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Ban Requests / Re: Ban the_miracle
« on: April 10, 2019, 14:34 »
Dont want insulte i just state fact. Why he thik he can provoke all and then report only cuz he has frend admin? Check in all games he provoke, afraid of nothing.

Maybe i deserve ban to for flame but he 100% deserve and i will see that he get band if need will write complant and cehck more games
And u say i have frends admins o pls u wyning to much now u flamed my family + i ownly flame some1 who deserves to be flamed i dont say stfu cunt picka ti majcina to some1 who is saying ok and sure the whole time ur insulting me dont try to play the victim and dont be a fuc***g girl take it like i took your crap talking the whole game if u whant me to go throw your games and find all the insults it will be a honor cuz i know whant u whant to do just cry to aleksandar and continue to insult the non deserving so dont just dont

O and + look what all the other playres are saying about his "playing whit leo"
they all saed that he whos ruining and not coming to fight/gank whit us

« on: April 10, 2019, 14:29 »
i alredy sead i trashed talked jakiro and the owner of game for not balancing and if u think i relly on my admin frend/s u are making a big mastake + u sead it all u family flamed me and provoked me 1st so just dont im not replaying anymore

« on: April 09, 2019, 23:31 »

Name of Player:FatandViolent


01:06   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   stfu nab

directed twords me cuz jakiro whos prob a new player and i got mad cuz he ruind my mid

01:12   The_Miracle   [Allies]   o pls u cunt ;D

i say in a jocking way whit a smiley

32:16   The_Miracle   [Allies]   leo go deso u do 0 dmg
32:22   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   low
32:24   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   pug
32:26   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   mega
32:39   The_Miracle   [Allies]   if u had skill u whod understand

32:46   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   im farm
32:48   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   for win alone
32:59   The_Miracle   [Allies]   i dont care
33:10   tarjaTurunen   [Allies]   dead
33:18   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   worst pudg
33:19   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   in lagabuse
33:20   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   tard

He whent farm and didnt come in the next 2 team fights

39:25   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   you lose game
39:28   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   and not talk
39:29   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   now
39:32   The_Miracle   [Allies]   now i know why u dropped in psr
39:33   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   i will report btw
39:34   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   nab
39:37   The_Miracle   [Allies]   sure
39:42   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   patetic trash
39:42   The_Miracle   [Allies]   idk who started
39:43   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   low

in these moments he seas he is going to ban me/report me

40:05   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   ofc mk
40:06   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   moron

rasist c**t

40:59   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   0 ward
41:03   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   0 hook
41:05   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   useles
41:07   The_Miracle   [Allies]   y
41:08   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   0 gang
41:14   The_Miracle   [Allies]   u shod kick me

42:28   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   whole game
42:30   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   i follow
42:31   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   moron
42:33   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   who cant hook

44:18   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   ofc
44:19   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   we wil lose
44:21   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   and you will be bannd
44:23   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   stupud trash
44:30   The_Miracle   [Allies]   o ur so good
44:34   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   stfu moron
44:36   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   moronic shit
44:37   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   fuck
44:43   The_Miracle   [Allies]   sure pro
44:47   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   try tetris
44:49   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   mongoloid
44:51   The_Miracle   [Allies]   sure
44:55   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   mk trash
45:13   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   i bet another 1 from cafe
45:14   The_Miracle   [Allies]   just remember next time dont talk if u cant prove that ur actualy good

All this time he provoking/trash talking me so i stayd calm

45:26   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   i have nothing to prove
45:28   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   to pub lows
45:44   The_Miracle   [Allies]   so what or when do u whant to 1 vs 1 me ?
45:46   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   and i play dota to thrash low shit like you
45:55   The_Miracle   [Allies]   when do u whant to 1 vs 1 me
46:00   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   you are below lvl
46:02   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   for 1v1
46:05   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   too low
46:08   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   after 10 years come

And aghen and aghen


47:11   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   do you even spek english
47:13   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   low
47:20   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   i can say in mk
47:21   The_Miracle   [Allies]   i cen beat u in every game u whant
47:24   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   ti glupi pas
47:27   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   matku tvoj jebam
47:31   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   jebem ti sunce
47:35   The_Miracle   [Allies]   thats serbian ;D
47:36   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   retardi makedonski
47:40   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   same shit

Ban this kid pls he admitted that he plays ownly to trash talk

49:32   The_Miracle   [Allies]   well i have bigger psr and bigger k/d
49:52   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   like psr matters
50:00   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   on server where 99% players low trash
50:09   The_Miracle   [Allies]   so why dose it rank and why do we play for it
50:14   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   i play
50:20   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   for thrashing
50:24   FatAndViolent   [Allies]   morons like you
50:25   The_Miracle   [Allies]   then u need ban

I mean the dude sead it himself i know i got mad and trashtalked jakiro but this kid dosnt stop he needs a ban or atleast a perma not my dessision tho

Feedback / Re: Team Dota Cup / League
« on: April 05, 2019, 15:38 »
The only problem is to gather 10 players for a game in one time. Im in.

Feedback / Re: Suggestion, tours
« on: April 05, 2019, 15:36 »
I have few suggestion to improve tours

1) Remove all permanent awards and make them timed for 2 or 3 months
2) Make topic for tour at least 3 days before tour, for more peoplle to see
3) Use channel topic for information about upcoming tor
4) Award first 2-3 players (depend on amount) with lower amount of psr and announce their name, so more motivaton to participate even if you know you wont win

Some was sugested in another topic, i just put in official form as suggestion
Nice idea +make tours more rare cuz if its every other day its just borying make them a weekly thing

Need 3-4 teams of 5 playres Admin Jedvih sead he whod be happy to howst this tournoment

All playres who whant to play replay to this topic Then we will be given a sertan time for when the tour will start

The teams will be hand picked by jedvih or u cen make ur own <i will let jedvih decide that

« on: April 03, 2019, 13:21 »

Name of player:burku92

Reason:Game Ruin

Explanation:I go to gank top i say go we kill nessaj wach and we dont get kill i flamed him 1 time he ignores me goes ruins mid top and bot all twrs gone he trastalks the team the entire game so i flame him but he ignored me a long time ago so it inst agrowing spec panda and me whant him out of the team he whos 1300 5/8 kd he sells his deso that he made in min 25 and leaves the game perma this noob for ruining games he just fed and flamed team mates.

Game Link:;sa=game;gid=6193550

Unban Requests / Unban reqest
« on: March 22, 2019, 16:21 »

Reason:Power in my town shut down

Explenation:We whore wining i had decent items and we whod win the game but town power whos shutting down and i coudnt reconect or anything


Tournaments / Re: Battleground Q/A
« on: March 16, 2019, 16:05 »
It will be announced on server, it depends when people come online
1 more quesion we have to find our own teams right u dont mix us up ?

Tournaments / Re: Battleground Q/A
« on: March 16, 2019, 15:55 »
When is the tour >

Unban Requests / Unban reqest
« on: March 16, 2019, 15:49 »

Reason why i whos banned:ower shut down in city/Autoban

Explenation:We whore wining and the power whos shut down


And cen i get psr back pls

Offtopic / Hall of Noobs Give me ur top 3 worst playres
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:39 »
Hall of noobs
name 3 playres that are higher rater then they shod be by skill

Ban Requests / Ban reqest
« on: March 03, 2019, 23:57 »

Name of player:^Juri.Go^

Reason:Family flame

36:04   ^Juri.Go^   [All]   MAMETO TVOE

That whos directed twords me cuz i whos cutting wave

47:36   ^Juri.Go^   [All]   CICCAJTE KOPILI MAMETO VASE

Game link:;sa=game;gid=6187469

Ban Requests / Re: Ban reqest
« on: February 24, 2019, 19:07 »
i see too the result was not important but this this decision is very wrong efko advocate to god i hope its is joke

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