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Ok this finaly worked!

There are 3 known solutions to this problem:

I tried reverting it to value 0 fail, then 1 fail then again 0 and it worked.

This shit is so pepega.

Thank you very much though!

Also I do have to mention, the forum needs a search bar....

I located a few cases regarding this issue:
Adapter was at 0....  changed it to 1 on from another request ... changed it back to zero and nothing happened

Later on I saw this post,187784.0.html

But now I get this error: Warcraft3 was unable to initialize OpenGL. Please ensure you have OpenGl installed.... Where the fuck do I get the correct link for this download now....

Also tried with this video:

The first method doesn't work, the second method requires me to download .NET Framework 3.5

Which while installing causes an installation error: 0x800F0906

All I see are problems on the horizon.... Will I ever get this to work?

Hey so I installed 2x version of wc3, both from:

1.28.5 works just fine, I can log in through Gproxy, but when I try and start the Dota version on 1.26 the game is asking for a version 8.1 version of DirectX OR higher while I have 11....

Do I need to download wc3 1.26 from somewhere else to resolve this issue or is the problem coming from my side?

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