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Unban Requests / unb req golumize
« on: October 21, 2020, 21:33 »
1) golumize
2) votekick command coz of "afk"
3) i wasn't actually afk ,all the time i was in the game, i just stay at the fountain and move around since we couldn't do anything and the game was already over.
No1 of my teammates tried to defense or anything then suddenly appear command to votekick me since I didn't kill any creep or something for some period of time

Unban Requests / unb req dumboro_pro16
« on: September 02, 2020, 22:32 »
1. Dumbor_pro16
2. I had an emergency,i needed to take my car away...
3. whisper them to not kick me but they did it anyway
4. p.s this is not my acc, that guy dumboro asked me to putt unb req for him coz he never wrote that in his life, I hope so that's not problem
5. 13:08   ignOritall   [Allies]   -kickafk 2

DotA Discussion / Re: AP Kunka
« on: August 29, 2020, 04:25 »
when some1 who is actually real play makes some item build then we can have some discussion... the fatandviolent is everything but the not normal player, the guy is something like a clown on this server.

DotA Discussion / Re: top 15 most broken heroes in 7.00
« on: August 27, 2020, 03:04 »
@Nexxus I m never wrong about overpowered heroes when I say something is op it is clearly op! :D

DotA Discussion / Re: What is wrong with v7.00?
« on: August 27, 2020, 03:02 »
the enemy team was just stronger(ofc they made stack since 3 of them are playing from the same city and maybe even from the same internet cafe)... that's what is dota the better team play wins...
In 7.00d1 is depending more on team play, but even if u played 6.9 the result would be the same, so that is nothing about the map, it is about better skills and better team play.
try to avoid games against stacked players, and make ur own lobby, so maybe you won't face that kind of thing anymore...I would say you should probably keep some focus to improve ur gameplay aswell but I don't think so you will listen, as it is the case with other ppl.

DotA Discussion / Re: top 15 most broken heroes in 7.00
« on: August 25, 2020, 03:42 »
@.SaLiH. ty for ur detailed information,i rly appreciate it.
@Nexxus if you think viper is balanced hero than u got some interesting point of view for some1 who got exp in dota, btw don't take me wrong,cheers.

DotA Discussion / top 15 most broken heroes in 7.00
« on: August 24, 2020, 03:55 »
I would love to have a few words about the new version of dota 7.00d1... since I said before I 'm rly satisfied about dracolich work and team but however now when I start tested map (I know map is not balanced and official yet) I would love to mention top 15 most broken and unbalanced heroes in my opinion in 7.00version.
15) Silencer the hero get some buffs for some reasons... I don't know i feel this hero is already rly strong and he has to be in top 15 most strongest,idk if he s actually broken (didn't test it since i didn't play it yet in new version) but the second spell seems imba and rly strong.
14) Necro... about this hero i just feel like it cant be actually ever be balance,since he get nerfed in this new version,but simple the hero is pain in the ass and almost counter for evry1,just press ulty when u see some1 below 50% hp,so damnt ez.
13) Balanar,well about balanar he was useless in 6.90 mostly,I mean u could have some impact with that hero,but rly not good hero at all,now after he get buffed the hero is hilarious strong and his silence is amazing now and about that fly away impact I wont even talk.
12) Anti-mage I rly doesn't understand why this hero still getting buffed and buffed over again,the hero is amazing strong already.
11) Ogre mage... I don't think so there is any broken things about ogre,but the hero is hilarious strong... I don't even know how to be nerfed or it should be nerfed but the hero smash like rly truck.
10) Storm spirit as ogre mage with SS is a similar story,with new items the hero becomes rly strong and disaster to deal it is true the hero got counters but I wanna putt him in top 10 most strongest heroes in 7.00d1 i feel like he s rly imba.
9) the Panda Brewmaster... the third skill very questionable I mean u can outplay almost outplay/outfarm any1 with just spaming that spell at mid lane,the damage output is hilarious... it is true the duration is 5 sec,but still very strong spell.
8) Slark well about little frog i felt like he was almost useless in 6.90 after few bug fixed from the before version,but now that scepter thing is hilarious and rly amazingly strong,I don't feel like it should be nerfed to much but somehow hero is amazing now so he s going on this position.(added that leash mechanic is something very powerful)
7) Slardar...** I mean that scepter build on slardar ridiculous , but the real problem is possibility for slardar to perma bash with few items,also the damage output from bash is hilarious,and every third hit bash is so imba.
6) Wind runner,I mean it is true the hero was somehow weak in 6.90 but now that ulty idk about how it should be balanced,but 1 of things is longer cd and not adding scepter for ulty.
5) Huskar...** his first is amazingly strong,third with that regen possibility and damage output from fire arrows,idk first can be nerfed with range a bit,and it should be ,don't know how it should be or if should be nerfed his third but the hero is imba.
4) Razor*** , the hero needs hard rework,need old damage steal was just fine,about that ulty and talents idk it feels so imba... i mean he s like passing throw and destroy and smash everything he finds on the road... the moving truck what can't be stopped, hilarious hero.
3) Bear... ***(it is true hero was useless in 6.9) but now about perma root and rhest things it is hilarious so the hero needs to be nerfed.
2) Traxex* the hero is broken totally,the third spell is ridiculous  and in same team with some agility heroes as sniper no comment.
1) Viper*** the second spell broken totally,need nerf about damage and putt some higher cooldown I mean the cd for that spell is 6 secs and it last 8 secs... even doesn't need much mana... viper is broken with that second totally.
p.s. the sign * means heroes are rly broken... from * to *** about lvls of broken.


DotA Discussion / Re: When to pick bounty runes???
« on: August 09, 2020, 03:40 »
sir that's not the point of dota,you dont have to collect 4 bounty runes,that's why there are position in dota1 as in football or basketball ,so u got position 1,2,3,4,5 and every of that position got purpose,so it means some1 control top runes,rhest control bot runes,also there is possibility to cut of some1 alone from enemy and make fb, bounty runes are important but not game changer...also keep on mind u can use teleports and heroes with faster mobility to collect them better...the new map is 10x better than the old one in my opinion,i see lot of ppl talking about balance,well that's the point new map is more balanced than the old one,coz no matter hero u pick u can be strong!!!

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: August 06, 2020, 15:22 »
@Corristo without insult or anything against u,but ur skills are same as ur iq,at very low lvl.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: August 05, 2020, 13:25 »
I can't actually believe it the old map is still here and the choice... so bad thuglife,feelsbadman.
but if I take a look at the situation maybe it's better for that ppl who still wants to play the old one they don't actually join the new map and ruin gameplay.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: August 04, 2020, 23:48 »
@Sejanus i guess it is better with useless broken bugged shit bear in 6.89,you can deal with that coz hero is completely trash.

Unban Requests / unb req brewhoneyizze
« on: July 31, 2020, 23:21 »
1) brewhoneyizze
2) lost internet connection
3) the vlasotince city and near places lost internet for some "short" period of time,like 30 minutes
4) to bad I couldn't finish that game was interesting since meepo is not buged anymore.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 31, 2020, 15:18 »
why the fuck we even talking about 6.9 anymore, the out of date boring old bugged version should be put in recycle bin and get over with that already, tnx.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 25, 2020, 19:46 »
You got the point about "em" have to agree, about bottle works same as before to me, you need to check out your settings.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 24, 2020, 23:55 »
We don't need them, let them go, maybe finally I can actually start enjoy the game and remove my blindfold from eyes coz I usually used it when matching ppl like them.

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