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Complaints Board / Complain about Sejtura
« on: November 04, 2020, 21:17 »
1. Reli

2. Sejtura

3. Bad decision (Wrong decision)

4. Forum link:,198180.0.html
    Game link:;sa=game;gid=6333168

5. Explanation:  Player blackkevlar (Centaur) was half game in woods. Before and espeacialy after one of the enemy left the game (5 vs 4) he totaly didnt care about the game playing and he continuously keep farming in woods (solo) like crazy... I tolerated first minutes in woods, thats normal and acceptable but he went i wrong direction. Most of the game (time) he spent in woods. He refused to join the team, play with the team, try to push, try to defend the towers or any similar action. According to Ingame Rule:
  e) Refusing to play
          - Avoiding team fights, pushes, defending and similar in order to make own team lose on purpose will be considered as refusing to play.

 I started a !votekick against him
Spoiler for Hiden:

01:26   konrafal   [Allies]   wood = Skeleton
01:32   Reli   [Allies]   pls dont pla ywood
01:35   catalin212   [Allies]   leo
01:36   catalin212   [Allies]   come bot
01:36   Reli   [Allies]   dota si 5 v 5
01:39   catalin212   [Allies]   i supp you
01:42   catalin212   [Allies]   you get all farm
01:44   catalin212   [Allies]   ok leo?
01:46   catalin212   [Allies]   just don`t go jungle
01:50   Reli   [Allies]   true
01:52   Reli   [Allies]   we gonna lose
01:54   Reli   [Allies]   if u go woods
08:13   BlackKevlar   [Allies]   seems like they are imbeciles
12:24      [All]   ATEM1907 lagged out (dropped by vote), ATEM1907 was autobanned.
12:24      [All]   Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.
13:00   Reli   [Allies]   cent
13:03   Reli   [Allies]   take spell #2
13:04   Reli   [Allies]   wtf
20:39   catalin212   [All]   cent casually kills jungle
20:39   catalin212   [All]   xD

20:45   Reli   [Allies]   come (I was pinging to him, many many times in different time periods)
23:47   Reli   [Allies]   come with us
23:49   Reli   [Allies]   stupid cent
24:01   BlackKevlar   [Allies]   yeah sure coz you asked me so nicely
24:10   Reli   [Allies]   i asked ur mom that kind too
24:13   Reli   [Allies]   stupdi whore
24:14   Reli   [Allies]   born you
24:16   Reli   [Allies]   retarded
24:18   BlackKevlar   [Allies]   good than go alone
25:58      [All]   [Reli] voted to kick [BlackKevlar] [1/6]
25:58      [All]   Type !yes to vote.
26:01   Reli   [All]   4 v 4
26:03   jamesbond024   [Allies]   w8
26:04   jamesbond024   [Allies]   coming
26:06   catalin212   [Allies]   no
26:08   catalin212   [Allies]   we need him..
26:12   Reli   [Allies]   for what
26:14   Reli   [Allies]   for woods ?
26:17   catalin212   [Allies]   he was ultying
26:18   catalin212   [Allies]   at least
26:24   Reli   [Allies]   and tell me
26:26   Reli   [Allies]   why farm
26:27   Reli   [Allies]   4 v 5
26:29   Reli   [Allies]   instead FINISH ?
26:31   Reli   [Allies]   TELL ME
26:33   Reli   [Allies]   SMART ONE
26:35   Reli   [Allies]   WISE ONE
27:32   SaxoVTS   [All]   i have imba retarded team
27:37   SaxoVTS   [All]   you should finish ez
27:38   Reli   [All]   you won this game
27:43   Reli   [All]   yes we should
27:45   Reli   [All]   but centaur
27:48   Justangel   [Allies]   b
27:49   Reli   [All]   farm woods like never before
28:11   Reli   [All]   hes 15 min in woods
28:26   BlackKevlar   [All]   13 assists i got - Assists only with his ulti, used from woods...
28:33   BlackKevlar   [All]   go vote i will report you
29:31   Reli   [All]   trust me
29:33   Reli   [All]   you won this
29:35   Reli   [All]   its game over
29:37   Reli   [All]   you won 4 v 5
29:43   Reli   [All]   say ty to centaurs mom
29:49   Reli   [All]   stupid bitch whore slut
29:56   catalin212   [Allies]   he will fight with us
29:57   catalin212   [Allies]   eventually

30:43   Reli   [Allies]   tell me ONE reason
30:46   Reli   [Allies]   why not finish
30:47   Reli   [Allies]   why noit play
30:49   Reli   [Allies]   but WOODS
30:51   Reli   [Allies]   20 min ?>
30:52   Reli   [Allies]   TELL ME
30:54   Reli   [Allies]   WHY

36:32   Reli   [All]   refusing to play
36:35   Reli   [All]   last 25 min

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