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Offtopic / iPlayForStats
« on: June 18, 2010, 18:40 »
hi, mister iPlayForFun as you know him, new mod, is been flaming people for a long time, i talked with GalenMarek about this, and he told me to get some proof, 1 day later (first game i encountered him) he calls me an idiot. twice, cause i typed !rmk when a guy on the other team left after i pwned him.
yes mister iPlayFor"Fun", i do know the rules, not obligated rmk after 10 minutes, but people wanted, and if you were such a play for fun player, you would`ve typed !rmk, cause there is no fun in playing 4v5 from min 13. iPlayForFun ? try iPlayForStats, suits you better.
anyway, not the point, althought its quite hilarious.

here is the proof , i guarantee you this isnt the first time. that being obvious by the proof being here the next game i saw him.
so please, do something about this iPlayForStats.


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