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Humor / Dimitri
« on: September 11, 2010, 03:34 »

General Discussions / Defining, thoughts, decisions, issues
« on: July 01, 2010, 15:20 »
It kinda sucks.. To many, but not exactly defined, rules over gaming makes it harder to define what is what. Can some1 tell me what kind of characteristics does players has to have to be defined as a pro or a noob ? Where is the line that breaks those kind of things..? I think there r like 30 things that affect to it, it's not just stupid K/D ratio or creeps/deny thing.. And there r a lot of unban/ban requests for noob joined pro game & pro joined noob game. The fact that noob, or a newbie, dunno the meaning of Game Name, the fact that noob thinks he's not noob anymore as he saw progress in his gameplay so he can move to next stadium (pro stadium, as there r only 2) but the rest of 'pro' dudes thinks he's still noob. So we have 2 lines that breaks definition of pro/noob. There r more subjectively definitions, like we can say that I m a noob comparing to e.g. rapboy who is more than pro, but i still join pro games and I'm not banned cuz of that.. But even pros can play it noobish sometimes, depends on a lot of things => their mood/day, what hero do they play, dota depends a lot on heroes, etc. And I hate people who can't accept failure, like every time has to be so damn perfect, ignoring the thing that u r not playing vs AI or a damn noob, u r playing vs dude who understands purpose of ur moves and his trying to counter u...
And we have a lot of subjectively thoughts by our enormous number of ban/unban mods. Every1 thinks differently, cuz the rules r not defined enough good and so mods doing almost what they want/what they, individually, think it's the best ... Yea, well, maybe i want too much, maybe those rules can't be exactly defined, it takes time or w/e ...
But when i saw this ban request,10002.0.html where Sirushimo didn't ban those who were, as this dude said 15 min, "farming" fountain. Why the hell was I banned, by MrNiceGuy, for killing 2 dudes in around the fountain and they were defending too ? And when creeps came i was attacking towers, only stupid host complained about "farming" at fountain and he stayed b.. I didn't attack those who stayed b, i attacked those who let themselves to be attacked. And what affects even more for mods to be less objectively is that people post untidy* ban/unban request... I saw a lot of small unimportant (pathetic) things, that poster kinda exaggerated making it more assuredly*. I bet it confuses mods for decision 2 ? All those small things r affecting the work of our mods, but not good enough defined rules r affecting it 2.. I'm just hoping in time, in future, things will be more subtle, so that the mods can be more objective in their decisions...
Silly, stupid thing when !owners r using ban option so easily that they r automatically banning DC-ed players "just like that". And then players have to spam/post unban requests, it's just wastes time.. Why would some1 ban a player who has more than 200 games in season with a score 4-1 in game, i rly dunno...
BUT to me nothing is rly important, rly. I won't bother if there's a leaver,dc-er, nab/tard, flamer in my team, cuz I can tolerate them all and I'll do my best to save myself of dying a lot and not defending it hard so that the opposite team can finish faster AND I'LL MOVE TO THE NEXT GAME. I think I'm not the only one who won't bother like this, unlike some dudes who bother for every little thing and they go on forum and report it with exaggerated style. I have 200 games in this season and i haven't post a single ban request for anything like this, unless they uses HACKS. Now that's my only important issue here, the only thing i care about..
If u rly want an good lawful gaming community then make the laws/rules sharper.
But even with defined rules, people just dunno cuz they haven't red them yet and they get banned by other people, not knowing why. I met a lot of people who complained to me "STOP BD NOOB" "NO BACKDOORING" not knowing that BD is not forbidden...

Even the existing of (what I think they r) issues, I still like it a lot playing dota here than on Garena, Nort or anywhere else..

Ye i typed a lot, i know. Once and for all.

Music / Elision
« on: June 30, 2010, 17:18 »
Elision, U have nice signature xD

Feedback / Question about stats suggestion
« on: June 17, 2010, 19:00 »
Why dun u put how much u denied towers in statscount ?  ::)
Isn't it more important than how much u killed stupid couriers or raxes, where u just autoattack them for quick destroy...

Humor / Cartman's way
« on: May 23, 2010, 21:31 »
Ye he didn't want to fight with Wendy after school so he found a way to earn detention to avoid the fight.

Well i think it's funnier if u watch the full episode ;P

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