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Announcements / Website news
« on: Today at 18:32 »
We have updated the website with some new functionality.

1. DotA game list:
2. Game detail page:
3. Some general lagabuse statistics:

TBD: game and lobby logs together with log duplication fix.

Kudos to AP for the majority of this work with some help from Dudu and me.

Original proposal:

There are currently 31 available phrases, one is displayed at random in lobby every minute. More phrases can be proposed via this topic.

General Discussions / Merge LA discord with EB discord?
« on: August 19, 2020, 21:57 »

There is quite a low activity on LA discord, EB discord activity is a bit more but not much. LA could simply live as a subcategory in EB discord, I don't see any particular benefits of having them separate with this amount of activity these days.

DotA Discussion / DotA Map Poll
« on: July 31, 2020, 20:48 »
As I said in the other topic, this is a consultation poll which will help determine which map will be played in the short to mid term on the bots.

You can post pros and cons as bullet points below to state your opinion but keep it straight and to the point and don't reply to other people's posts, lengthy discussions should be kept in,191431.0.html

DotA Discussion / Invisible tooltips
« on: May 23, 2020, 23:45 »
Mouse-over tooltips for items have no descriptions. Any ideas?

DotA Discussion / Enforce balance before game start
« on: February 10, 2020, 19:34 »

For a few years from the beginning of lagabuse DotA league each season the game count would be reset to 0, so !sd would show you have zero games.

Later on the system was changed to preserve the number of games so you can see which player is somewhat experienced after stats reset, when all other stats are set to 0.

Due to this change, the number of games you got by !sd command or your web profile stats page was very different because !sd "forgot" about all those games that were reset back in the first few years.

This also affected the new formula which decreased the autoban depending on how many games you got (thx @AGENT for bug report).

Today I synced the real ladder games played so now !sd displays the correct number. Many of you could see hundreds more games being reported. That is the accurate number.

If anything is amiss let me know.

Best regards

Announcements / New season reset - 4.1.2020 morning hours
« on: January 03, 2020, 17:51 »
See title

General Discussions / Ladder for custom games
« on: January 02, 2020, 20:43 »
There is an interesting project that can make ladders from custom maps:

The map must implement the W3MMD standard so the list of supported maps is a bit limited atm (check maps menu), the only map that is kinda played on our server is LTD.

Unfortunately the LTD versions played here seem to be outdated so step 1 would be to replace the map with a supported one. Then we could integrate with this service to create a LTD ladder and perhaps turn on autohosting. It can either be through their site or through API on our own web page (warden or w/e).

Is there any interest in any of the supported maps at all? I don't want to waste time integrating this if nobody uses it.

Announcements / Map temporarily reverted back to version 89a7
« on: November 06, 2019, 10:13 »

Due to some new map protections introduced after DotA version 89a7 there is a problem with stats recording when game ends with !ff, causing stats to be multiplied.

Version a9 is therefore not suitable for prime time. We need to implement some fixes to our bot code, until that the league will stay on version a7.

This process will probably take a couple of weeks since we need to carefully verify the stats recording.

Best regards, cen

General Discussions / Project icons (request for comments)
« on: October 21, 2019, 19:50 »
Each day at night an automated script will assign icons. Currently proposed sets:

1. Top 10 players this season
2. Top 10 upcoming players
3. Top 10 players this month
3.1 Thinking about past months also, but that means icon must include month name in the text which is a bit much
4. Every player below top 10 with at least 10? games this season receives an icon with text such as 1500, 1550, 1600, 1650.. showing the approximate PSR category. This category would have same icon just different text.

Each category will have a similarly themed icons so they look like they belong together, either by content or by color.

Attached are a few samples how text could be included in the icons. That is text showcase only, icons were randomly taken from currently available.

Comment below:
- which text sample looks the best or maybe more than one could be used, one per category. Or maybe you have your own proposal (fire up your photoshop..)
- do you think the proposed 4 categories are fine or you have a better idea
- if you have a good icon set theme in mind
- is there some better way to express the category with U1, S1, M1? Maybe U/S/M could be expressed graphically somehow and only number remains as text (with possibly a hashtag in front).

Up for debate,:
- since a lot of players have custom icons which they set via /icon command, should these ranking icons override it? Or just give the icon and player sets it if they want to? Or make it configurable on some web page? Or always set as active by default only to those who have no custom icon currently set?

Announcements / Bot changes 13.10.2019
« on: October 13, 2019, 20:30 »
1. PSR formula will be reverted back to old one until next season (1.1.2020). New formula will get some bugfixes and tweaks in the meantime. It should work better with stats reset.

2. Autoban durations are now reduced for players with a lot of games.
-below 100 games: unchanged
-up to 1000 games: 10% less
-2k, 3, 4, 5k games 20, 30, 40, 50% less autoban duration.

This is just a minor change until we overhaul the autoban system with shorter and more effective bans to reduce multiaccounting. We will also consider automatic unbans and warn points time depreciation in next season.

3. New mechanism that allows us to replace bots with new features without shutting down the whole league for an hour. Ideally we aim for 100%-ish uptime now.

These changes will take effect in the next 24 hours.

Big thanks to our dev team for their work.

Changes are the following..

If player's rating (PSR) is lower than his team's average:
- in case of victory player gains more PSR
- in case of defeat player loses less PSR

If player's rating (PSR) is higher than his team's average:
- in case of victory player gains less PSR
- in case of defeat player loses more PSR

In equally balanced games you gain same amount as PSR as you lose.

Positive and negative feedback is welcome. Also let us know if you see any anomalies in PSR gain/lose and !rall anomalies.

General Discussions / New season system and award proposal
« on: August 28, 2019, 23:47 »
There is a very solid idea in the works so it's time to get some public feedback.

First, semi-offtopic, we have a new tour system which can be found at
This way we will track PSR gain from tournaments and latest tournaments will be displayed in forum sidebar (see att. 1 and 2).
Additionally, each tournament win will show up in your bnet profile (under "demon" aka tour column).

I would also like to remind you at this point that we are still recruiting more tour mods.

Now to the season proposal.
Proposal is to have fixed season resets at 1. January and 1. July. Since stats reset has all kind of negatives that come with it, it is time to start looking how to show progress and reward mid-season.

We started tracking the following stats (see attachments or check xpam forum sidebar):
1. Upcoming players: players who gained most PSR in current month
2. Players with most played games current month
3. The existing season top players (regular ladder)
4. Top players for each month in current season, calculated on W/L ratio only (PSR gain is not fair to track for monthly winners, W/L is better but not perfect, it might need to be mixed in with PSR somehow).
5. ?? <good ideas welcome for more categories> ??

Each player that is in top X in these categories will automatically receive an icon with his rank on it (some w3 themed icon with text like #1 AUG, or #1 UPC, #1 SE)... we haven't decided yet which categories would be rewarded this way, how many top players and what icons, all we know at this point is that this rewarding will be automatic, refreshed daily and the goal is that you can see top players immediately in channel due to these icons.

I do not know yet if these monthly winners will also receive some reward on the end of the season, it is still too early.

Rewards at the end of season remain the same for now, altho we'll have to think how to better reward people who stay on top for such a long period.

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