a few years from the beginning of lagabuse DotA league each season the game count would be reset to 0, so !sd would show you have zero games.

Later on the system was changed to preserve the number of games so you can see which player is somewhat experienced after stats reset, when all other stats are set to 0.

Due to this change, the number of games you got by !sd command or your web profile stats page was very different because !sd "forgot" about all those games that were reset back in the first few years.

This also affected the new formula which decreased the autoban depending on how many games you got (thx @AGENT for bug report).

Today I synced the real ladder games played so now !sd displays the correct number. Many of you could see hundreds more games being reported. That is the accurate number.

If anything is amiss let me know.

Best regards