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Title: logicaly speaking
Post by: Arthas on June 28, 2020, 21:51
this is a reply to jimmy who locked my general discussion without any logical ( :P)reason......ok


if the majority of the people did not take part in the voting means they are satisfied with current system or they do not complain about it....the logical action is >>>DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING .

and there are solution better than forcing a system that you are not sure if it is wanted by the majority or not .

make the vote at the start of every game whether the 9 or 4 kicksystem will be active ...and if the 10 players voted 5vs 5 they keep the old system and nothing changes...i think this will be easy for someone in la the next updates of course.

about saying (recruit more ) that was a funny comment and i did not mean it literately and i added the ;D to indicate that .....seems i am not the only one needs communication development  >:D

about your suggestions ....i dont have to be active here all the time to say whatever i want since i am a member....and if there are worthy discussion there i will take part for sure like your false vote....

and i would gladly join la stuff but there is no need for that

do not lock general discussion unless the topic is improper

Title: Re: logicaly speaking
Post by: Deynro on June 28, 2020, 22:05
You seem frustrated by this change, the change is already decided, you can't do anything, why spam with pointless topics on your narrow personal view. In my opinion, this is an improvement that should've been done ages ago since those situations involve only teammates, there were plenty times where someone feeded on purpose and the opposite team didn't want to kick the feeder, this way, there should be a reduce in banning posts for: ,,Refusing to kick". It's stupid to give a responsability to the ,,enemy''.
Title: Re: logicaly speaking
Post by: Jimmy on June 28, 2020, 22:05
Everyone had the ability to vote, it was open for 10 days, it was made a Global Topic, and announced Twice Ingame so that people are aware ,and they were given enough time to do it.
Whoever didnt vote, in logic way , dont care about it.

And if you think you can logging here once a month, with the note that LA Should recruit more Mods, Shut down official voting, apply some political [80-90%] statistic required to make Pool valid , etc. Yeah, that wont do.

If you want, you can :
-Apply for a Staff position and improve the server
-Be active daily on Forum and Discord, participate in discussion actively
-Work on your Communication and develop the ability to express yourself so that you can be understood fully

Locked/Dont Spam [You are free to follow any of the suggestions above]