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DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: August 02, 2020, 18:30 »
@FataLity- I think bulldog would be disappointed if ld would be mega nerfed by sejanus

Mister Corristo

btw I think its either you cant understand (maybe cant accept) or you cant express your feelings/thoughts.

- I mean there were no 'bounty runes' in the first place, but they were updated.
- Roshan pit was changed few times even before, why you didnt start a 'riot' against icefrog then? (also, if I am not mistaken, this roshan pit was actually present in some previous version of iceforgs map)
- If you are a 'map-maker' you should know how things work, then why you keep saying unrelated things? Its not like you agree with mister Monax who is trying to help with the 'oldschool' stuff.  You just dont know what is even bad in this map and you just keep telling random stuff.

Please dont say 'i am map maker thats why I know this is bad..', you never developed DotA.

I still think that you are trolling either yourself or us.

If you don't understand what I'm saying, then re-read my posts until you do.I don't like to repeat myself, and I won't do it now because your reading/understanding is below average.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: August 01, 2020, 19:42 »
qqbabies with "too much dota2" arguments can go play 6.81, dont ever speak about any of my maps - get back to the classic.
I wont agree with "this is too much changes". There were just as big patches back to 2006-8, and nobody rly bothered, just moved on.
Also neutral items arent cornerstones of balancing for d2 for many reasons, it doesn't matter for us.

I'm curious, why don't you kept Dota 1 terrain and kept adding new stuff from Dota2?

Exactly my thoughts, big like for asking this.
At this point, if Drakolich would only implement the new hero (Mars), fix bugs, rebalance heroes skills and items, I would even welcome those changes. Not all are good for sure, but these changes can be and will be fixed in the future im confident.

What took away the Dota1 feeling, is the terrain changes (adding shrines/outposts, new runes, new roshan location) which are direct copies from Dota2, and the new UI. Rollback the terrain, rollback the UI, and from my part, the rest is fine.
To test 100+ heroes takes time anyway, and I'm sure the bugs/unbalanced heroes will be fixed later.

The game crashed for me as well pressing F9.

Again Drakolich, I understand your feelings when you are criticized, being a mapmaker myself, but try to take it as an adult, not as a child which is reflected in your forum answers.

I can only hope for a version, where both classic players and new map supporters are partly satisfied at least. That would be the rollback option in my opinion, at least you could make a test-map for this.
Old terrain, old UI, and new hero changes, bug fixes.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: August 01, 2020, 17:11 »
So as a conclusion we everybody who are PRO and CONTRA for the new map can agree that, the map is going toward being Dota 2, in a war3 skin right?
The main question is therefore, if we want to play classic dota1 or a cheap copy of dota2 map, put into action in Dota1 graphics?

If you are PRO for the new map, why don't just move and play Dota2?
If you are CON for the new map, why even argue about what is bad in the new map, since its 90% Dota2?

This whole conversation is pointless therefore.

All of you so called ''pros'' who are listing tons of pro changes, and making fun of the classic dota1 loving players here on the forum: why didn't you go play Dota2 already long ago? Why I don't see your nicks in professional Dota2 teams and tournaments? Maybe you aren't ''pros'' in the sense of the word itself, but you are feeling comfy just to tell the ''noobs'' here on the forum, while thinking yourself some kind of skillfuly and morally superior players.

No you aren't. If you would be pros, you would play DOta2 already on big tournaments.making fame and money. But you don't. Meaning you are lowskill players, same as the rest of us.

So you can stop telling us what is good and what is bad, all the while insulting us being lowskill players, who don't know shit about the map.Couse you don't know shit neighter.

This map is killing classic Dota1, and morphing into Dota2.
The question is, who asked for this, why are we forced into this, and why are players even support this instead of just fucking off to play Dota2?
Why do we have to play Dota2 on both platforms? Valve and war3?

Drakolich: Your posts on this forum section are the proof of what a childish person you are. You aren't a mapmaker, just a copy-paster guy of Dota2, who took the money from players who wanted to support classic Dota1. Imagine their frustration when they saw this new map of yours. I don't think they all donated money for 'this'.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 30, 2020, 17:11 »
I really dont understand you people, you are remanent, you all have narrow mind.
So imagine if they return map, you will lets say next 2 years play same map, and will never change (if im right, only draco is working on map development for D1)
map has changed in better way, i hate when people go wood, now less exp in wood, also bounty every 5 minutes for all players not much difference than before, so this is better supports get more gold, obs free, more map awarness, more team fights, dota is more intriguing now.
so i think opinion of fortepsai who makes athens on necrolyte, will take effect for map change or sejanus who steal runes from midder who has bottle. This aint game for you then..

And I really don't understand why all of you who support the new map, don't go and play Dota2. Better graphics, more smoother gameplay, regular and professional updates. It's super similar to the new map. You can shine there all you want, and become a paid pro player?
In the last 10 years Dota1 classic was pretty much the same, and guess what? We fucking loved it! As we played it for 10 years, we will play for another 10 without any problems. You all talk about moving forward, well, Dota moved forward with Dota2 long ago. Its you the ones who stayed behind for no reason. And now you are making classic dota1 become dota2 for no reason.
So tell me, why don't you go play Dota2 and leave us (old school players) alone to have fun here?

I just noticed the poll was closed as well. That's how much this server cares about it's players opinions.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 29, 2020, 08:34 »
The terrain change is Dota2, new runes, outposts are also directly copies from dota2.The new gold counter location and altogether the whole new UI also wanted to be dota2 (but it became just ugly compared to dota2). The new heroes are from dota2. new roshan location guees what? yes, dota2.

Every aspect, every change it is going for dota2 :)
At this point we can just simply delete war3 and go play dota2 :D. What is the difference after all?

Not all of those changes are bad however, the terrain indeed needed a change, since sentinel had advantage farming neutrals.
Heroes and skills also needed rebalance.
I support these.

In my opinion, the reason why the changes are going toward dota2 is because poor players with poor PC's can't afford to play Dota2. So now they have the option to do so, with lower poly graphics.

That Mars hero looks like Drakolich went up to, checked hero models, and imported the first unit he saw with a spear/javelin. No effort, time and energy was used in this modelling. Just check out how Dota 2 Mars looks like and simply compare them.

From my point of view, keep the hero and skills changes, delete new runes, delete outposts, revert roshan location.
Change the terrain on sentinel or scourge site (should I say Radiant and Dire now?), to make a balanced way toward neutrals. And that's it.

Right now I personally stoped playing on war3, and went to play Dota2, since it's almost the same, and more beautiful.

I advice the same for everyone who's PC can run Dota2. Don't waste your time on this map anymore. Dota1 died with v7.

Have fun all, and see you!

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 24, 2020, 13:57 »
These are your so-called arguments as to why the current, improved UI sucks;

4) Everything is bigger
It isn't.

4) takes too much of the screen
It doesn't.

4)icons are misslocated
They aren't.

4)minimap change also dislike.
What minimap changes?

Instead of your ongoing autistic "THE UI SUCKS" screeching, how about, instead, you provide a single, valid, and somewhat rational argument as to why?

If you fail to notice the difference between the OLD UI and NEW UI and why it sucks (at least in my opinion, but others as well) its pointless to explain you are simply too ignorant and praise the new dota2 map regardless of others opinions.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 24, 2020, 12:39 »
Had a few games, so here's my 2 cents. The map's overall pretty fun, nicely structured and more action-packed; it certainly requires more brainpower, but a few games are all you need to adapt.

Folks complaining about gold icon being shifted to the bottom right as a HUGE UI change is just... laughable.

You people literally need 1 game to process these "huge" changes, and maybe 2 mins to process "huge" UI changes.

Someone mentioned us being "stuck" with Drako's Dota changes, and that we have to simply obey to everything he does - yes, you do, the same way you did with IceFrog's versions. Or gather a team and start putting effort into creating your own "flawless and immaculate" Dota map and see how exhausting that actually is, maybe you'll start appreciating the work being done by Russians more.

Each and every time people complaining when the new map comes out. Embrace the changes and acclimate or host your own private 6.83 (the worst fucking Dota version ever) IceFrog maps and see how many people join your lobby.

We complain all we want as long as we dislike the map.
Im a mapmaker myself of Lords of Europe so i do know a few things about mapmaking and balancing.unlike you.
But whenever I made changes to the map, i always asked the players oppinions about it and made changes it stays fun. I never pushed it down on somebodies throat just because i could.
My opinion stands. The UI sucks, and dota2 sucks as well. Any changes made toward that direction is killing dota1.

''For sejanus and corristo stop talking shit about the game you dont understand any patch came before this was bad when I played this one. ''
Fatality: i dont want to take this personal as you do.but i have my opinion and if you dont like it you can fuck right off where you want.
Any patch before this was bad? 10 years of Dota 1 was bad, but the first map coming out with dota2 resemblence is suddenly good now? OMG, what a pathetic statement you got there.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 24, 2020, 09:43 »
A few rational thoughts
- we should give the map a chance for some time and give constructive feedback if you want to change something for the better
- v7 is not even final yet, a temporary reversal back to v6 is not a problem
- like Icefrog dota was the-map back in the day, d1stats is the-map today. When Icefrog did something bad we just had to accept it and move on, now it is at least possible to contact the developer directly and give feedback, whether it is accepted or not.
- staying on v6, if decided by the community, is not a viable long term solution unless there would be some kind of an LTS program for that version. Even then, we would miss any good features coming after v7.

I think we should stay on v7 for a few weeks, collect feedback and then decide if we go back to v6 for a period of time, stay on v7 or what the next steps should be. If there is no consensus within community one side will have to give in since hosting both versions is not an option, it will diminish the available player pool and make lobbies longer.

Just a few thoughts about this.
1) Our problem is not to move on with the map. Over the last 10 years, we always had new heroes added, new skills, new items, and minor map changes. But they all came step by step, while always staying loyal to the main concepts. They were just furbishing the game. Obviously mistakes were made, unbalances were fixed later.
We adapted and learnt the new ways. This is NOT our problem.

2) Our PROBLEM is that this map wants to make DOTA2 from DOTA1, and it's unacceptable for me, and for others also.

3)I dont like and don't want DOTA2 MAP terrain in dota1. No need to copy paste it, new runes, outposts new roshan location. No need, and no like. I don't know who asked for it ever.

4) The new user interface is a catastrophe as it is. Everything is bigger, takes too much of the screen, icons are misslocated, minimap change also dislike.

5)If you want to add new heroes have my upvote! If you want heroes rebalances GOOD. New items? FINE. Keep the rest as it was, classic UI, classic terrain (minor changes are ok if really needed).

6) The game feels like APEM. Easy and fast farm. everybody is having expensive items after 20 minutes, this reduces the importance of gangs and farming skills for individual players.

7) Make a POLL, let's see how many players would like to play v6 or v7. Or make it possible for us, classic dota1 players, to play v6 again. If we can play both maps simultaneously.

8 ) Missing any good features from v7 in the future? Or just avoiding any more bad features perhaps? It's a matter of point of view. What if the majority of players doesn't like v7 and the way where Drakolich takes Dota1? We have to go that way because nobody else works on the map?

9) Lastly, for last time: Don't morph Dota1 into Dota2. We can go and play Dota2 already. We are here to play Dota1, and if you force us to swallow this, we (Me) will simply abandon LA as it is, as it's not enjoyable anymore in this form.


DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 22, 2020, 18:12 »
love it!
"unneccessary information"
yeah, it's really annoying when you can see your enemies list, it's better play with eyes closed to not receive any excessive information, just use your ears
"gold label down the way"
hell yeah, keep playing your 13" desktop. it's such a pain in the ass to move eyes top-down all the time you try to buy a thing. Hope your eyeballs are fine there.

Drakolich, just roll back the interface as it was, but keep the hero and terrain changes. Like it or not, but you fucked up the interface hard. This is my opinion, and sorry if it hurts you. I know you probably won't give a shit, and just keep it this way, rather than acknowledge the players opinions and make some changes, but I HAVE to tell it anyway. Take it as a feedback, and make the changes accordingly. I will check back, when I get back my classic dota1. At this stage, the map is not enjoyable for me.

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 22, 2020, 17:40 »
You'll have to give more information on why you think the new version is bad, saying the new map just "sucks" won't get you anywhere.
If you don't understand the new map and need to learn how the new stuff work then it's not because the map "sucks", it's because you need to adapt to the new fresh patch and stop doing the same things (picking same heroes, going same item build, same strategies etc.) which you were previously doing in the last patch.

It's not about learning new stuff. The map simply sucks because the new UI, the way it looks. The player ''interface''. Why couldn't he keep the classic interface of the game, and just implement the hero balances, new heroes and other upgrades. What bothers me the most, is the new interface which is annoyingly informative, the whole screen is filled with unnecessary information, while he moved BIG YELLOW GOLD counter bottom right for no reason. I feel like sitting behind a fighter jet, looking left and right while everything being more annoying than informative.

The map lost it's classic feeling, it's a cheap copy of dota 2. We don't want dota2 in warcraft3 ok? We want dota1, CLASSIC dota1!

DotA Discussion / Re: new map 7.00
« on: July 22, 2020, 16:47 »
Ok, my first impression is, that this new map sucks hard. Give us an option to host 6.9 version, or just throw this rubbish into the bin. If I want to play Dota 2, I go and play Dota 2. No need to ''upgrade'' it into this. Thank you very much drakolich, for fucking up our classic dota 1 map. Sometimes LESS is MORE, and in this case, it's totally true. Lost all my interest in playing this trash just after one game. Super disappointed.

Technical support / Re: Installer problem
« on: July 17, 2020, 20:24 »
Thanks this worked. Plus I had to run windows updates, after which I was able to install the Microsoft Visuals c++ 2015 as well. This solved the issue.

Thank you all for the support!

Technical support / Re: Installer problem
« on: July 17, 2020, 19:08 »
When I try to install it gives me error, saying its not applicable for my computer.

Technical support / ap-ms-win-crt missing [solved]
« on: July 17, 2020, 18:24 »

I just reinstalled my windows today. Win 8.1 PRO  x64.

I'm trying to install the installer, but it gives me an error "The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-heal-1-1-0.dll is missing.

I understood that I need to dl and install the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x86 or x64.

But when I try to install the Visual C++ at the end it gives me another error: 0x80240017 - Unspecified error.

Any ideas?

Unban Requests / Delwarn request
« on: June 24, 2020, 09:46 »
1: NickName
2: Type of the warn
3: Why did you get warned
Family related flame

I have warns which are 2 years old or more. Would like to ask to remove them before Jimmy sanctions me again based on them.

4: Link of your profile;sa=player;sid=1;nick=corristo

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