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Title: Read before posting questions!
Post by: Natura Sonoris on December 30, 2012, 21:02
Please check the following overview of very common issues before posting.

Getting kicked from lobby:

1. You are banned on our bot. You can check that by whispering the !checkban command, or checking your nick on the Stats page (;sa=players).
2. You don't have the right map. You can check that by clicking on any game from the game list hosted by our bots, if the map image is blank then you don't have the right map. Download the latest map here ( and place it in the "Documents/Warcraft III/Maps/Download" folder.
3. You don't have the right Gproxy. You need to have the latest Client in order to play on our bot. If you don't, the bot will kick you automatically from any lobby hosted by it. To be able to join our games, please be sure to have the latest Client ( installed.

If you need more help about Gproxy, check out this topic (,117670.0.html).

Unable to connect to server:

1. The server is offline. You can check its status here (
2. You are locked on server. Check if your nick is in the banlist (
3 .You are trying to connect to without GProxy. Make sure that GProxy is running by minimizing (alt-tabbing) the game. Its status should be displaying in the Client.
4. You are not using our Client. In order to connect to you need to install Client ( and launch your game using it.

In case you are receiving the "Unable to validate game version" message, check the game path - it should only contain english characters.

For the most issues connected to the 1.28 patch, check this topic (

A complete overview of all possible problems with Client and Warcraft III can be found in Wiki (

Title: Re: Read before posting questions !!!
Post by: Lagi on June 12, 2014, 17:33
If you are experiencing any problems regarding or connecting to, please make sure to provide the following information in your post (if relevant):

- Screenshot of the game's error message.

- GProxy log with the "Debugging" box ticked.

- Your in-game name.

- Your operating system. (Example: Windows 7 64bit or Windows XP)

This information is necessary for the staff to help you in the most cases.