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Xmas Tournaments / Xmas All Random 1v1 Tournament Brackets
« on: January 07, 2014, 19:21 »

Tournaments / 1v1 Techies Tournament Brackets
« on: December 26, 2013, 18:46 »

Tournaments / 1v1 Leshrac Tournament Brackets
« on: December 24, 2013, 18:31 »

Tournaments / 2v2 Couple Tour Brackets
« on: December 08, 2013, 18:34 »

Humor / IHRL - Indeed Humor ROFL League
« on: March 05, 2013, 12:15 »,126151.msg434871.html#msg434871
but when he gets reported,127482.0.html
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH IHRL getting more and more ridiculous(kalius vip member rofl), I am so glad I quit, players are epic, vouchers are epic and games are epic  8)

Humor / Prank Calls
« on: January 23, 2013, 13:47 »
Warning! lots of bad language in the videos! xD feel free to share funny prank calls, ive seen almost all of maxmoefoes and ownagepranks prank calls xd

Feedback / Icon awards for ban/unbans mods
« on: November 29, 2012, 20:10 »
I suggest icons to be awarded to mods for their hard work solving requests, it takes a lot of their personal time, same for MH mods. I hope this gets approved  :)

Humor / prank calls
« on: August 31, 2012, 01:18 »
This guy is epic xD

Humor / Ventrilo Trolling
« on: September 29, 2011, 15:28 »

This is why you shouldn't play WoW :S

Offtopic / Answers to people who posted in my topic
« on: September 03, 2011, 15:31 »
First of all, why lock my topic ? Screwd whisped and begged you to lock it ? There is an on-going poll there. Votes say it all despite of the fact that 50% of the voters are screwd's friends who aren't neutral in this case.

That was typical rage in dota game , everyone do it ,and some people care about score more than others ,but thats not reason for demotion.
Epic fail, you didn't even read that it was custom game rofl. You have more than 3000+ posts, but yet you haven't learned to READ first before you POST. If you really read my post, not just the first 5 rows, you would know the reason for demotion. Anyway I will be kind enough to post it again
Not only that he abuses his mod rights in game, but in forum too:,72475.0.html
He gave me a warning for spamming/trolling, when he was the one spamming/trolling. He gave me that warning out of pure hatred obviously.

i have just one question to you all, u post like u never flamed in game saying tard etc..... get real and the role model thing for all of us i rofled 10mins...
@Bart Same thing as Icy, you just don't read since you think it's about flaming... I flamed numerous times in my games and I'm not afraid to admit it but I had a reason, not just because I was angry and my whole team agreed with my flaming and criticism against our teammate.
Where do u see flames here? o.O

retard,noob,tard,moron,idiot,etc... are not flames.

And so what if he got mad and raged coz he lost. Like you never did that Saint. I rage on Icy all the time coz he is noob ^^ and make me loose the game, and still he is one of my best friends here.
@DoctaSpock read what I wrote to Bart.
It was just a game and btw my friend , you have psychologic problems for writing all this stuff for a person
@illusioner Please do not call me "friend". I have psychologic problems? I think you have dyslexia since you have reading problems.
Actually you are wrong  Saintknight , you wrote all this scenario to axplain what ??? that totally said: noob

retard etc words in a game??
so much flames?so much abuse?

I wanna rape you 1v1 is trash talking not flame,I was disturbed by your cocky attitude and wanted to play vs you what is the problem? and I do not talk formal to you cause we played xxx games together
@totally_screwd Oh yeah! Proof #13. We played xxx games together? You lost your count? Not even 50 yet. "I was disturbed by your cocky attitude" hahahahaha worst defense ever. Quote me where was I cocky? You are the cocky one:
I think I am one of the best players who play on bnet
Where did I abuse any powers of mine?

I warned your forum nick here after your 2. reply cause rhcpfan answered me and you still kept on spamming and trolling :,72475.0.html
Hahahaha, really no point to write to you since you don't read. Your post was the spam(even tho not intentional cuz of course you don't read once AGAIN) not my posts and even your friends will tell you that.

give me a game link where I !Muted or where I banned someone for it?
You think I'll waste my time searching your games and hunting you? No I won't cuz I don't care anymore, this community is too corrupted.
I expect another topic about me

cause last night I was telling on chat 'dolmel abused me like a priest abusing a young girl...he touched me with the blue tube'

I forgot that I was a role model and told those kinky things
You can predict the future, cool. Funny that you try to joke this away with lame jokes(not sure if it's a joke too  ;) ).
You can lock this topic now, I said what I had to say. I wrote that huge wall of text for nothing, people don't read it/care anyway, I lost my faith in people but it's cool can't blame anyone .  ;)
edit: Keep spamming me with -1 screwd, it just shows how childish you are, and I mean it, keep spamming the more time you waste the better for me, I don't care about it, but funny thing is that you DO  ;D

Offtopic / The real face of mr.totally_screwd
« on: September 03, 2011, 04:43 »
Who is totally_screwd? A kind, nice and mannered person? A man of honor? A high skilled DotA player? Nope, none of that, he's just a jealous hypocrite, jerk and control freak. All the games I've played with him in a team were extremely annoying, he's like "PICK THIS PICK THAT", not to mention his PSR addiction, he plays for PSR, he even abuses his moderator rights in order to get PSR, by joining a random game and starting it without being the owner just to get +1/-0 PSR.  Everytime he loses a game he would go rage on people, even his own friends, it's sad that he can't just enjoy and feel the fun of DotA.  I believe that totally_screwd is a mentally challenged (insane)person and needs to go through a medical treatment. Here are some examples and proofs. He wasn't joking of course, it was all absolutely serious.
17:36    totally_screwd (Allies)    who fed that
17:38    totally_screwd (Allies)    noob clock
31:18    totally_screwd (Allies)    17 2
31:19    totally_screwd (Allies)    noob
31:21    totally_screwd (Allies)    ftw
Proof that his brain is malfunctioning #1
And the bullshit continues:
35:18    totally_screwd (Allies)    18 2 13
35:19    totally_screwd (Allies)    the noob
35:20    totally_screwd (Allies)    i own
35:22    totally_screwd (Allies)    everyday
Proof #2
^I play against his stack often and he's so proud of winning against me + randoms. He often tries to swap me up so I can play with him but I always refuse, sometimes he swapped me up without my permission while I was afk, which was totally lame, he would do anything to protect his precious PSR. After the game he was like gg saint, total hypocrite nuff said. Stabbing me in the back, no balls to tell me the truth.
Playing "fun game" with screwd, before the game he was like "anyone wanna play warlocks for fun?" There's his fun:
26:24    totally_screwd (All)    nukin just me ftw (Proof of course I nuke you, when you nuke me)
29:31    totally_screwd (All)    i am sorry
29:33    totally_screwd (All)    is this 1v1(Proof #4,  its fking 1v1v1v1v1)
48:57    totally_screwd (All)    marcel
48:59    totally_screwd (All)    why u nukin me(Proof #5 to fking kill you)
49:00    totally_screwd (All)    ?
And the rage increases and increases with time till it reaches its boiling point:
49:20    totally_screwd (All)    thats why i hate playing warlock
49:22    totally_screwd (All)    when i lead
49:25    totally_screwd (All)    everyone nukes me
49:28    totally_screwd (All)    when saint noob leads (Proof#6 I lead because I'm noob, makes total sense)
49:30    totally_screwd (All) noone touchs him (Proof #7, yes only everyone)
49:37    SaintKnight (All)    lol
49:39    SaintKnight (All)    umad?
49:41    totally_screwd (All)    y
49:42    totally_screwd (All)    i am mad (Proof #8(best proof) HE IS REALLY INSANE)
49:45    kingW3 (All)    i nuke everyone
49:47    totally_screwd (All)    i wanna rape u
49:48    totally_screwd (All)    1v1
49:48    SaintKnight (All)    focus me
49:49    totally_screwd (All)    saint
49:49    marcel1337 (All)    xD
49:49    totally_screwd (All)    =)
49:50    SaintKnight (All)    i dont care
49:54    totally_screwd (All)    i cant kill u
49:54    SaintKnight (All)    i dont cry
49:55    totally_screwd (All)    atm
49:57    SaintKnight (All)    When u teamed on me
49:59    totally_screwd (All)    cos i didnt pick
50:02    totally_screwd (All)    spells
50:05    totally_screwd (All)    wanna 1v1 after it?
50:07    totally_screwd (All)    so i can spank u
50:12    SaintKnight (All)    no im scared
54:38    totally_screwd (All)    ahah
54:40    totally_screwd (All)    lame faggot
54:41    totally_screwd (All)    ftw
55:09    totally_screwd (All)    saint
55:11    totally_screwd (All)    wanna 1v1?
55:17    totally_screwd (All)    so i can rape u and go nonmad
55:28    totally_screwd (All)    tell me
55:30    totally_screwd (All)    u want 1v1? (Proof #9)
55:34    SaintKnight (All)    u blind ?
55:40    totally_screwd (All)    tell again
55:44    SaintKnight (All)    im sacred
55:45    SaintKnight (All)    scared
55:49    totally_screwd (All)    u really are
55:51    totally_screwd (All)    scared
55:54    totally_screwd (All)    if u are not play
55:54    SaintKnight (All)    yes u are too good for me
55:56    totally_screwd (All)    1v1
55:58    totally_screwd (All)    i am too good for u
56:02    totally_screwd (All)    prove me wrong =)
56:04    totally_screwd (All)    come gn
56:06    totally_screwd (All)    xxx
56:08    (All)    totally_screwd has left the game voluntarily.
A classical rage quit followed his words. After that he created a game and waited for like 5 min in lobby and spammed me to join and spammed that I'm scared so I joined his game... and of course I raged too, if I didn't then I'd be a pussy as he said.
03:01    SaintKnight:    tell me what the fuck is ur problem
03:02    SaintKnight:    bitch
03:04    SaintKnight:    tell me
03:09    totally_screwd:    nothin
03:11    SaintKnight:    nothin ?
03:11    totally_screwd:    i wanna rape 1v1
03:24    SaintKnight:    tell me
03:26    totally_screwd:    i told u
03:27    SaintKnight:    dont be shy
03:28    totally_screwd:    i wanna rape u 1v1
03:31    totally_screwd:    what u want
03:33    totally_screwd:    more
03:33    totally_screwd:    ?
03:36    SaintKnight:    ok rape me
03:38    totally_screwd:    i wanna fuckn rape u 1v1
Best part:
05:41    totally_screwd:    ur attitude is retarded (Proof #10, I'm silent almost all game long, that's a retarded attitude I guess)
05:45    SaintKnight:    no urs is
05:49    totally_screwd:    no mine is simple
05:50    SaintKnight:    u cant lose
05:51    totally_screwd:    u act cocky
05:51    SaintKnight:    a game
05:54    totally_screwd:    i can
05:55    totally_screwd:    lose
05:58    SaintKnight:    ye sure
06:01    totally_screwd:    but i dont lose 1v1
06:03    totally_screwd:    i lose to 1v4
06:07    SaintKnight:    rofl
Game starts:
00:01    SaintKnight (All)    10 rounds
00:02    SaintKnight (All)    no more
00:06    totally_screwd (All)    -gold 30
00:13    totally_screwd (All)    -15 (15 rounds)
00:17    SaintKnight (All)    15
00:20    SaintKnight (All)    rly?
00:24    totally_screwd (All)    why do u care
00:29    SaintKnight (All)    i dont wanna waste my time
00:36    totally_screwd (All)    u want how much (Proof #11)
00:42    SaintKnight (All)    just play now
02:39    SaintKnight (All)    :)
I won 13-2, after he realized he can't win this came:
11:39    totally_screwd (All)    dont have money to fuckn buy drain
13:40    totally_screwd (All)    still 2 gold
13:41    totally_screwd (All)    to buy one drain
13:52    totally_screwd (All)    how much gold did u earn
13:54    totally_screwd (All)    last round
14:00    SaintKnight (All)    idk/idc
15:31    totally_screwd (All)    gg
15:33    totally_screwd (All)    cant win after this
15:35    SaintKnight (All)    gg
15:37    totally_screwd (All)    always same gold amount
15:41    totally_screwd (All)    cant buy new spell
15:42    totally_screwd (All)    rmk?
15:45    SaintKnight (All)    no..
15:47    totally_screwd (All)    why
15:53    SaintKnight (All)    dont have time for that
15:57    totally_screwd (All)    what will u do? (Proof #12 it's not your fking business)
16:00    SaintKnight (All)    sex (owned he couldn't say shit afterwards)

27:35    SaintKnight (All)    train hard for the wl tour
27:40    totally_screwd (All) no need
27:43    totally_screwd (All)    i will win =)
27:50    SaintKnight (All)    im playing..
27:53    totally_screwd (All)    so what
27:59    SaintKnight (All)    u cant beat me in wl
28:01    totally_screwd (All)    u had
28:06    totally_screwd (All)    1 extra spell
28:09    totally_screwd (All)    after first round
28:17    totally_screwd (All)    cos i got cocky
28:39    SaintKnight (All)    and im playing 50% skill all game
After those games, I lost all my respect for totally_screwd. I really think doesn't deserve to be a mod and he should be demoted. Not only that he abuses his mod rights in game, but in forum too:,72475.0.html
He gave me a warning for spamming/trolling, when he was the one spamming/trolling. He gave me that warning out of pure hatred obviously. He believes he will scare me with that.
I expect totally_screwd to abuse mod rights and delete this topic haha.
P.S. I have a song for you which says it all <3

Humor / Joke Thread
« on: September 02, 2011, 23:02 »
I created this thread so people can post the best jokes they've ever heard here. Please do not post lame jokes like "Why is 6 afraid of 7? Cuz 7 8 9!" -_-  :P
So I'll begin with a short joke, I could type like 100 jokes but I'm not in the typing mood :P
-What's the difference between your wife and your lover?
- 45 Kilograms
Feel free to share your jokes  8)

Humor / Serbian Gangstaz
« on: August 28, 2011, 16:31 »

DotA Discussion / GONDOR
« on: August 28, 2011, 00:33 »
Mass fun game xd 25 min score was 20-10 for us, I was 17/0/2 100 cs xD I lost 2 rapiers and bought back twice xD had 2000 hp, had some funny 1v5 situations, when they focused me and got me down to red hp I just activated satanic and bamm full hp XD

DotA Discussion / My first DotA video
« on: August 16, 2011, 04:42 »
Hey guys, this is my first dota video, can you please give me some feedback on the quality and music? The scene is crappy but it's just a test scene. Thanks in advance!  8)

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