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Ban Requests / ban
« on: January 11, 2021, 21:02 »
1. Saiyan.
2. nukecoke
4. we were arguing after i ignored him on wisp, i had some bad words he had some bad words, but the argue went on another level that shouldnt be tolerated..

Ban Requests / heavy heavy flame and probably multi acc
« on: March 22, 2020, 12:29 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) cantshare
3.);sa=game;gid=6263025 :like a boss:
4.) acused me for sabotating the team with no logic, i played my mid very well while he failed his lane hard
after i missed to X and torrent he started to rage flame me

35:57   cantshare   [Allies]   majku ti jebem
35:58   cantshare   [Allies]   mrtvu
36:00   cantshare   [Allies]   skote
36:02   cantshare   [Allies]   pasji
36:05   cantshare   [Allies]   picka ti materina
36:12   cantshare   [Allies]   da ti picka materina
36:23   cantshare   [Allies]   majku ti jebem
36:28   cantshare   [Allies]   tebi i pravilima

Thats his new acc, never played anygame on that, so it must be ban evade from previous case, pls regulate it


Ban Requests / Re: heavy flame and game ruin
« on: March 20, 2020, 23:51 »
rly guys? 4 days?

Ban Requests / heavy flame and game ruin
« on: March 16, 2020, 11:05 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) 6days (flamer) EmreAbi (ruiner)
4.) Flame:

35:51   6days   [Allies]   jebem
35:53   6days   [Allies]   ti mamicu
35:55   6days   [Allies]   u gorbu
35:57   6days   [Allies]   grobu

i fuck ur mom in grave

35:59   6days   [Allies]   mrtvu - dead
venge missed oppritunity to stun at 20:49 - looks like an accident but he made later the same desicion

at around 27 he litteraly waited for me to die then to ks my kill, he only needed to stun when i went to gang

he has a lot of ruining moments when my team defended the base, litteraly driving us to the nerves
29:37   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]
29:38   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]
29:38   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]
29:38   Sejtura   [Allies]   venge
29:38   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]

guy is noob but not that noob to ruin games like that


Ban Requests / multi acc
« on: March 04, 2020, 11:48 »

multi acc from -gigi.muschi-


Ban Requests / Re: heavy mother flame
« on: February 27, 2020, 23:11 »
Sorry for triple post, i had a word wih  man and i want to Abort this report because he apologized to all of us. We all have a bad day sometimes, i dont want him to be banned..

Sorry once again and thanks

Ban Requests / Re: heavy mother flame
« on: February 27, 2020, 23:07 »
Sorry for double post
Account is 3KL3R- not withouth "-"

Ban Requests / heavy mother flame
« on: February 27, 2020, 23:06 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) 3KL3R

23:41   3KL3R-   [Allies]   retard ti tata ( he said my father is a retard because he thought i said retards to my teammates)
4:02   3KL3R-   [Allies]   slepac ti majku jebo
4:16   3KL3R-   [Allies]   da ti jebe
24:18   3KL3R-   [Allies]   dva put
24:19   3KL3R-   [Allies]   ne mora vise
25:51   3KL3R-   [Allies]   jebem ti majku
25:55   3KL3R-   [Allies]   kako je bolje
25:59   3KL3R-   [Allies]   7 majki ti jebem

29:43   3KL3R-   [Allies]   eto ti
29:48   3KL3R-   [Allies]   semku ti poljubim
29:48   3KL3R-   [Allies]   xD

36:35   3KL3R-   [Allies]   u fking
36:37   3KL3R-   [Allies]   imbecil - he even started to flame Void

36:58   hunterxxx   [Allies]   troll first
37:02   3KL3R-   [Allies]   ur mother first - then he started to flame other our teammate when he suggested to kill Troll first in team fights

39:09   3KL3R-   [Allies]   ajde
39:09   3KL3R-   [Allies]   mort
39:10   3KL3R-   [Allies]   ajde
39:11   hunterxxx   [Allies]   retrd
39:11   3KL3R-   [Allies]   ff
39:14   3KL3R-   [Allies]   retard
39:25   3KL3R-   [All]   so retardi ne se igrat

37:06   3KL3R-   [Allies]   fking deGEN

Ban Requests / Re: Ban request Keka
« on: February 17, 2020, 16:39 »
LoL 😂😂😂

get a life kid 😂😂😂

Ban Requests / apply for perma ban
« on: February 17, 2020, 12:35 »
1. Saiyan.
2. ilikedat - ruiner
4. again for 10000th time the same guy goes afk and ruins the game only because he didnt get the hero he wanted or mode;sa=player;sid=1;nick=ilikedat

he already has two bans for same reason i know him from earlier he aways ruins or goes afk whenever he wants it

01:40   ilikedat   [Allies]   i do what i want to
02:28   ilikedat   [Allies]   i was afk

dont tell me he's already banned u must sanction him even bettter than ban.  Preterao ga je vise brate mili


Ban Requests / family related flame and anti team play
« on: February 16, 2020, 17:02 »
1.) Saiyan. (thats me)
2.) p_r_e_m_i_u_m
16:13   P_r_e_m_i_u_m   [Allies]   jebo
16:15   P_r_e_m_i_u_m   [Allies]   ti slepac
16:16   P_r_e_m_i_u_m   [Allies]   mamu
16:17   P_r_e_m_i_u_m   [Allies]   glupu

blind guy fucked your stupid mom in translation
i told him that he's blind because he wasnt participating in any team fight with us, playing solo dieing in lanes solo pushing while we were on roshan. We were all asking him to team play but he was ignoring all of us.

42:49   [Ask]CeLLaT   [Allies]   rex pls team play 5
42:55   [Ask]CeLLaT   [Allies]   !f
43:01   Sejtura   [Allies]   nemoj rex team play. jebes to
43:06   Sejtura   [Allies]   bitan je lvl
 sejtura was sarcastic here

There are even more situation where he damaged us, but this is enough i hope to show what kind of player he is.


Ban Requests / unmannered, game ruin, intentional feed
« on: January 02, 2020, 14:53 »
1.) pLaY.MaKeR
2.) monthofthedagon
4.) first he died on top lane at 02:20 he gave him a free kill, first situation he started to ruin me a lane - okay that might look like accident, went tab and afk
 on 06:29 he had like 100 hp and forced me to kill full hp leoric or he will feed intentionaly, he litteraly threatened me and he did it on 06:50 he went in front of creeps on tower to give a kill to Leoric
its on 11:20 when he gave him the third kill

after my vines and complaints and using !votekick command a couple of times he started to play normaly and didnt went to ruin top lane

This server really lost its quality because the number of this moron is on the rise, i really cant stand it anymore.
Look at game before that;sa=game;gid=6243117
acc : ralf
i went to mid first and he just came and started to autoattack on my creeps, gave storm a couple of kills, finished the game with 2-20 i think and the worst part, opponents didnt wanted to kick him (instead of gugelano123 and miklos - they were rly fair)
Pls sanction those players on proper way because server is loosing its quality and if u dont number of ppl like them will just rise and quality players will move on other server which is already happening.
I'm on the server for 14 years now and there have never been this many negative cases, it hit a rock bottom, i play dota everyday almost about 2-3 games per day, and every other game someone leaves or feeds and i see those guys unbanned. Pls fix it


Ban Requests / multiacc
« on: November 12, 2019, 11:07 »

Ban Requests / lage--
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:30 »
1.) pLaY.MaKeR
2.) Lage--
4.) started insulting us after he failed mid, first started with small insults, later he started to flame my family, everybody, born and unborn, alive and dead.. After some later noob moves of him(btw he was useless whole game) he started to command abuse me with votekick, literaly everybody ignored him in the game, even the opponents disliked him.

10:48   Lage--   [Allies]   ccc
10:49   Lage--   [Allies]   SAND
10:50   Lage--   [Allies]   NOW
10:51   Lage--   [Allies]   RETARDS
10:52   Lage--   [Allies]   ]GG
24:22   Lage--   [Allies]   goo
24:23   Lage--   [Allies]   feed
24:24   Lage--   [Allies]   more
24:25   Lage--   [Allies]   tads
37:35   Lage--   [Allies]   BRIST
37:38   Lage--   [Allies]   SVE STO IMAS
37:40   Lage--   [Allies]   DA TI EBAM
37:43   Lage--   [Allies]   VPICKA
37:49   Lage--   [Allies]   2
37:50   Lage--   [Allies]   time
37:52   Lage--   [Allies]   go
37:53   Lage--   [Allies]   to die
37:54   Lage--   [Allies]   ok
37:55   Lage--   [Allies]   go lose
37:56   Lage--   [Allies]   game
37:57   Lage--   [Allies]   trash
37:57   Lage--   [Allies]   noob
37:59   pLaY.MaKeR   [Allies]   je l' i zivo i mrtvo?
38:01   Lage--   [Allies]   gg
38:04   Lage--   [Allies]   sve
38:13   Lage--   [Allies]   GO LOSE
38:13   Lage--   [Allies]   noob
38:15   pLaY.MaKeR   [Allies]   i mater i sestrata?
40:58   Lage--   [Allies]   with shit
40:59   Lage--   [Allies]   brist
46:16   Lage--   [Allies]   tards
44:44   Lage--   [Allies]   trax
44:45   Lage--   [Allies]   zero

52:34   Lage--   [All]   ez mid - he was even provoking the other side, insulting and flaming with whole his team, insults arent heavy but he spams massivly and provokes the other side he dislikes for no reason but known to him only...

48:14   Lage--   [Allies]   !votekick play
48:14      [All]   [Lage--] voted to kick [pLaY.MaKeR] [1/7]
48:14      [All]   Type !yes to vote.
48:20      [All]   pLaY.MaKeR killed MihajloUlemek

As i said his frustration led him to flame and insult and annoy us, he was useless whole game didnt even put a single ward and i put like 5-6 and tanking and dmg dealing etc.. He's a true team cancer and toxic player


Ban Requests / family flame and national intolerance
« on: March 08, 2019, 17:04 »
1.) pLaY.MaKeR
2.) zelencuk
11:29   pLaY.MaKeR   [All]   gagi
11:32   pLaY.MaKeR   [All]   sretan ti 8 mart
11:33   ZeLeNcUk   [All]   de igraj i ne smaraj
11:35   ZeLeNcUk   [All]   sve ti jebem

14:25   pLaY.MaKeR   [All]   ne fidaj dragance votekick cemo te
14:31   ZeLeNcUk   [All]   zacepi jebem ti sve
21:37   ZeLeNcUk   [Allies]   jebem mu sve
35:49   ZeLeNcUk   [Allies]   ajde bre sta radite
35:51   ZeLeNcUk   [Allies]   jebem vam sve

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