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Title: ban
Post by: hsakuragi on November 13, 2021, 01:48
1) bazarci

2)-AladeenMF,Sejtura,ZDRABranding,Vlascoastin^^,thEON.,Svetaizvorac,Boss_es (5 radiant 2 sentinel and all friends sadly)

3)-Votekick abuse

4)-22:51   AladeenMF   [Allies]   !votekick bazarci
22:51      [All]   [AladeenMF] voted to kick [BAZARCI] [1/6]
22:51      [All]   RULE: !votekick command may only be used against game ruiners (intentional feed, obstructing gameplay..). Vote accordingly.
22:51      [All]   Type !yes to vote.
22:51      [All]   [thEON.]The Scourge killed ZDRABranding
22:55   AladeenMF   [All]   shall we ?
22:58   BAZARCI   [Allies]   go ff
22:58   Sejtura   [Allies]   !yes
22:58      [All]   [Sejtura] voted to kick [BAZARCI] [2/7]
23:00   ZDRABranding   [Allies]   !yes
23:00      [All]   [ZDRABranding] voted to kick [BAZARCI] [3/7]
23:01   BAZARCI   [Allies]   dont waste my time
23:02   Svetaizvorac   [All]   sto nek gubi psr
23:03   Vlascoastin^^   [Allies]   !yes
23:03      [All]   [Vlascoastin^^] voted to kick [BAZARCI] [4/7]
23:03   Svetaizvorac   [Allies]   -c
23:04   BAZARCI   [Allies]   you fucking shits
23:05   thEON.   [Allies]   !yes
23:05      [All]   [thEON.] voted to kick [BAZARCI] [5/7]
23:07   AladeenMF   [All]   izgubice i ovako
23:09   Sejtura   [Allies]   pls lets just ff or i dont know what else
23:14   Svetaizvorac   [Allies]   !yes
23:14      [All]   [Svetaizvorac] voted to kick [BAZARCI] [6/7]
23:14   BAZARCI   [All]   ?
23:21   Sejtura   [Allies]   and dont let him in next game
23:21   BAZARCI   [All]   ??????????????
23:21   Svetaizvorac   [All]   they say you are feeder :D
23:22   Sejtura   [Allies]   fuck this
23:25   Vlascoastin^^   [All]   they said u go some hack
23:27   AladeenMF   [All]   ajde bozo kucaj
23:27   BAZARCI   [All]   how many times
23:29   BAZARCI   [All]   you gang mid
23:30   BAZARCI   [All]   4
23:33   BAZARCI   [All]   how many times
23:33   Boss_es   [Allies]   !yes
23:33      [All]   A votekick against player [BAZARCI] has passed.
23:33      [All]   BAZARCI was kicked by vote.
23:33      [All]   Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

5- It's a terrible game and a host that puts the worst players on the opposing team, even if it's his friend, in order to win the game.Of course, I don't have any expectations, but because these bad players are weak in the lane, they ganged up in the middle 4 times.I know it's my fault for  playing with these bad players but it's unacceptable to be kicked out of the already finished game (kicked 23 min lose 28 min) because they are friends even though they are bad.
everyone should see this and know their place


Wins:   206 (7%)
Loses:   222 (8%)   
Draws:   41 (1%)
Current PSR:   1663
Highest PSR:   1713
210   aladeenmf   1663   1713   2602   48%   51%   7.3   7.3   12.1   1   1.7   2.7
Wins:   415 (6%)   Highest PSR:   1766
Loses:   434 (7%)  Current PSR:   1729
40   sejtura   1729   1766   6054   48%   51%   8.6   8   11.1   1.1   1.4   2.5

I don't need to give the information of the opposing team villains who have five votes because I crushed them so much they just wanted to kick me out with the support of their friends

here my stats
Wins:   99 (16%)   Highest PSR:   1802
Loses:   64 (10%)  Current PSR:   1788
12   bazarci   1788   1802   590   60%   39%   7.3   5.7   11.3   1.3   2   3.3

other account m0s
Wins:   41 (24%)   Highest PSR:   1745
Loses:   15 (9%)   Current PSR:   1735
34   m0s   1735   1745   166   73%   26%   8.1   5.4   11.7   1.5   2.2   3.6

As a result, it's sad that if I played with my own friends against these villains, they don't have the ass to face us, they only try to do something like this.
If there is no ban after this ban topic, I think there is no need for us to play.

it may be a bad game but there is a bias against us -------
In this topic we will see a situation that we need to deal with-----


Title: Re: ban
Post by: 4K on November 13, 2021, 11:39
Any reply again day ban on forum, so both warned
Title: Re: ban
Post by: 4K on November 14, 2021, 14:33
I handle, I will take a shower hard weather in half egypt.

I'll answer @GRZ

 @hsakuragi do not answer anyone.

(5 radiant and 2 sentinel and all friends sadly)
-it's not our problem u dont have friends
(Votekick abuse)
-it's not abuse we kicked u insta.%uD83D%uDE43
As u said in ur shity ban req,feeders and game ruiners u can kick %uD83D%uDC8B
(U said it's terrible game)ofc it is when u play only with kushlemon 1200-games when u join imba game vs imba giga players u fail like a idiot.
(And bcs they weak players and fail in lane they come ganged mid 4 times)
-u failed all lanes and he raped u mid in 4-5mins
(I know it's my fault playing with this bad players)
-no it's our fault cuz we let classic idiot in game,wont happen again,and ofc u must votekicked cuz team wanted to
(As a result, it's sad that if I played with my own friends against these villains, they don't have the ass to face us, they only try to do something like this)
-we can play anytime vs ur friends
(See my stats)
-stats doesnt mean shit,everyone can make 15+kills in noob games,when u join games like this u fail in couple mins,u and aladeenmf ALMIGHTY cant compare he is for u!

4k-we can say about this req what we want its not a spam.
Join sometimes our games,but i dont think u know how to pick heroes.then judge.
One day ban on forum,wau superb.if u think u are b&u mod u can do what u want calm down can be changed anytime.cuz of mod like u this server is going dwn
Best regards
This section aims to uphold what is right and what is fair, to make the community a better place. (I'm not showing powers as you said) if someone ask for permission before replying could be better + nice respect in writing not like others disrespect in writing.

From our side of the admins, first understand all sides then make a decision

we can know right from wrong by seeing replay happened in the GAME or actions of the player reporter or aganist.

Now you're telling me about we can say and judge + Idk how to play heros this your topic now? lets change topic is better ban requets to say/judge like no judge / 4K Didn't know about positions in team.

If admin is ez and noob can't handle people to better, every person will jump in section then kekek ke bad words and useleses replies, respect is needed.

You can ask before replying in the request admin to reply, All I want that:

1- Ask an admin before replying
2- Writing with respect ^^.
3-Admin will take right decision for all sides with ur say or without say (TRUE or FALSE)

They kicked me for no reason. In order to play with you and not get kicked, should we enter the game with four people, are you kidding?
I don't even reply to other bullshits
@GRZ You say and he say and lets call people from outside to come for say too, and admins go resign better.

if we w8 people/aganist players to say, we will take much time about 1 or 3 weeks to take decisions by the players of replies right? like admins are bots without eyes or brains.

Now move to decision:
Bazarci aka @hsakuragi

You could cut ur useless chat like people reply in requests  and leave mid free, then jungle.
01:34   BAZARCI   [Allies]   just pick spports first
07:36   BAZARCI   [Allies]   su hale bak amk
21:33   BAZARCI   [Allies]   go gg
21:35   BAZARCI   [Allies]   dont waste my time
21:36   BAZARCI   [Allies]   morons
23:01   BAZARCI   [Allies]   dont waste my time
23:04   BAZARCI   [Allies]   you fucking shits
23:27   BAZARCI   [All]   how many times
23:29   BAZARCI   [All]   you gang mid
23:30   BAZARCI   [All]   4
23:33   BAZARCI   [All]   how many times
13:17   BAZARCI   [Allies]   alexsundar
13:18   BAZARCI   [Allies]   has
13:22   BAZARCI   [Allies]   RING OF
13:23   Sejtura   [Allies]   caneee help him mid bro
13:24   BAZARCI   [Allies]   HEALTH
13:24   Svetaizvorac   [Allies]   mora vasketa ubijemo
13:25   BAZARCI   [Allies]   WHAT
13:26   BAZARCI   [Allies]   A
13:27   BAZARCI   [Allies]   PLAYER
13:30   BAZARCI   [Allies]   !ignore alex

Next time you will be banned if repeat act behaviour , You don't have rights say to anyone do what like PICKS or buy items , they play as they want WITHOUT GAME ruining

Stats or SCORES is not important for the admins.

He refused to play at ends of game,  he got kicked for what he did.