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Title: Basic Photoshop tutorial by Icypig
Post by: Natura Sonoris on October 19, 2010, 17:39
Hello guys, welcome to my basic Photoshop tutorial, oriented mainly for making your own signature/avatar.

I'm using Photoshop cause its obviously most popular program with huge resource database and massive editing options while being extremely user friendly and intuitive in use. You can get trial version from ( Trial lasts 30 days which is not much but you can always buy it or reinstall system xD

So let's start. For forum utilities I recommend saving and working on .png format and RGB colors, unless you are making animated graphics and you are forced to use .gif

1) Dimensions :

Dimensions often used for signatures are pretty small ones and they go like around 300, 400, 500 pixels x 100, 200. You can use it as you like, but remember PD forum allows 200 max height of sigs, due to some abusive users. Avatar max allowed size is 150x150 px, but it doesnt mean that smaller ones would look worse.

2) Focal:

Focal is your main part of signature, on which you should focus your sight. You can use anything as a focal, but remember - its most important part of your signature (and avatar), don't overlay it with fonts, effects or other beautiful ideas. Here you have example of properly placed focal:


This man stands out from rest from of a background, so you can clearly say it's a focal.

Most important thing while you are making a sig is to combine a focal and a background which sometimes can be very hard and tricky, you need to take care of colors, opacity etc.
You could ask - Where to find good material for focal ? Basically, unless you are skilled painter you have to rely on other people artwork to make you own forum graphic. There are several ways of obtaining and using focal. Let me show, two most popular of them.

2) Renders:

Renders are parts of pictures which are cut from other, most probably high res graphic. Most renders which you can find on net are humans, cars, anime chars. The success lies in render placement, its influence on the background and vice versa.

If you have a trouble with finding proper render check this topic Photoshop resources (,28951.0.html)

3) Stocks

Stocks are nothing more than normal pictures that can be modified with Photoshop by adding new brushes, effects and cutting a new signature out of it. Stock has its own focal, let me show you below:


This is stock picture, where panda is focal and you can now edit that whole picture as you like and make your own signature like this:


4) Text

Second most important thing in your graphics is text, especially its placement, size and blending.
Some people dont care really about it, and cause of this your font turns into a focal. Text can't overlay your focal! Try using as small font as you can, match colors with rest of the sig. Lowering its opacity and changing blend mode to soft light or overlay can help a bit. I'll give some examples later.
Title: Re: Begginers tutorial by Icypig
Post by: Natura Sonoris on November 04, 2010, 21:29

When you done your work it is time to put it in your gallery .
It is done just by simply clicking File > Save As> Save as PNG or any other PICTURE file (preferably .png)
Here are some viable hosting services; ( ( (
Dont upload .PSD files unless you have been asked by trusted person, cause your work could be ripped.
Title: Re: Begginers tutorial by Icypig
Post by: Natura Sonoris on November 04, 2010, 21:33
''How to make simple Signature'' Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial - Creating a Forum Signature (

Instead of writing my own tutorial I linked this, cause mine would be similar and it's better to be show in video than by pictures. It's quite simple, so you won't have problems in copying methods shown in it. Later I will add more with some nice tricks.

One flaw in this tut is that author put text in place where he shouldn't really, thus it doesn't look good.
Title: Re: Begginers tutorial by Icypig
Post by: Natura Sonoris on November 04, 2010, 22:11
How to use tools

Photoshop Tutorial - Tool Uses and Basics (

Quite long, you won't regret watching it.
Title: Re: Begginers tutorial by Icypig
Post by: Natura Sonoris on November 05, 2010, 01:52
How to make renders (for advanced users)

How to make Renders on Photoshop (by Pen tool) (

This video shows how to make renders from pictures and it's suggested for advanced users which want to master pen tool.
Title: Re: Begginers tutorial by Icypig
Post by: Natura Sonoris on November 05, 2010, 01:58
How to download a valid render

Here i explain how to download render so you don't have those white or black backgrounds.
Go to web and there follow these steps.

IMPORTANT: You must register.

Step 1 : Login to a account you created


Step 2 : Use search tool and type name of renders you wish to find (dota,anime) and lcick enter and you will get results and than click on that render you like most


Step 3 : You will get this :


To get render you will have to click on picture again to get this window on right where is fully cut render which you can use in your signature. Simply go Save as and save it to your folder with renders, desktop etc...