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Love is of the immortal. The mortal nature seeks to be everlasting and immortal and this is only to be attained by generation, because generation always leaves behind a new existence in the place of the old.

Even in the life of the same individual there is succession and not absolute unity:  a man is called the same, and yet in the short interval which elapses between youth and age, and in which every animal is said to have life and identity, he is undergoing a perpetual process of loss and reparation: hair, flesh, bones, blood, and the whole body are always changing.

Which is true not only of the body, but also of the soul, whose habits, tempers, opinions, desires, pleasures, pains, fears, never remain the same in any one of us, but are always coming and going; and equally true of knowledge, and what is still more surprising to us mortals, not only do the sciences in general spring up and decay, so that in respect of them we are never the same; but each of them individually experiences a like change.

For what is implied in the word 'recollection,' but the departure of knowledge, which is ever being forgotten, and is renewed and preserved by recollection, and appears to be the same although in reality new, according to that law of succession by which all mortal things are preserved, not absolutely the same, but by substitution, the old worn-out mortality leaving another new and similar existence behind.

This so unlike the divine, which is always the same. In this way mortality partakes of immortality.

Marvel not then at the love which all men have of their offspring; for that universal love and interest is for the sake of immortality.

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For the content I have read these are considered to increase my knowledge to a great deal.


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Sorry for long response;

Yea, great video;

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