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Ban Requests / game ruiner and leaver
« on: August 07, 2022, 18:08 »
1.) Saiya-jin
2.) Norm40

I picked mort to play mid solo game, i literally picked the hero first in our team, and signaled that im mid, ogre just chose to ruin me, muted me before telling or asking anything, whisped me something
02:01   Norm40   [Allies]   -mute 9
After he failed mid hard, not even warding or reporting misses, or helping he decided to leave the game, which he ruined hard, ruin me as well...

20:19      [All]   Norm40 has left the game voluntarily, Norm40 was autobanned.

I know that guy from earlier, he always does that, leaves on regular bases, ignores and ruins someones game like that

During the game, i votekicked a couple of times ogre, because he was rly doing nothing
after that Enigma started to provoke me and insult me

20:24   KoreanPistol   [All]   wow ogre banned
20:26   KoreanPistol   [All]   are you happy
20:27   KoreanPistol   [All]   idiot mort
20:29   KoreanPistol   [All]   :D
20:33   Saiya-jin   [All]   ?
20:37   Saiya-jin   [All]   why provoke?
20:40   KoreanPistol   [All]   stfu
20:41   KoreanPistol   [All]   ANd lose
20:42   KoreanPistol   [All]   like a dog

I guess thats some multi acc i reported earlier and got banned
I repeat, this is a small server where most of players are here for 10+ years, most ppl are common here, we know each other, but so many idiots and morons who are ignored by admins. I really wish u start penal this morons harder because you will lose more and more quality ppl here, im rly on verge stop playing here, because of cases like which happen 2-3 times per day
Im starting to bothering not just you with these stories but myself as well, server is full of low life morons who are frustriated with their personal life then come to ruin here and provoke like this Korean moron guy, and what happens later when u dont sanction them? We lose our shits as well, lose our patience and started to flame them hard becase thats the most we can do? After guys like ksv comes mutes and bans us without any report and evidence we ever did anything beacause he feels so and not banning the real players who dont obey the rules...


Ban Requests / game ruin-item steal
« on: July 30, 2022, 16:35 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) -newgatebranca
4.) steals my Tome, watched replay, i bought tome, his penguin courir stole me from my circle

This server became so tiring, can't sit and play a normal dota, every stupid game someone ruins, not reporting misses, playing solo, acting like a jerk, ruins you on purpose, this server rly became dumbfuck retarded, im rly consdering leaveing it after 15+ years, many old school players left this server for same reason.
Every single fucking day, no matter how many dota i play, if i play 5per day, 4 of them will be ruined by fuckers who steal items, go afk, ruin, not following the game properly, anti team play etc...

Rly losing my patience

1.) LaManoDeDios
2.) satiricon, .runwhenyousee. , classy75 , singer + sunay
(honestly, only slark was fair and knows what a sportsmanship is, salute to my boy)
4.) The fact is that satiricon, which is known to be a full time stacker everytime he hosts a game, first let trax with us on stats 1-7, trax refuse to listen to us, help us, or play with common sense... i was pointing that to opponents, but runwhenyousee first starts to rage and be rude because he lost mid against tiny and went mad...
Second, akasha was first, at the start of the game, afk, at 15th min, he was lvl 4 or 5, at 30th minute he was level 10(that tells u how much abscent he was in the game) he went afk on many occasions , and was afk for about 2-3 mins, moves around the scrouge base, then returns to the fountain again... I was pointing them to kick him, but they refused it, only slark was polite

38:48   burki92   [Allies]   afk shıt all games

39:01   LaManoDeDios   [Allies]   HES AFK HOLW FUCKING GAME

40:54   KiniTresi   [Allies]   -afk
41:01   LaManoDeDios   [All]   he's afk
41:01   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   go midf

I was rude too after, after they ignored that two of our players in a team are sabotaging us, started to falme, so as well u can warn or ban me too, i dont care, this server gone mad, dont what the hell happened to this server, you can't relax it, sit and play after job, server full of unpolite, game ruining morons, who play only for stacks, game ruinings, for stats, for stats padding, this server rly gone mad, i swear... Been here since 2006-7 and every year this server is filled with more and more morons. And this is the second game today i have the same problem, 4th in last 7 days, which is a lot....

After all of that axe said this, which i belive is true:
43:01   Classy75   [All]   I HAD TO ADMIT
43:07   Classy75   [All]   AKASHA IS FRIEND OF NECRO
43:14   burki92   [All]   swap 2 shıt players here
43:14   sunay   [All]   bla bla bla

Rly sick of game ruining, sabotaging noobs with high scores and psr, putting their friends, locking low stats players against them... Rly have had it
After 15 years im rly considering retire from this server, this server had its charme and its uniqueness, but its dissapearing

Regards, hope you understand me, and other old school players who are sick of those morons back me up.

Ban Requests / National intolerance, insult and provoking
« on: June 19, 2022, 16:24 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) ChrisMaurice, JeyPack
Chris Maurice, aka Legion started to flame me and insult me because i let guy with 1-10 score K/D play in our team(roof), after i ignored him, he started to flame me on whisp...
04:40   ChrisMaurice   [Allies]   !f
04:48   ChrisMaurice   [Allies]   host glup si kako kur
04:56   ChrisMaurice   [Allies]   glej maldce

after that, you can see on chat log, he ignored whole team
05:16   Tyralion   [Allies]   druze ajde igraj i ne prozivaj
05:21   ChrisMaurice   [Allies]   !ignore tyr
05:25   ChrisMaurice   [Allies]   !ignore sai

Later, at around 18th minute of the game, mort killed me on lane, i had a pretty bad game, i said to Mort, gg, then he tarted to provoke me and insult me whole game, even insult all of us later:

18:39   Saiyan.   [All]   gg
18:46   JeyPack   [All]   Yeah you low bro

18:55   Saiyan.   [All]   another turk
18:57   Saiyan.   [All]   talking
19:04   JeyPack   [All]   Yeah turk your mothar fuck llok

19:36   JeyPack   [All]   low
33:06   JeyPack   [All]   you idiot and low bro
33:07      [All]   [Saiyan.]_GeneraL_ killed yogarl
33:10   JeyPack   [All]   you full rs control (RS Republic of Serbia)

5:14   ChrisMaurice   [All]   pro mort
35:18      [All]   [Saiyan.]The Scourge destroyed the mid level 2 Sentinel tower
35:19   JeyPack   [All]   yeah pro ıam
35:22   ChrisMaurice   [All]   hahahaah
35:23   ChrisMaurice   [All]   sure
35:26   JeyPack   [All]   yeah
35:27   JeyPack   [All]   sure noob

He's provoking and insulting with everyone

35:57   Tyralion   [All]   u know u gonna be reported for flaimng
36:01   JeyPack   [All]   !ignore ty
36:03   Tyralion   [All]   right?
36:04   JeyPack   [All]   tards shut up

37:51      [All]   [Saiyan.]trampini killed Saiyan.
37:53   JeyPack   [All]   noob

Server is full of frustriated virgins who pretend to be keyboard hooligans on internet like this JeyPack and ChrisMaurice, whos only achivment is winning a dota game in they sad little lifes, so they have to provoke, insult and annoy other people on internet...


Ban Requests / votekick abuse and psr restore for iErnesto94
« on: March 16, 2022, 22:35 »
1.) Saiya-jin
2.) melo06
4.) had an argue with Tauren, he bought iron talon at lane and came with me, maybe he ruined me, didnt wanted to argue, it was a noob game anyway and my pc was freezing... he started to insult and flame me, after that i ignored him, later he started to wisp me and flame me there witch i striked back on his own language(some friends from TR thought me that). He didnt liked that and voted to kick me, which a couple of them agreed coz they thought they will win the game on easier way..
I report to ban all that participate in this votekick abuse and to restore my psr, i cant lose my psr like that coz of abusers, leavers and noobs. Thanks
32:38      [All]   [karadaj] voted to kick [Saiya-jin] [2/7]
32:41   TE_MATO   [Allies]   !yes
32:41      [All]   [TE_MATO] voted to kick [Saiya-jin] [3/7]
32:49   arch81   [Allies]   !yes
32:49      [All]   [arch81] voted to kick [Saiya-jin] [4/7]
32:50      [All]   [kamurat] voted to kick [Saiya-jin] [5/7]
32:57   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   wow
32:58   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   ?
32:58   covid37   [Allies]   !yes
32:58      [All]   [covid37] voted to kick [Saiya-jin] [6/7]

Now you see who voted
Pls Ernesto, you are the witness and you said u will solve this problem

Thanks and regard


Ban Requests / afk/game ruin, flamer
« on: November 13, 2021, 10:44 »
1.) LaManoDeDios
2.) kinitresi
4.) 18:47   LaManoDeDios   [Allies]   -afk
18:51   LaManoDeDios   [Allies]   on je afk
19:05   LaManoDeDios   [All]   nort afk

from that time he went afk for anoher 7-8 minutes, after that he was participating in team activities, he didnt wanted to launch ulti in team fights, doing his stuff, he ignored me because he acused me of feeding alche... tell me how to stop alche to get farmed?
Anyway i told him i will report him for that and he flamed me hard

''i ban your mother in a pussy'' or something like that, sometimes i cant understand MK....

Ban Requests / hard family that deserves perma ban and game ruin
« on: November 12, 2021, 15:19 »
1.) Saiya-jin
2.) Remse
11:38   Remse   [Allies]   to je tek pocetak - its only a beggining, he wanted to ruin us ( he was hooking us when we were about to kill our enemies )

1:43   Remse   [Allies]   dete ti mrtvo jebem - i fuck your dead child

2:01   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   bolesnik ( i told him that he is a sick person because he said i fuck ur dead child to a person who is a father )
12:13   Remse   [Allies]   tata ti bolesnik debilu - ur dead is a sick u moron

12:30   Remse   [Allies]   jebem ti majku mrtrvu u kovcegu  i fuck your mother in a coffin

Ban Requests / extensive flame and votekick abuse
« on: October 18, 2021, 22:36 »
1.) Saiya-jin
2.) bemyguest - rule breaker

4.) started to repeat always the same and i ignored him, after i ignored him, he started to flame me on wisp... got only one screenshot tho...

32:36   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   !votekick sai

funny thing we were winning until he started to go on our nerves, talk nonsenses, he even flamed kazotura in lobby chat, guy has some brain issues and frustrations... he has a problem with everybody, thats the screenshot after just one flame, couldnt take more coz i was playing, but he was reapeating him self with

''kopile, livaj jebem ti mater'' - bastard, leave, i fuck ur mother ...

Ban Requests / hard family flame
« on: May 10, 2021, 13:13 »
1.) pLaY.MaKeR
2.) -mavi-sakal-
4.) started to pause a game at the end like crazy acusing crix for game ruining, he started to abuse him with votekick command at the end of the game, and it was obvious we will win, we all disagreed in sentinel that votekick won't help them nor he's game ruining... it was just a team disagreement. He then started to threat us that he will report us and ban us
56:03   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   fcking
56:04   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   Game ruiner
56:06   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   report
56:17   pLaY.MaKeR   [All]   stfu
56:21   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   fck off
56:23   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   trash
56:24   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   player
56:26   Viperchoko   [All]   kid :D
56:26   pLaY.MaKeR   [All]   learn to lose

56:38   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   Fck off moron
56:40   pLaY.MaKeR   [All]   owned u like a bitch

56:45   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   ı rape your mother
56:47   -Mavi-SakaL-   [All]   your mother

he always wants to trashtalk but doesent like a feedback and then starts to flame... i know him from earlier he always flames and starts to be a team cancer when the game goes not how he imagined.. but he just gone too far... once he gotta be repoted


Ban Requests / hard family flame and national intolerance
« on: May 09, 2021, 12:04 »
1.) SonGoku. (me)
2.) reshape (rule breaker)
4.) stared to hard flame after i told him a polite argument on our mothers curse because he was losing a game....

first he flamed his team
1:02   reshape   [Allies]   da vi ebam mater
21:10   reshape   [Allies]   se da vi ebam

after that he started to flame host for no reason

21:25   reshape   [All]   stfu moron
21:37   reshape   [All]   y with your mother

21:50   songoku.   [All]   why that?
22:20   songoku.   [All]   u had counter picks on our
22:25   songoku.   [All]   and u cruse our moms
22:32   reshape   [Allies]   !f
22:38   reshape   [All]   abe ke ti ebam ( i fuck u all )
22:43   songoku.   [All]   bravo majstore
22:46   reshape   [All]   plemeto srpsko (ur serbian tribe i fuck )
22:51   reshape   [All]   se ke ti ebam u usta srpsko ( i fuck u in ur serbian mouth)

Ban Requests / hard racism and nacism
« on: March 12, 2021, 11:37 »
1.) LaManoDeDios
2.) mutsuzdayi
4.) no need for further explanation, i didn't tell him anything bad or crused him or anything

36:29   MUTSUZDAYI   [All]   you were 0 2 HASDFHASDHFHAFSÜ

37:38   MUTSUZDAYI   [All]   0 3 MIDDLE SHIT


Ban Requests / ban
« on: January 11, 2021, 21:02 »
1. Saiyan.
2. nukecoke
4. we were arguing after i ignored him on wisp, i had some bad words he had some bad words, but the argue went on another level that shouldnt be tolerated..

Ban Requests / heavy heavy flame and probably multi acc
« on: March 22, 2020, 12:29 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) cantshare
3.);sa=game;gid=6263025 :like a boss:
4.) acused me for sabotating the team with no logic, i played my mid very well while he failed his lane hard
after i missed to X and torrent he started to rage flame me

35:57   cantshare   [Allies]   majku ti jebem
35:58   cantshare   [Allies]   mrtvu
36:00   cantshare   [Allies]   skote
36:02   cantshare   [Allies]   pasji
36:05   cantshare   [Allies]   picka ti materina
36:12   cantshare   [Allies]   da ti picka materina
36:23   cantshare   [Allies]   majku ti jebem
36:28   cantshare   [Allies]   tebi i pravilima

Thats his new acc, never played anygame on that, so it must be ban evade from previous case, pls regulate it


Ban Requests / heavy flame and game ruin
« on: March 16, 2020, 11:05 »
1.) Saiyan.
2.) 6days (flamer) EmreAbi (ruiner)
4.) Flame:

35:51   6days   [Allies]   jebem
35:53   6days   [Allies]   ti mamicu
35:55   6days   [Allies]   u gorbu
35:57   6days   [Allies]   grobu

i fuck ur mom in grave

35:59   6days   [Allies]   mrtvu - dead
venge missed oppritunity to stun at 20:49 - looks like an accident but he made later the same desicion

at around 27 he litteraly waited for me to die then to ks my kill, he only needed to stun when i went to gang

he has a lot of ruining moments when my team defended the base, litteraly driving us to the nerves
29:37   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]
29:38   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]
29:38   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]
29:38   Sejtura   [Allies]   venge
29:38   ^fragile   [Allies]   >> EmreAbi (Vengeful Spirit) has a > Magic Missile [4]

guy is noob but not that noob to ruin games like that


Ban Requests / multi acc
« on: March 04, 2020, 11:48 »

multi acc from -gigi.muschi-


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