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Title: Tour moderator
Post by: XCens on March 30, 2014, 20:40
Name, age, country, occupation
Adel 16 macedonia student
 - Realm ( server) accounts and server history (past accounts)
I playing on my account AzY Now
 - Gaming history (how long have you played DotA and where have you played)
I playing dota since 6 year ago then i start a and w3-safelist
 - Why do you want to become a tour mod? (your motivations are very important to us)
I want' become A moderator Becose Lot of people Want to help them And following server
 - Why should we recruit you?
dunno I' have very good knowledge Im' honestly man As mannered guy very well I think I' will be promoted if you don't mind me :)
 - Anything else you would like to mention
No Thank you :)
Title: Re: Tour moderator
Post by: mrNiceguy on April 02, 2014, 16:36
We are sorry to inform you but you are not elected to be tour moderator.

Have a nice day, staff