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Streaming / Interesting game VODs
« on: October 08, 2019, 02:55 »
Here we will post interesting/fun game VODS made by our streamers!

First video!
  This one was public game, but both sides were playing as teams and it looked cool for our current server's state!
  Video contains my person of view, which means i was kind of sleepy and was missing some things, but mostly i recorded probably everything noticeable.
So-called pros, note: i do not state this game as pro-level, this is public game, which had more teamfights than in usual average public game on this server. It means you can restrain from posting irrelevant critics about this game in 'professional' context!

Stay deer!

Streaming / LagAbuse DotA events! [pre-event feedback stage]
« on: October 02, 2019, 07:07 »
Deer squad, from permission of LagAbuse staff, is introducing DotA events!
Most of these events are focused only on entertaining people, on waking them up from daily dota patterns.
Don't hesistate to take part if any of our events! We promise, we will do our best to make it really interesting and entertaining.

Here we go! Our first event setup

  • Game mode-omardmnd
  • Together we standom mode forces you to fight together!
  • Test your faithardm mode gets you new hero after every death!
  • NO time to be afknd mode provides 0 seconds respawn time and unlimited deaths!
  • Don`t be afraid of dying — only tower destroyment matters!
    • If this is 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 game — then Tier 1 tower counts as win
    • If this is 4v4 or 5v5 game — then Tier 2 tower counts as win
  • Use power of wilds — neutral creep spawns are not disabled. If you want, you can use neutrals units to dominate/persuade/infest them, but you cannot just stay there and farm them. Farming neutrals (while they are neutrals, of course), - is forbidden. Real occasional neutral kills can be forgiven, though
  • NO personal flames or blames allowed — in case you did it towards anyone in any event game - you personally will receive no bonuses after game, regardless of win/lose of your team. Everything will be monitored; You will be also most likely disqualified from next events. You might even lose your current PSR/status in case of flaming in any event game
  • Do not tryhard — try to avoid standard dota metas with carry and stuff! Consider it as clash of heroes, but not standard DotA you guys used to play!
  • Have fun! — most important rule! Don't get the game too serious, just feel the power of constant fighting!
At this moment, we post this to get you familiarized with this event, to be prepared for it.
We collect feedback of every event setup. Things may slighly change according to your feedback.

We will run this event very soon!

Closer to the event start time, we might make some modifications to event setup to clarify everything

Music / Special, unique, brand new AntlermanXXL's music thread
« on: September 11, 2018, 20:38 »
Hi! I see everyone has his own music thread, so i do!

I wanna start with this decent action packed track:
NOVAH - The Showdown

DotA Discussion / Warming up before gladiators
« on: September 03, 2018, 23:36 »
While we are preparing GLADIATORS idea, let`s warm up. We planned to run it at September, but screwed a bit.

I announce the -CM/-CD hosting every 2 day (when it will be possible for me, according to my free time. Nothing stops you to host game yourself too)!

I think, since we got some really comfortable dedicated realm for dota, and having some stylish list only of DotA games (i really like to see such a 'calm' list without any junk maps), and since the map is going to be more DotA2-like, which means it will forces us to fight and such, by rewarding active fights and punishing for too passive gameplay, - i think now we are ready to play some -CD, -CM games.

Teams will be probably total random ( i will have 1-2 friends, maybe; you can call yours, of course).
Let`s learn to play some modern, clean, smart game.

Like, i will host -CM game right NOW for testing purposes, but probably no one will join without being prepared. So, tomorrow i`ll host too. At like this time.
And again - you can host yourself.

Just get the idea, feel it, like it and start playing interesting DotA games! :-)
Get the progression

Offtopic / Turks - is a race now
« on: September 01, 2018, 15:55 »
Today is the day of some new interesting facts:
Turks are now having their own dedicated race!

Which means, there are now black, yellow, red, turks and, don`t forged normal people - white.
Good news everyone!

By the way, in that game were playing 4 turks which were not kicked. What a racism towards one person!

Ok, today we learnt something new, thanks for your attention, stay tuned!

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