Author Topic: Ban request iwinforsure  (Read 82 times)

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Ban request iwinforsure
« on: September 19, 2019, 23:43 »
1 Crna_dronfulja
2 iwinforsure
3 family flame
4 43:53 iWINFORSURE [All] borring apem games

43:59 iWINFORSURE [Allies] !f
44:01 Yarrrrpacino [All] lol
44:02 iWINFORSURE [All] Tr shits
44:03 iWINFORSURE [All] ruiners
44:04 Crna_dronfulja [All] don;t cry
44:06 Crna_dronfulja [All] go ff
44:07 iWINFORSURE [All] stfu
44:09 iWINFORSURE [All] fuck ur mother
44:12 iWINFORSURE [All] weaver
44:19 iWINFORSURE [All] i play aLONE DUMB
44:23 Crna_dronfulja [All] i know
44:27 iWINFORSURE [All] so fuck ur mother bitch
44:28 Crna_dronfulja [All] thats why i said you
50:28 iWINFORSURE [All] Who cares
50:31 iWINFORSURE [All] i dont play for psr
50:32 iWINFORSURE [All] i rape ur mom
51:11 iWINFORSURE [All] and lose
51:12 iWINFORSURE [All] noob storm
51:15 iWINFORSURE [All] ur mom bitch yes

and more

25:29 iWINFORSURE [Allies] sniper
25:31 iWINFORSURE [Allies] fuck ur mother bitch
25:34 iWINFORSURE [Allies] perma banned just to know
25:35 iWINFORSURE [Allies] 0-8
25:36 iWINFORSURE [Allies] feeder
25:46 iWINFORSURE [Allies] we lose for sure
25:48 iWINFORSURE [Allies] our carryes
25:50 iWINFORSURE [Allies] sniper mort and bs
25:51 iWINFORSURE [Allies] epic

5 He played with 4 players, friends, I guess, and after we turned the game in our favor, he cried all time like a child. I said him to go ff, (and spare himself of torment, cus I know his teammates there), and he flame my like insane.. He also flamed sentinel players... anyway, its new account, and its was his 2 or 3rd game after -Aleksandar- banned him for 1st flame... All the best.

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Re: Ban request iwinforsure
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2019, 10:11 »
Banned : iwinforsure (4 Days/3 Warns) (Family Flame 2x)