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Offtopic / Re: reset psr
« on: April 22, 2022, 22:53 »
What will I do, oh deer.

Offtopic / Re: reset psr
« on: April 20, 2022, 22:25 »
Edited cause I'm apparently blind. Disregard.

Offtopic / Re: no morivation left
« on: March 22, 2022, 21:43 »
Loses three games in a row, flames each game, literally rage plugs on the third loss, and then makes a forum post stating that "the game is shit" and that he's leaving.

Has "I aM nOt ToXiC" on his forum profile.

Literally a pinnacle of comedy, kek

Didn`t you like leave the server recently

A bit less than a year ago, can't remember the exact date. Not relevant anyway.

Again, whatever helps you sleep at night.

You're still pleading ignorance to any of my points or questions so... yea. All in my head  :y:

Forgot the "I still play here" argument you keep spitting.

I don't play Dota due to lack of time and interest, but I still care about Dota and the sake of this community. You seem to care only about yourself.

Nope, you misunderstood me. Aside the fact that you agreed with him even though you missed Shade's point, which is quite selfish knowing his history, you did what you always do. This is like, God knows which time I'm seeing you trying to make a point only to undermine other people later on. That's why I went after you.

And no, this isn't anything personal. I'd have to know you, or care about you, in order for it to be personal. So don't flatter yourself, this isn't bullying, I gave you a fair chance to back up your words and you decided to be ignorant.

@Corristo Still being a broken record I see. Let's try it like this.

+0/-0 was implemented precisely because the majority of community complained about stackers ruining gaming experience by playing 99/1% games for 1PSR. This was designed mainly to discourage stacking unbalanced games to manipulate the ladder. I can see the logic behind that flow.

You provided your opinion on the topic, but then you started disproving pretty much everyone else's opinion. You basically just brushed off Ernesto without even considering the main reason why this was implemented to begin with.

You've involved yourself in pretty much every discussion which included PSR system changes and v6 / v7 version changes, provided little to no constructive feedback, and basically told everyone who disagreed that "they're not on the skill cap required for their opinion to matter". And you wonder why I picked you out.

Again, who are you, and why should anyone take you seriously at this point?

Wrong again. Any opinion coming from an inactive player has 0 value to me.
I don't even understand why I'm wasting time to asnwer to inactive players. Maybe I have some respect for people, even if they are assholes like you.
But keep going, and try HARDER to "RiDICulleee" me :D
You have many resemblences with my child in behaviour btw.

Whatever helps you sleep at night  :y:

My questions are still above, so, whenever you feel like evolving - go for it.

Whatever dude. Keep trying. you just embarassing yourself here. You are far from triggering me, and your mocking (at least trying) is childish. But if it amuse you, go on :D
Even while ridiculing I still went on and challenged your opinion, therefore giving you the opportunity to show people at least once that you have a spine.

You decided to prove my point yet again, and act like a broken record by pleading ignorance. As you always do.

You keep making your own words worthless, thus making your existence here have 0 value. So yea, keep up the good work  :y:

Thanks for being the most predictable person on the planet and doing what you do best - proving other people's point. lol

TL:DR on my post above, you summed up my point.

nikolagay (or who the fuck are you), can you at least please englighten me, what is your ingame nick?
nikolagay / joca31, I was most active from 2012 - 2018 and I've been in touch with most players from SS and IHRL, so that leaves me with a question... who are you again?
  You might be one of those inactive players who just came on the forum occasionally to mock players. Just like now.
I was talking ON topic, yet you straight away jumped in to insult and attack players...what a shock, the same attitude what you and some other teletubies have on this forum.
Yes, I am inactive, but I do occassionally come back with a somewhat constructive feedback. Or in this case, to ridicule people like you.
The reason why I did it to YOU SPECIFICALLY is because you're acting like a broken record for months now, you'll get my explanation below.
-I think you are talking just about yourself here. And I aproove it. You can leave.
Already left, talking about you. Clearly you misses the memo, as you always do and as you did on this topic. How? You're focussed on disproving other people's arguments instead of providing some valid improvement options of your own. You always take the easiest route, shitting on other people's suggestions while providing none on your end. Classic dick move.
Try to be a bit more humble, and don't be so full of yourself.
The fact that THIS is coming from YOU to ME is peak irony. People whom I wanted to know me here know me, and I left my fair share of marks on the tournament winners page without making a fuss. Meanwhile, my question still stands, who are YOU again?
I chose not to make a big deal about myself, cause there's literally no point of proving yourself here now, when there's little to no competition compared to glory days. Also, news flash cause you're obviously either ignorant or clueless - people have heard about you ONLY cause Fatality- literally went full meme on you and turned you into a meme. So perhaps you should take your own advice and try to be more humble.

Go play Dota2, professionaly, then come back to me, and I might aproove that you are PRO. Otherwise nobody gives a shit ;)
And this is why you're a broken record - whenever your opinion is attacked you provide a generic BS response such as this one. Aside the fact that this is insanely irrelevant to Lagabuse in general and completely idiotic to even mention, I'll bite, what are YOUR Dota 2 achievements? In which competitive team is AlMiGhTy CoRrIsTo in? You seem to bring this one quite often, so, either set an actual example, or humble yourself and shut your yapper.

I don't provide ideas or general feedback because I left, I am in no position to give any feedback if I am not a part of the end-user product experience. But I will definitely stop by here and then and ridicule people like you, cause you're full of shit, cause at least I set an example when I was active - I did my best to be well-mannerer, I rarely insulted, provoked people, or encouraged bad behavior, I was among the top players on several occasions, I was among the best 1v1 players on Lagabuse at a time (which is shown on the forum), and I even took liberty to perform manual testing of my own once 6.89 and 6.90 versions (can prove that as well). So, again, my question stands - how did YOU contribute in order to make a possitive change here? Which examples have YOU set?

Here's a fun thing you can try:

Whenever you see a post like this, just look at the people who complain about +0/-0 system and check their activity in game. Who would've thought Shade would be against it, what a shock... not.

Also, for hypocrites who act like pros now, I've seen your behavior in games whenever you fuck up, so, @TooShade @Flame- @Corristo I'll give you the most valid response I can give you. Since you're so passionate about impoving this community, the best thing you three can do is - LEAVE. I bet people ar far more irritated by your cancerous behavior on forums and in game, and would settle with pretty much any system in which you're not in.

People without basic human manners discussing major community changes, the hell is wrong with you. You three really need a reality slap across your faces.

Well i would love to see those people who think they are better than me get  #1 in some serious competition or Be At least Divine Rank in Dota 2 ( I am generous not even requesting Immortal here) You can all fantasize in your own world that you are better always yeah.

Let me check if I got this right...

So you're basically asking people on a Dota 1 community, who are playing here for God knows what reasons, why they do not have Divine rank on Dota 2... which has a completely different meta, heroes, mechanics, and geaphics? Gee, I wonder.

As for the competitions... what competitions? Cause I can't remember the last time you people had anything remotely close to a tournament here.

I'm guessing people say they're better than you HERE, on THIS community, which is arguable and not going in their favor since you're #1 regardless. At this point I'm just wondering why you even feel the need to justify yourself, are they onto hidden insecurities?

Just so you don't misunderstand me here, I'm not trying to disprove your Dota 1 skill set, I'm simply ridiculing your enormous ego.

Offtopic / Re: what is the record for most kills ?
« on: February 12, 2022, 11:20 »
@FataLity- Those games perfectly represent the state of Lagabuse right now, lol.

In one game you played your famous "Wisp is so far up my ass people are starting to believe it's a fetish" stack games.

And in other you played against average plebs who bought Battle Fury over MKB or any type of disable against Morted... and then probably cried how Mortred is too OP.

Thanks for the laughs.

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