Author Topic: Change the !balance system  (Read 3067 times)

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Re: Change the !balance system
« Reply #15 on: July 07, 2017, 15:10 »
Your arguments are super invalid jean. It's the same for everyone else at your rating, which means there is perfect balance.

The ones who are better than the others, shall win their games, the ones who aren't, shall not, which is exactly the point of a ladder, the best go up, the rest go down.

Edit: And to sum things up, in case you're missing my point, stop whining about it being difficult and accept the challenge.
If you do what you're currently doing, you don't even deserve to climb.
Commy boy,u know better than anyone that theres a very small pool of heroes one can play to win 1v5,it includes a lot of factors like ability to dominate ur lane,transition that into midgame snowball,being helpful in teamfights if needed and most of all to push hard and push fast if ure unable to fight,and against normal enemies,it might only take one or two tp scrolls to repel ur push.As i said,lots of factors.Best example is ur account the past year when u played here,where 85+% of ur games were all pick and u spammed tiny,probably the best 1v5 hero out there,snowballs easily,can push faster than any other hero on his own,can even push faster than 5 enemies at times.BUT,how many people are willing to spam like 3-4 heroes in a span of 100 games?I certainly dont,and i dont wanna force ap mode when other guys dont want to play it(quite an imbalanced version here,alch,invoker,even tiny are too strong).By the way,u shouldn't talk at all,u havent played here lately so u dont know whats the situation,and no,we aint moving,we are stuck here
By the way ,i like those games more than stomps,ye i get triggered when i lose but i like the challenge.Still,playing here only worsened me as a player in the past year or so.I recall playing a party 5k game with rocka few months back and i was so overconfident i just forgot i wasnt playing against morons like i usually do.I ended up feeding and getting carried by rocka,lame.. :laugh:
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