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Title: ban
Post by: matoput on July 21, 2020, 20:12
 avoiding fights / pushes /defs
19:04   kebabhunter   [Allies]   i wont die for this team any more

solo nonsop avoiding whole game .;sa=game;gid=6311196
Title: Re: ban
Post by: Sejtura on July 21, 2020, 20:33
Ban request denied

He was playing comparing to you and your score... Also i was playing same game, He did not ruin it at all... He had perfect start with mort on lane, they had 2-0 2-0.
Mort complained about him no letting creeps, so he said :
04:31   oprem_picke   [Allies]   y cary tyhis game
04:59   kebabhunter   [Allies]   i need just aracane

After he farmed for arcane boots, he left mort alone on lane to farm... He didn't join one team fight, so what ? after that you start votekick him... without any reason... Also he was defending towers and base.

And yes, i won't warn you nor phenomenalone for provoking me during game or calling me idiot, retard or whatever.

You have to calm down, play the game and respect others... You can't just kick anyone you want because you or team failed.

If you have any questions or complain, post it in COMPLAIN section.