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Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: October 06, 2020, 16:41 »
He didn't afk, DK(Lower skilled) was solo vs Usra / pudge

Rubick 0 - 15 sup failed.

Naix 0 - 8 ( same DK's items)

Weaver  5 - 9 - (Lower skilled)

Your request is denied

Ban Requests / Re: ban req
« on: October 05, 2020, 21:06 »
mamasitabonita !banned for Family related flame[1st time].
Warn points: 1. Duration: 2 days.

Will check if ban evader or no.

14:51    MamasitaBonita    [Allies]    anneni sikeym
14:51    MamasitaBonita    [Allies]    senin
31:04    MamasitaBonita    [Allies]    tüm mahalle siksin
31:11    MamasitaBonita    [Allies]    ananı avradını sikeym senin
31:13    MamasitaBonita    [Allies]    kahpe dölü
31:31    MamasitaBonita    [Allies]    ananın amını banla

Unban Requests / Re: Unban
« on: October 05, 2020, 20:14 »
drekavac^991. is unbanned


Ban Requests / Re: Ban reports
« on: October 05, 2020, 17:25 »
Added ban on badorc04 in game Ap +++ #1. Warn points: 3. Duration: 1 weeks.
Request:,126892.1575.html. Public description: Game Ruining - Refusing to play. Private description: Request.;sa=game;gid=6327614

Ban Requests / Re: Ban cheater
« on: October 05, 2020, 16:23 »
so I won't answer this report as admin why? that can be misunderstood, much dreams and haters will say i'm protect him.

this my opinion:
My friend, I see you are sad for wining both
You was happy to play with both to win thats all

Lobby chat logs Mordor91 - Rob_Real - TooShade
Spoiler for Hiden:
15:57    mordor91    hi rob
16:15    mordor91    !locked
16:24    Rob_Real    hi
16:29    Rob_Real    !sd mord

17:23    mordor91    congratz on 2000 and soon 2020

17:41    Rob_Real    ty!
17:42    mordor91    now fuckers won't be able to reach you
17:53    Rob_Real    why?
18:01    Rob_Real    do u know when the season ends?

18:21    mordor91    yes, end of december
18:30    mordor91    that was announced months ago on forum

18:49    Rob_Real    ok, i see. so still 3 months
19:04    TooShade    We will be VIPs
19:05    TooShade    rob
19:05    TooShade    :D

19:09    mordor91    you can ask on forum for faster season reset

19:17    TooShade    No no
19:20    TooShade    1st jen is fine
19:21    Rob_Real    bro, our task to reach 2k psr for u
19:37    TooShade    y bro :D
19:50    TooShade    I helped you with 2k, got them ez for you
19:51    TooShade    :P

19:59    mordor91    tooshade won't need to post ban requests in public anymore
20:06    mordor91    he will be famous from shadows

20:08    TooShade    lol why?
20:18    Rob_Real    i needed only 9 psr)

20:24    mordor91    there is private area noob -_-

20:24    Rob_Real    and u need 90 :D
20:40    TooShade    Y but with me you had faster way to get 2k
20:40    TooShade    :
20:41    TooShade    :D
20:50    Rob_Real    sure
20:58    TooShade    75 PSR
20:59    TooShade    will be ez
21:05    Rob_Real    y
21:07    TooShade    3 months i should get it
21:11    TooShade    1st jen
21:13    TooShade    they will reset
21:31    Rob_Real    90 days, so one game per day will be enough :D

22:03    mordor91    !locked

22:34    TooShade    y right :D
22:42    TooShade    but we cant get also 5 per day
22:45    TooShade    not a problem
22:45    TooShade    :D
22:48    TooShade    can*
22:52    TooShade    not can't*
22:53    TooShade    :D

23:03    mordor91    but you need to win to get 5 per day

23:26    TooShade    yep

23:32    mordor91    what if you go -5 per day?

23:47    TooShade    I don't think
23:55    TooShade    Generally I try to restore if i lose -5
24:00    TooShade    but
24:06    TooShade    in 1 game max i can lose is -2

24:06    mordor91    what about to pub so this lobby can join some players?

24:20    TooShade    What about to learn your tusk for fail all games?

24:35    mordor91    fail all games when?
24:49    mordor91    with tuskar i win about 8/10

25:00    TooShade    With negative scores...

25:25    mordor91    versus you i won average 6-7/10

25:33    TooShade    Impossible
25:39    TooShade    you still remember my 44-9 Storm
25:43    TooShade    you lost that game 4 vs 5

26:04    mordor91    last time you was winner with storm when we had feeder at mid and total noob at side

26:13    TooShade    i got tard pud too
26:16    TooShade    8-25
26:17    TooShade    score
26:18    TooShade    he had

26:21    mordor91    so you got a lot of kills

26:28    TooShade    tiny was total -1

26:29    mordor91    yes but we had 2

26:33    TooShade    he was really tard

26:37    mordor91    and you almost lost that game

26:44    TooShade    ofc 4 vs 5 + pud -1

26:45    mordor91    you revived in late game

26:54    TooShade    I won alone
26:57    TooShade    my teammates sleeped

26:59    mordor91    and 1 needed 1 more hit to send you on 2 minutes break

27:14    TooShade    I had bloodstone

When he muted you, showed your hate to him.

Ingame chat logs Mordor91 - TooShade
Spoiler for Hiden:
01:43    mordor91    [Allies]    that explains why you lost 7/10 vs me average, you with eakbas in team bad combo

02:15    TooShade    [Allies]    I won't talk more with you because you dont know with who you are talking
02:19    TooShade    [Allies]    reach my lvl
02:20    TooShade    [Allies]    then tlak
02:20    TooShade    [Allies]    talk
02:20    TooShade    [Allies]    !ingore mort
02:23    TooShade    [Allies]    -mute 5 failer

29:55    mordor91    [Allies]    its interesting to see you at mid farming 27 minutes and only sacred relic

31:33    mordor91    [Allies]    what to do when you failed game?

31:34    TooShade    [Allies]    how you got
31:35    TooShade    [Allies]    1600 psr

31:44    mordor91    [Allies]    how you got 1900 psr ?
34:59    mordor91    [Allies]    for what
35:06    mordor91    [Allies]    for you failing this game?
35:47    mordor91    [Allies]    you played vs mortred on mid and compare your pro score 3 2 3 vs his noob score 17 2 4
41:42    mordor91    [Allies]    yes with stupid stacker in team

I can see your replies moved to report,191534.15.html

Locked for avoid spam.


Ban Requests / Re: BR
« on: October 05, 2020, 13:42 »
magi is lower-skilled player

Magina is nothing did.

Your request is denied.


Ban Requests / Re: Loading abuser
« on: October 05, 2020, 12:30 »
I will keep an eye on him, happened sometimes

your request is denied

thanks for reporting, closed.

Offtopic / Re: Who will win the 2020 ladder?
« on: October 05, 2020, 12:20 »
Cheating/bugs if player use any program like MH / hero bugs.

Swap/kick = no cheat.

So make up team vs him why sad :)

TooShade is a bot for "ANTI-NOOBS"

believe me tooshade is ez 1v1 xD

Ban Requests / Re: ban kjooali
« on: October 04, 2020, 21:03 »
I see all annoying each other, pudge is mid(Not fail) and sky killed in mid you several times, and you go farm in woods, Veno & Sniper & Pudge only push/def and killing

11:11    Lovec_Kokotov    [Allies]    i dot care 1psr
11:13    Lovec_Kokotov    [Allies]    !R kjo
11:16    Lovec_Kokotov    [Allies]    -11 nice
11:19    Lovec_Kokotov    [Allies]    go to hell
you know if you back creep will kill you at 17:30(Game time 14:55)
eul in 25mins(ashka)
you know u can't handle gem + team was far.

Lovec_Kokotov !warned for Command abuse(-kickafk)  - Game runing/Refusing to play -8 warn points

( Sniper - msync ) !warned for kicked him)  3- warn points

@rSync and @matoput next time = ban  Do not do it again if player is not afk.

About veno solo bara always charge / veno was trying to deward.
Before you reporting again don't lie in ban report

If you see bad decision  You can report me here :,202.0.html

Unban Requests / Re: Unban Request/ACRObatic
« on: October 04, 2020, 18:51 »
Removed ban from acrobatic.

msync !warned for Command abuse[-kickafk]. -3 warn points

anyways game wp picks

Unban Requests / Re: What is a standard to be afk too long?
« on: October 04, 2020, 17:54 »

You need to follow this guide:,76972.0.html

Basically you need to provide link of the game that you got banned.

refer here :,197980.0.html

Unban Requests / Re: Unban request
« on: October 04, 2020, 15:49 »
Removed ban from svaba-11.

Try to wait a few hours, until fix electricity


Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: October 04, 2020, 15:43 »
problem_boy !warned for Refusing to help[1st time] 3 warn points

I don't see he deserve a ban, Was 5v4  in fight.

I see orge just low-skilling, when fight sandking / weaver  , he don't want to die..

Unban Requests / Re: Unban request
« on: October 04, 2020, 13:51 »
Removed ban from svaba-11.


If you are lagger why playing, fix your net and play.

I don't lie in ban or unban requests, you do and everyone can see that.
KSV will answer

I restarted router, they knew about it, then I reconnected having 11 300ms at that time and those pathetic losers killed me while they saw I had 10 sec spike.
In the video we can see, restarted and teleport next next? they don't kill you while restarting so?,197945.0.html

Thanks for the video, everyone can see my hero autoattacked darkseer implying the lag moment, thank you again for proving my point. They didn't flame me verbally, but they provoked me by killing me in obvious lag. Not obvious to you shark boy? Do I play autoattack Tinker often?

You welcome, I shared video to ppl learn how to do not kill lag and laugh about lies more more , we are wizards.

who are you to insulting ppl, me rat and rob is rat, ppl are rats to you noting news.
(Report title),197945.0.html

About your request is denied? omg sorry we didn't know you are not leaver, I'm not LEAVER? ask autoban to unban you.

Again again, they provoked you with a kill, How come my brain is stopped here.

Hi, well, you said he didn't lie in ban request?

 He said ''we didn' t provoke, he reconnected and flamed us''

Killing a lagger who is unable to move is not provoking? It' s worse than killing me, pausing the game and saying '' haha fucking noob''. Get your facts straight before making decisions next time.

He wrote it like after I reconnected I flamed them for no reason, out of nowhere.

You two are probably mates ingame, that is why you refuse to sanction him for lying. I will talk to higher staff regarding this because this isn't unbiased decision at all. I do deserve ban for the sentence I wrote and he deserves ban for lying in ban request, years back he would get a massive ban for writing that, now it's dead and random mods abuse their imaginary powers. Kindly, review the game if you don't trust me and then rethink banning him, too.

Thank you.
How come want me to banning rob_real for KILL(Provoke?),  they don't know what happening with your net?, I'm not your abuser to ban someone to kill the boss = ban.

Idk really how do you understand game and people cheers

good chat with mannered behaviour gets you somewhere, we would've solved this way before.
you have been always known for over-reacting, and you will never change.

Locked for ksv's decision soon

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