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Technical support / Re: hi i need help ...
« on: August 29, 2020, 17:49 »
so nothing happens?

Offtopic / Re: Who will win the 2020 ladder?
« on: June 24, 2020, 23:12 »

Suggestion Board / Re: News section on forum
« on: June 19, 2020, 03:23 »
I kinda missed
Now you can use !lobbies command to display current open lobbies with the game name, number of slots and players' names.
bit this is what I'm talking about, this is news, I didnt pay attention so not sure for how long it's there, but this is the kind thing that should be in this section.

Suggestion Board / Re: News section on forum
« on: June 19, 2020, 03:03 »
The other option would be - having some actual news and updating this "news section" at least weekly. News should be something new, having some information displayed there which happened a while ago and being displayed for a while is no "news".
Also displaying full patreon supporters list there is no "news". (Could be written like "new patreon supporter: <nickname>" and staying there for a week tops.)
Not necessarily for a week but I agree. And maybe this list could be here, if can?

Let's inspect the current setup, I'll use current news.

Think of it this way, major updates and generally major things are already announced in global announcements, global topics, as they should probably remain to be seen longer, so basically no need to be longer than a week or two on "news". They are already as easily accessible as possible.

Patreon supporters list should be placed somewhere, and it should be placed in a visible location, the one you suggest is a nice one, although I think it should be above "latest accounts" (which are another completely useless information, but they can provide some fake impression that there are people coming to server daily, so I'd let them remain).
Same goes for the winner (you can announce your winners as a news why not) season ended a while ago, it's not news anymore.

Also why is support us on patreon in "news". And there is a much bigger banner saying exactly same thing just a couple of milimiters above.

Maybe weekly is over optimistic, but twice a month something happens I guess, that would be fine as well to use news section to actually bring news to players. Ideally would obviously be to have any daily news but I know this is impossible, twice a month however is quite realistic.

Shortly, please use news section for actual and fresh news, or remove it..

Suggestion Board / Re: News section on forum
« on: June 18, 2020, 10:04 »
I think that "news section" is a complete garbage and it should be removed. Instead just display patreon supporters somewhere to honor their donations.

The other option would be - having some actual news and updating this "news section" at least weekly. News should be something new, having some information displayed there which happened a while ago and being displayed for a while is no "news".
Also displaying full patreon supporters list there is no "news". (Could be written like "new patreon supporter: <nickname>" and staying there for a week tops.)

Current admins at least keep it updated much more than previous, I remember  efko having "tournaments ladder coming soon" for a year in news section, and it never arrived, also it was completely unrelated.

Complaints Board / Re: Stop removing my posts
« on: June 12, 2020, 01:13 »
If you are talking about pari-cz, without even looking I'd agree with you. He should be investigated at least. I remember him doing this all the time in the past as well.

But also bear in mind that admins don't need to notify you about the actual action they take, and pushing for an answer is not a good idea. Sometimes players have just too many accounts, or play from different places, its not really a 2 minute job at times.

Anyway - I had a "blacklist" back at the day, not sure if they use it or not, but his name is there.

If you are talking about someone else and not about pari-cz disregard this reply.

Suggestion Board / Re: Add rections to posts on forum
« on: June 12, 2020, 00:57 »
Don`t efko here

I'm 3 days late for such comment, thanks for reminding people my deer.

Complaints Board / Re: Stealing my rights
« on: June 02, 2020, 19:28 »
I don't care about the status, all i want is my beneficies back and i would like an answer to my main question, why would ,,you" kick me and get rid of all my beneficies yesterday? Let say it's about that event, but still, doing it after such a long time, srsly? Also why is other groups affected by it?

Well benefits kinda go with status, meaning - you gain some status, you gain some benefits. You lose status, you lose benefits.

The reason why they didn't remove you from the group probably means they forgot about it, and you haven't request anything after your status removal.

This pretty much means when they removed you now, they fixed this mistake of you standing there without status, and it's a good job whenever some mistake is fixed.

Also Jimmy pretty straight forward asked you "do you want status or not" there is no middle ground there it's either take it or leave it, and you have the freedom of choice this time.

I'd advise admins that after this is solved to not accept such behavior and after someone loses status by any means, he has to earn it back.

Complaints Board / Re: A rule complaint
« on: May 27, 2020, 23:34 »
My suggestion is: ksv or whoever is supermod takes requests which are complaint about mods.

Someone else from admins takes "complaints on supermod" requests, there are 2 possibilities imo.

1. You dedicate an admin to resolve these requests and switch it daily/weekly/monthly at your choice. In my opinion 3 of you (shadowlord aleksandar jimmy) are very experienced and your decision is more trustworthy, while Jeandarc has been around long enough probably the longest among us so he probably knows everything already so he would be a fine option as well. The one you choose (or its his task day) has "last word".

2. You all discuss it (privately or publicly the choice is yours), reach some decision and its the actual "last word".

I'm fine with both options.

There are not many requests which complain on supermod, but they still exist, and as long as they exist they shouldn't be forbidden by some rule (which is currently the case). They won't take much of your time whatever option you choose.

Complaints Board / A rule complaint
« on: May 27, 2020, 18:36 »
~ Ban & Unban Super Moderator has the last word regarding Complains, user can not demand Global Admin/Administrator to review his case.

I've just happened to notice this, and I think it makes no sense, I'd like it discussed and explained by admins - Therefore I don't need opinions of other normal users on this matter so I kindly ask you not to respond here unless you are admin (or a deer, they are always welcome in my topics)

I'll state my case why it makes no sense, and by this I don't mean to belittle ksv or any other mod, super mod or anyone else, so I'll caps to make it clear its not PERSONAL AGAINST ANYONE.


1. Ksv is a good guy, I appreciate all the work he is doing here but he makes mistakes. In my opinion too much mistakes for the position he is having. Of-course he will fix that over time, but I don't think he should be trusted with ultimate "last word" yet.

2. What happens to requests b&u supermod takes and there is a complaint on them? Here actually doesn't matter who is in that position, but do you really want such guy to solve a request - receive a complain - resolve a complain. This basically means player who posted request/complain doesn't even get a second opinion.

3. Having one guy getting "last word" isn't really a good thing, and at this point once again it doesn't matter who the "b&u super mod" is - the decision reached mutually by 4 admins where 3 of them are very experienced in b&u is much better than having any "single" guy reaching one. I don't think I need to explain this any further.

Also 3. is actually what Jean told me during our PM conversation, and I supported it completely. So I find this rule rather contradictory to what I heard in our conversation. (or perhaps I misunderstood you jean).

Thanks for the time reading this, have a nice day.

PS: complaints = plural of complain (and not complains as written twice in these rules) - not sure who wrote these actually but check your grammar bro (not meaning to offend)

Suggestion Board / Re: Still awaiting reply
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:58 »
Why are you reopening topics, isn't that considered a spam?

Suggestion Board / Re: How does the complaint system work?
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:54 »
Basically, i asked him about situation where one would have a complaint about LA high staff and he meant that it should be solved on LA only.

Yes, 4 admins are enough to solve any problems, they discuss these problems together if you got banned there was a reason, same thing when I got banned.

So how does it work, if i have problem with highest LA administration it would mean that there is absolutely nothing to do about it? Maybe it may seem strange but you know that there already was problem between me and the LA high staff when i got banned for literally nothing, so this question interests me.

You tend to have a lot problems with lot of people apparently, I doubt its any admin to blame.

Shouldnt there be some regulation or the LA staff has full trust of the server administrators and unless some really big shit happens nobody will review the decisions of high staff?

No, because they discuss these things and reach mutual decision, unless all of them go berserk for some reason server admin will be aware of this much before you do.

PS: i have no problems right now but you never know what happens, it would be good to forsee and prevent problems early

Stop being efko.

Suggestion Board / A related topic
« on: May 17, 2020, 17:43 »,191079.0.html

Related to this topic, since my name was spoken there.

1) Why some people can spam complaints until their point of view is accepted, is the complainer the one who is solving request or maybe a neural moderator should do that?

Not all people can spam complaints, only I can spam complaints,I highly disapprove any other people spamming complaints (by spam I mean making more than one), since usually they don't have a clue what they are doing. This may sound arrogant, but its simple as that.

I know what I am talking about since I was leading this exact section for years

2) Whats the point of having head of b&u section at all if nobody cares about his decisions??? Dont like his decisions, spam aleksandar, dont like aleksandar's decision, spam shadowlord etc etc, is that an acceptable way of handling requests?

I don't care about who brings decision, as long as the decision is correct one. Moderators usually get it right = no complaints.
I agreed with ksv as well and some of his bans when that myprecious complained, and I supported a decision = no complaints.

I highly value and I highly care what sejtura and ksv and everyone else in b&u section does. Personally no problem with either, the decision making can make a problem sometimes but once again its nothing personal.
ksv just didn't put enough effort, when solving my complaint. He agreed with moderator and they were both wrong. I disliked this lack of effort so I decided to complain with someone who will give a satisfactory explanation.
I might not agree with him being the leader of b&u but its not that he can't change, and change my opinion as well. Hopefully one day he will be the best one, and he will be schooling some newbie mods, just like I am schooling them now.

I'll just quote Aleksandar, and the exact point I wanted to show to those guys who were solving my case, and their mistake. (Jimmy basically, told me the same thing once we discussed in game, but I decided to leave Jimmy out of this, because he wanted to be out of it.)

and the quote is.
But i want to be clear,IT CANT be the reason to insult someone's family.

I wanted to hear these words from sejtura/ksv, and I even asked them a couple of times, but they seemed to fail the point. I am sure they won't miss such points again.

Another thing, my complaints were not a discussion board, and you were not invited to join. I don't give a fuck about your opinion and I'd kindly ask any of the admins to officially warn you for spamming in official section (@Jimmy Consider this an offical complaint, or do you want me to make one? It's your rule after all. I'll just remind you that last time I spammed some turkish player complaint you banned me for a month, and I agreed with this ban. Right?)

Complaints Board / Re: Complaint about ksv decision
« on: May 14, 2020, 22:54 »
He got sanction... I don't know what else you asking for ?

Well obviously for harsher sanction, thats the point of complaining - showing a disagreement against a certain thing.

For the first time family flame he got warn... Next time sanction would be different. Maybe he would get more than warn if he was not provoked.

Answer me the question, if someone provokes me during game, do I get ban immunity for family flaming him, and would I end up with just a warn?
I am not even to start explaining again who provoked who and why.
I am sure he would not wisper you if you didn't provoke him.

You are sure based on what?

If someone mute you and you insult or flame that player before other teammates or enemies... You think it is not breaking Ingame Rules ?

You want to ban me for saying "mk trash" once, and you keep pointing out that somehow I broke the rules, while failing to ban him for 1000x worse thing.

Sure go ahead if saying "mk trash" thing is bannable, ban me.

And one more thing... He got sanction for first time family flame while you did not get sanction for votekick abuse against innocent player !!

I explained several times already why my votekicks were a valid thing to do, yet somehow you all fail to read my posts I suppose.

Btw those lil rules you're quoting are kinda reworked by me, so I am more than familiar with them.

I don't know why you get it personal, you're not the first nor the last mod to make a mistake. Mistakes simply happen, and instead of fighting and keeping your own wrong opinion you could've just agreed you made a mistake and fixed it.
This is probably not even the last time I will complain on your or some other moderator decision in order to improve yourselves or if I feel you are not investing enough of your time in these requests.

Complaints Board / Re: Complaint about ksv decision
« on: May 14, 2020, 15:35 »
1 time the number of votes was 7/8, when probaly enraged player whitch was !votekicked sent a /w to the x-13 player, and the most  unbealivable situation player x-13 makes a screen shoot of the /w and makes a ban request

This is exactly what i am talking about, his failure for detail is amazing, if you took 10 seconds to check proofs instead of writting a load of bullshit you'd realize.

The time on my screenshot is 24 minutes and 9 seconds.
while this happened 20 minutes after that.
43:26 [All] [BiliG] voted to kick [ilovestanija] [7/8]

Do you base your decisions on "probably" or do you actually take some facts into consideration while solve request? This is exactly you proving my point of your incapability do be in the position you're in.

You can always improve, and even earn my respect, but to do this you need to do things properly.

And yes, I'll wait for admin who will solve this as it should be solved.

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