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GFX Requests / [Other] Overlays and panels for twitch
« on: January 16, 2019, 18:51 »
Hello everyone,

We'd like to initiate the official twitch channel(s) of
In order to do so we'd like to be prepared with overlays and panels.
Name: Eurobattle

Theme: The theme should be specific to Warcraft 3 since it's the main game and should match its ingame huds as much as possible.
As extra details we should consider checking some streams of this game.
Overlays should contain all social channels of the community.
Most streams have multiple scenes ( starting / live / looking for a game / be right back / ending / offline)
Each scene has certain overlays : nickname/logo, socials, latest events (follower, donator, etc), chat, sometimes a call to action, camera.
Panels are the top bars of the "stream page" (bellow the video player) descriptive boxes.

Size: The goal is 1080p
I can provide any more info since I'm new to this kind of requests.

PS: I didn't know if I should post here or on the parent forum. A mod should move it there if needed. Thx

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