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Title: ban req Kapedani
Post by: badd1229 on March 11, 2014, 18:50
3)intention game ruining by sabottaging teamates.
As you know, to win dota you need a team to do it, but when a player refuses to play team and plays selfish and eaven posssybly trying ruing the game, but not by the rules of lagabuse., This guy foirst of all, we where wining early game, went for roshan, and asked to come all he didnt, but when we got ambushed, and he could helped (at 22 min)  he didnt came ntentionly left us to die, and we lost the gem, (very mayor tur of the game, im not saying it was because of him, but he actually helped to get this to that point.) Second thing - 35 minute, we where back on track , but we could not push, so we went for roshan to get the aegis for ogres gem, and this guy came, intentionally stold the aegis, and went for farm (intentionally not allowing us to use aegis, this was on purpuse, ) after that we could not push, we must have , because they had late, and we all knew we will lose late, as he knew that, but he didnt help us to push and as you see, he was trying to not allow us to either, at 48 min he went pushin alone at 1 line to rax - he died, after that he did it at 51 minute in middle of the map attacking 3 of them head on. witch lead of such feed ( i mean thes 3 things he did on purpuse) the the game was ruined, i was the main carry player at start, but i couldnt do anymore because of him. He did this, because he couldnt farm at start, i got the creeps, he went "kid mode on" and ruined the game by anti team play. I did nothing wrong to him, but he ruined the game, please ban him hard.
22:09   Kapedani   [Allies]   !votekik lost
22:14   Kapedani   [Allies]   !votekick lost
26:56   Kapedani   [Allies]   shut the fuck up
27:01   Kapedani   [Allies]   i dont play same team with pit

Title: Re: ban req Kapedani
Post by: addicted on March 14, 2014, 10:22
kapedani !baned 3 days + 1 !warn [Game ruin (Inform position/Refusing to play)]
24:39   Kapedani   [All]   rosh