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Announcements / DotA map updated to v7.04c7
« on: March 31, 2024, 17:39 »
You can see the changelog in client News tab

Announcements / Stats reset 1.12.2023
« on: December 02, 2023, 00:15 »
Stats have been reset.

The top players will be awarded the prizes as usual (VIP, icons etc).

Final Top 10 list:

#    Name    PSR
1    rob_real    1873
2    real_rob    1869
3    myragegaming 1833
4    alexsundar 1803
5    ^venom^ 1801
6    chzn 1779
7    flame- 1758
8    wakakaka 1756
9    -thelegend- 1751
10    dotamafia 1751

In addition, top 5 will receive a custom skin in-game as an award by, thank you!

rob_real- Set #76: Spectre TRON !!!
real_rob - Set #83: Sven !!!
myragegaming - Set #95: Wisp !!!
alexsundar - Set #52: Elite Assassin !!!
^venom^ - Set #35: Slark !!!

Inclusion in main website hall of fame pending.

Announcements / Installer v15 released
« on: November 12, 2023, 22:26 »

due to an issue with the auto-updater in the current client and a need to refresh the tooling after many years, we are releasing installer v15.

You will not get an auto-update through the current v14 client, you have to install v15.

v14 will continue to function but with the annoying updater error. You can continue to use it for whatever reason for example, if you don't have a 64-bit OS or have issues with the v15 release.

If you find any problems with this new release, please reach to us directly on Discord (, room #developers-corner

Download link:


- updated to Qt6 framework and MSVC 2022
- removed support for 32-bit Windows OS, only 64bit Windows is supported
- added News tab
- added option to download a specific game version from inside the client. Extracting the archives and setting the game locations remains a manual process.
- fixed broken updater
- fixed a bug with lobby overlay UI which randomly stopped working
- various bug fixes (and some perhaps introduced)

DotA Discussion / 7.04c3
« on: October 27, 2023, 16:59 »
DotA overlords have sent us a new map version

Fixed Lion's AoE hex talent not working when targeting a unit directly

Map stats now send raw XP/Networth values instead of EPM/GPM values (still 2bytes per value), parsers can calculate the rest
Fixed bug with Moon Glaive damage calculation caused it to deal less damage

ixed Phoenixe's icarus dive
Fixed Pit Lord's Pit of Malice talent description
Fixed Dark Rift and Pit of Malice order malfunction
Fixed Crash of Centaur's Retaliate skill and mixed with old active version
Fixed Mars's skin crashing on low graphics setting
Bloodseeker's rupture moving damage distance increased from 1300 to 1500 so now anti-mage can't avoid damage with blink
Improved Clockwerk's model

LVL 25 left 50% chance of Anchor Smash on attack to +100 Damage and 5% chance of Anchor Smash on attack
Fixed 25 right talent that did not extend Ravage Stun
LVL 25 right +1s Ravage Stun to +1.5s Ravage Stun

    Keeper Of The Light
Illuminate Cooldown from 11s to 13s
Fixed Chakra Magic bug with left talent on dispel that gave 300+ mp too
Chakra Magic mana restore from 100.0 / 180.0 / 260.0 / 340.0 to 75.0 / 150.0 / 225.0 / 300.0
Spirit Form Cooldown from 70s to 85s

STR from 18 to 19
Chaos meteor formule 40 + (17,5 * Exort) to 40 + (20 * Exort) from 57,5/74/92,5/110/127,5/145/162,5/180 to 60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200.

    Techies returned
Land Mines damage from 200/400/600/800 to 75/150/225/300
Right Talent of Blast off! damage from +300 to +150
Blast Off! damage from 300/400/500/600 to 75/150/225/300
Blast Off! silence duration from 4/5/6/7s to 2/3/4/5s
Left talent -28s Blast Off! cooldown changed to -15s
Remote Mines damage from 300/450/600/750 to 175/275/375/475

    Falcon Blade
Increased attack damage bonus from 12 to 15
Increased mana regeneration from +45% to +65%

    Meteor hammer
Cast time from 2.5s to 2s
AOE from 315 to 400

Fixed some map issues

Tranquil Boots reverted to the shop (Ancient of Wonders, Tomb of Relics)
Fixed Dissembling bug of Heaven's Halberd
Fixed Dissembling bug of Vanguard
Fixed bug with Visage's Aghanim ability providing flying when already dispeled
Fixed the bug with Tidehunter's 50% chance of Anchor Smash
Fixed the passive skill bug of Blade Mail that was not returning damage
Fixed the bug with Tinker's Aghanim's Laser, which was also reducing Roshan's current/max health
Fixed the bug where attacking Roshan with active attack modifiers didn't reveal the smoke
Corrected the turn rate of Obsidian Destroyer and Undying

         Visual Changes

Added an animated portraid of Set #2: Pudge
Added attack missile art-effect for donated model of Set #8: Invoker
Fixed portraid of Set #11: Anti-Mage
Corrected the animation of the back of Set #17: Magnus
Corrected walk animation of Set #48: Venomancer
Improved Night Stalker's model
Improved Set #103: Hotter Windrunner, added effects for all abilities and changed attack missile art
Added a fired snowball for Set #102: Tusk the Firemaster
Fixed model bug of donated (Set #96: Rhasta) Rhasta's Shackles ability effect was missing on the target

Added team glow for the following sets:
Set #38: Windrunner
Set #44: Spectre
Set #78: Dark Monkey King
Set #89: Night Stalker
Set #90: Naga Siren
Set #95: Wisp
Set #98: Crystal Waifu
Set #666: Doom

Resized models of heroes:
Donated Lina (Set #28: Lina)
Donated Sven (Set #83: Sven)

Improved quality of heroes textures:
Templar Assassin
Centaur Warrior
Ember Spirit
Storm Spirit
Arc Warden
Crystal Maiden
Ancient Apparition

            Hero changes

Aghanim's Scepter also grants Radial Defeaning Blast now
LVL 25 Talent Radial Defeaning Blast to 20% Cooldown Reduction and Spell Lifesteal
LVL 15 -8s Cold Snap Cooldown to +70 Ice Wall Damage Per Second
LVL 10 -30s Ghost Walk Cooldown to +20 E.M.P. mana burn

Land Mines damage from 75/150/225/300 to 125/250/375/500
Land Mines charge replenish time from 23s to 30s
Land Mines Damage to Buildings percentage from 25% to 10%
Blast Off! damage from 75/150/225/300 to 100/200/300/400
Blast Off! self damage from 50% to 35%
Remote Mines damage from 175/275/375/475 to 150/300/450/600

LVL 10 Left Talent -4s Land Mines Cooldown increased to -10s
LVL 10 Right Talent 20% XP Gain replaced with Blast off! Stuns for 2s
LVL 15 Left Talent +6 Mana Regen replaced with +100 Land Mines Damage
LVL 15 Right Talent Blast off! damage from +150 to +300
LVL 20 Right Talent +50 Movement Speed replaced with +75 Mines Movement Speed
LVL 25 Left Talent +75 Mines Movement Speed replaced with +40% Land Mines Damage to Buildings

Strafe Mana Cost from 40/55/70/85 to 45/60/75/90
Strafe Channel time from 1.5/1.9/2.3/2.7s to 1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4
Strafe Damage from 60% of attack damage to 65%

LVL 10 Talent +12% magic resistance replaced with -5s Skeleton Walk cooldown
LVL 15 Talent -5s Skeleton Walk cooldown replaced with +25% Death Pact health
LVL 25 Talent +50/5% Death Pact Health/Damage replaced with +30% Burning Barrage damage

   Keeper Of The Light
Illuminate Max Damage from 225/350/425/525 to 125/250/375/500

LVL 25 old 50% chance of Anchor Smash on attack talent reverted (replaced with left 5% chance of Anchor Smash on attack and +100 Damage)

REPLACED March of the Machines with Defense Matrix
Creates a barrier on the target allied unit for a duration that blocks a fixed amount of damage and provides status resistance
Cast time: 0.2
Cast range: 600
Shield capacity: 100/180/260/340
Status resistance bonus: 20%/30%/40%/50%
Duration: 15
Mana cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 12
Notes: Fully negates a certain amount of damage of any type. Multiple instances of the buff do not stack

ADDED Keen Conveyance sub-ability
After a short channeling time, teleports Tinker towards a targeted allied building. LVL 2 allows teleporting to non-hero units. LVL 3 allows teleporting to allied heroes
Cast range: Global
Channeling time: 4.5/4/3.5
Mana cost: 75
Cooldown: 80
Notes: LVLs up together with Rearm. Cannot be cast while rooted
This is a basic ability, taking the sixth ability slot

Increased cooldown of Laser from 20/18/16/14 to 22/20/18/16

March of the Machines
Increased mana cost from 130 to 190
Increased duration from 6s to 8.5
Rescaled damage from 16/24/32/40 to 38

LVL 15 +2.5s March of the Machines Duration to +125 Defense Matrix shield capacity
LVL 20 +8 March of the Machines Damage to -0.5s Keen Conveyance channeling time
LVL 20 +8 Armor to Defense Matrix grants to 25% cooldown reduction
LVL 25 +50 Laser Damage to Grants March of the Machines ability

   Arc Warden
Now always apply its movement speed slow. It means the slow applies even if the enemy is near
Movement speed slow from 20%/30%/40%/50% to 20%/25%/30%/35%

LVL 10   +225 Health to -2s Magnetic Field Cooldown.
LVL 10    +175 Flux cast range increased to +200.
LVL 15    +8 armor to +2s Flux duration.
LVL 25    35% lifesteal to -10s Tempest Double Cooldown.

REWORKED Aghanim's Scepter upgrade
OLD Grants Arc Warden the Rune Forge ability
NEW Spark Wraith
Now spawns a secondary wraith with a 2-second activation delay after hitting the enemy
Spark Wraiths created this way cannot spawn further wraiths
Increased Spark Wraith damage from 100/170/240/310 to 100/180/260/340

STR from 22 +2.3 to 23 +3.2
INT from 13 +1.5 to 19 +1.8
MS from 280 to 285

Replicate damage increased from 80% to 100%
LVL 20 Talent +30% Replicate illusion damage to +30s Replicate Duration

Reduced attack backswing from 0.6 to 0.3
STR from 23 to 19
Mana Void now applies the stun to all affected units within radius
REWORKED Aghanim's Scepter upgrade
OLD Improves ultimate Mana Void
NEW Grants Anti-Mage the Blink Fragment ability

Blink Fragment
Casts an illusion at the target enemy or location that lasts for a short duration. The illusion cannot be controlled. Uses Blink's cast range. Casting Counterspell also casts it on this illusion
Cast time: 0.2
Number of illusions: 1
Illusion damage dealt: 50%
Illusion damage taken: 250%
Illusion duration: 7
Mana cost: 45
Charge Replenish Time: 25
Charges: 3
Notes: The illusion cannot be controlled, and auto-attacks on its own accord.

Mana Break
Now stacks with Diffusal Blade's Manabreak
Now also applies a 0.75-second 25%/30%/35%/40% movement speed slow on enemies upon full mana drain
Reduced mana burned per hit from 28/40/52/64 to 25/30/35/40
Increased max mana burned per hit from 1%/1.8%/2.6%/3.4% to 1.6%/2.4%/3.2%/4%

Rescaled max blink distance from 925/1000/1075/1150 to 750/900/1050/1200
Reduced cooldown from 15/12/9/6 to 13.5/11/8.5/6

LVL 10 +9 Strength to +150 Mana Void Radius
LVL 15 +0.7s Mana-Void Stun to +150 Blınk Cast Range
LVL 20 250 Blınk Cast Range to Grants the Counterspell Ally ability
LVL 20 +0.1 Mana Void damage per missing mana increased to +0.15

Counterspell Ally ability
Creates a Counterspell shell around the targeted ally

STR from 23 to 21
INT +1.9 to +1.7
AGI from 23 to 25

Spectral dagger damage from 75/130/185/240 to 70/120/170/220
Desolate Damage bonus from 20/30/40/50 to 21/34/47/60
Dispersion AOE from 700 to 800

Added a double-click helper for Reality Haunt
REPLACED Haunt with Shadow Step
This is now Spectre's ultimate ability
Reality is now Shadow Step's sub-ability
Increased cooldown from 0s to 3s
Now passively applies Spectral Dagger based on its current LVL upon exchanging places with a chosen illusion
Cooldown from 40 to 80/60/40
Mana Cost from 180 to 150

Cooldown from 180/160/140 to 180s
Manacost from 150/200/250 to 150

   Night Stalker
LVL 10 Talent +45 Void Damage to +50 Void Damage
LVL 20 Talent -4s Crippling Fear Cooldown to -5s Crippling Fear Cooldown
LVL 20 Talent +20 STR to +25% Cleave
LVL 25 Talent +80 Hunter in the Night Attack Speed to 100% Hunter in the Night Attack Speed

   Skeleton King
LVL 15 Talent +24 Skeletons Attack Damage to +26 Skeletons Attack Damage

            Item Changes:
   Ring of Basilius
Increased Ring of Basilius Aura mana regeneration bonus from 1.4 to 1.5
No longer grants +2 armor bonus and +5 damage

   Blade Mail
Increased Blade Mail Damage Return duration from 4.5 to 5.5
Increased damage returned from 80% to 85%
Reduced attack damage bonus from 28 to 20
Increased armor bonus from 6 to 7
The active now increases that passive component by 85% (20 + 105%), and causes it to reflect 85% of spell damage as well


Fixed Phoenixe's icarus dive
Fixed Pit Lord's Pit of Malice talent description
Fixed Dark Rift and Pit of Malice order malfunction
Fixed Crash of Centaur's Retaliate skill and mixed with old active version
Fixed Mars's skin crashing on low graphics setting
Bloodseeker's rupture moving damage distance increased from 1300 to 1500 so now anti-mage can't avoid damage with blink
Improved Clockwerk's model

LVL 25 left 50% chance of Anchor Smash on attack to +100 Damage and 5% chance of Anchor Smash on attack
Fixed 25 right talent that did not extend Ravage Stun
LVL 25 right +1s Ravage Stun to +1.5s Ravage Stun

   Keeper Of The Light
Illuminate Cooldown from 11s to 13s
Fixed Chakra Magic bug with left talent on dispel that gave 300+ mp too
Chakra Magic mana restore from 100.0 / 180.0 / 260.0 / 340.0 to 75.0 / 150.0 / 225.0 / 300.0
Spirit Form Cooldown from 70s to 85s

STR from 18 to 19
Chaos meteor formule 40 + (17,5 * Exort) to 40 + (20 * Exort) from 57,5/74/92,5/110/127,5/145/162,5/180 to 60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200.

   Techies returned
Land Mines damage from 200/400/600/800 to 75/150/225/300
Right Talent of Blast off! damage from +300 to +150
Blast Off! damage from 300/400/500/600 to 75/150/225/300
Blast Off! silence duration from 4/5/6/7s to 2/3/4/5s
Left talent -28s Blast Off! cooldown changed to -15s
Remote Mines damage from 300/450/600/750 to 175/275/375/475

   Falcon Blade
Increased attack damage bonus from 12 to 15
Increased mana regeneration from +45% to +65%

   Meteor hammer
Cast time from 2.5s to 2s
AOE from 315 to 400

Fixed Lion's AoE hex talent not working when targeting a unit directly

Map stats now send raw XP/Networth values instead of EPM/GPM values (still 2bytes per value), parsers can calculate the rest
Fixed bug with Moon Glaive damage calculation caused it to deal less damage

Fixed a bug where using Urn of Shadows/Spirit Vessel/Medallion of Courage/Solar Crest would remove Linken's buff from the target
Fixed bug with Puck phase shift attacking nightmared targets that provided eternal invulnerability   
Fixed +10s Dark Ascension Duration talent bug on Night Stalker that didn't increase duration of unobstructed vision
Improved the texture quality of Queen of Pain, Windrunner and creeps
Improved base model and Set #52: Elite Assassin of Rikimaru

Dragon Slave
Damage: 85/160/235/310 to 75/150/225/300
Cooldown from 8 to 11/10/9/8

Light Strike Array
Cooldown from 10/9/8/7 to 13/11/9/7
Manacost from 100/105/110/115 to 100/115/130/145

    Templar Assassin
MS from 305 to 310
Refraction Attack Damage Bonus from 25/50/75/100 to 25/45/65/85

MS from 305 to 285

Three Grab
Building Attack Damage Bonus from 20%/50%/80%/110% to 10%/20%/30%/40%

LVL 25 right talent provides only 20% Cooldown Reduction now

    Meteor hammer
Cast time from 2s to 2.5s


Fixed Rikimaru animations
Fiery Soul
Max Stacks from 3 to 7
Stack Duration from 12 to 18
AS per Stack from 40/60/80/100 to 8/16/24/32                                   
MS per Stack from 5%/6%/7%/8% to 1%/2%/3%/4%

LVL 20 Left talent from +30/2% Fiery Soul Per Stack to +10/1% Fiery Soul Per Stack

Added new item Triforce Blade
+16 All attributes
+12 Damage
+16 Attack speed
+16% Movement speed
+12% spell damage
16% Manacost Reduction
+20% Status Resistance
+30% Spell Lifesteal Amplification
Sange and Yasha - 4100 and Kaya - 2050
or Yasha and Kaya - 4100 and Sange - 2050
or Kaya and Sange - 4100 and Yasha - 2050
Total Cost: 6150

   Global Changes
Now you can choose role before game starts (requires to run map once) or you can use it to change game ui (ui visuals of races orc, human etc.)   
Updated terrain visuals
Updated terrain layout and MiniMaps
Removed side shops
Shrines moved to side shops places
Bounties now spawn at old places of shrines

Now disabled untill 10th minute of gametime
Cooldown from 240s to 300s

Removed small camps from mid lane   
Following time from 2s to 2.5s
Pulling now possible only at T1 of safe lanes and hard lanes
Power runes now start spawning at the 6:00 minutes of gametime

 Added New Rune Wisdom
Wisdom Runes start spawning at the 7:00 minutes of gametime, and then every 7 minutes of gametime (14:00, 21:00, 28:00, etc.)
They spawn at their dedicated Wisdom Rune spots near to Ancient Camp
Grants 280 exp. Bonus increases by 280 exp per each 7 minutes of gametime

 Added New Rune Shield
Shield Rune starts spawning randomly with powerup runes in the river at the 6:00 minutes of gametime
Grants an All Damage Barrier for 75s equal to 50% of hero max HP

 Added New Rune Water
Water Runes spawn at the 2:00 and the 4:00 minutes of gametime at the Power Rune spots in the river. After this time, they will not spawn
Instantly restores 100 Health and 100 Mana
Water Rune replenishes 2 Bottle charges

Fixed bug with Drow Ranger's Marksmanship doesn't proccing on attack
Fixed bug with Abaddon's Aphotic Shield animation on Luna
Fixed bug with Eternal Shroud providing permanent MP reg on getting magic damage and counting self magic damage      
Fixed bug with Necrolyte's Ghost Shroud providing permanent HP/MP reg
Fixed bug with Slark's lvl 15 left talent providing permanent AS
Fixed bug with KOTL's talented Chakra Magic not providing dispel
Fixed bug with Io Tethering Burrowed Nerubian Assassin could reduse Io's MS and also now it copies MS correctly
Fixed bug where any damage could dispel healing buffs of target under the buff of Cold Embrace(Winter Wywern) or Guarding Angel(Omniknight) or Shields buff
Fixed bug with Land Mines of Techies left talent on MS for Mines didn't work correctly
Fixed bug with Elder Dragon Form's (Dragon Knight) illusions getting flying vision
Fixed Gleipnir's debuff not providing True Sight over the enemies affected
Fixed Venomancer's lvl 15 right talent that provided Gale Hero Impact Summons 2 Plague Wards
Fixed Flying and Phased movement not being properly registered for flying units (i.e. DK Aghanim) and phase source (Windwalk)
Fixed Axe's lvl 25 left talent on Battle Hunger DPS that provided more than 100+ DPS
Fixed Shadow Fiend's Requiem of Souls with Aghanim scepter, now correctly returns all souls
Fixed Blade Mail's Damage Return (Passive) working on illusions
Fixed Hurricane Pike no longer pushes back spell immunity target
Fixed Strafe (Clinkz) now damages invisibility targets
Fixed Lycanthrops's Feral Impulse now has global radius
Fixed Overpower (Ursa) not consuming attack count when an attack is evaded
Fixed Weaver's lvl 20 talent not providing +0.5 Swarm Armor Reduction
Fixed Juggernaut's Swiftslash not providing bonus damage from level of Omnislash
Fixed Drum of Endurance not provoding 20ms aura
Fixed Morph's right talent not provoding +30s duration
Fixed Tidehunter's lvl 10 right talent not provided 10% Gush slow
Fixed Anchor Smash not dealing damage to Magic Immune enemy
Fixed 50% chance of Anchor Smash on attack animation
Fixed Orb of Corrosion doesn't deal damage against buildings
Fixed Set #85: Puck's Illusory Orb Anımatıons
Added a double-click helper for Storm Spirit's ability Ball Lightning
Added hotkeys for some items in the shop
Anti-Mage's Mana Break now applies first the mana burn then the attack damage, and then if the target has no mana left, the movement speed slow debuff      
Axe's Berserker's Call now affects on Roshan                  
Blade Mail Damage Return no longer pierces spell immunity
Bloodseeker's rupture moving damage distance from 1500 to 1300
Monkey King's clones no longer apply Echo Sabre's slow on attacks
Improved Lina's model and texture quality (including Set #28: Lina)
Retaliate aura from 900 to 1200
Reduced Dual Breath (Jakiro) cast point from 0.55 to 0.35 and corrected cast range from 550 to 750
Guinsoo's Scythe (Hex) now can be dispelled only by strong dispel
Clockwerk now flies while overclocking
Corrected Weaver's Swarm damage 18/20/22/24 as should be
Сorrected damage of Ethereal Blade
Corrected many tooltips
Corrected waypoints and spawn locations of mid lane creeps
Tango now treats the Sprout tree as a regular tree

   Tome of Knowledge
Now becomes available for purchase at the 7 minute from creep spawn
Replenish Time from 10 Minutes to 7 Minutes
Experience from 700 plus 135 to 280 plus 280 per consuming

   Ethereal Blade
REWORKED recipe and stats.
Recipe: Kaya (2050 Gold), Ghost Scepter (1500 Gold), Default recipe (1100 Gold)
Total cost: 4650 Gold

Strength bonus: 5
Agility bonus: 5
Intelligence bonus: 25
Spell damage bonus: 12%
Manacost Reduction: 16%
Spell lifesteal amplification bonus: 30%

CHANGED damage bonus from the caster's primary attribute to the affected target's primary attribute
Reduced base damage from 125 to 50

   Veil of Discord
Cooldown from 22 to 16
All attributes bonus from 4 to 5

   Triforce Blade
Now requires recipe which costs 850 gold
Now provides Maim (passive)
40% chance to reduce enemy hero movement speed by 26% and attack speed by 26 when used by a melee hero. 13% and attack speed by 13 when used by a ranged hero


Exort now also provides 1 AS per level
Wex now provides 1 MP regen per level instead of AS

STR from +1.6 to +2.2
AGI from +1.6 to +2.1
INT from 20 +1.6 to 18 +1.9

 Digging Storm
Manacost from 150 to 100
Cooldown from 40 to 30
Cast animation from 0.75 to 0

Poof damage from 45/60/75/90 to 40/60/80/100
Level 1 attack damage from 39-45 to 46-52
LVL 10 right talent +6 Strength increased to +7
Divided We Stand now grants all Meepos +20% bonus Magic Resistance

Gush debuff duration from 4s to 5s
Kraken Shell Damage block from 18/30/42/54 to 16/34/52/70

 Anchor Smash
Instant Attack Damage Bonus from 40/85/130/175 to 45/90/135/180
Manacost from 40/50/60/70 to 45/50/55/60

Ravage damage from 200/300/400 to 250/350/450

LVL 20 left from -4 Gush Armor to Anchor Smash affects buildings
LVL 15 left from +20% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction to +25% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction
LVL 15 right from +120 Gush Damage to +100 Gush Damage
LVL 10 left from -100 Kraken Shell Damage Threshold to +50 Anchor Smash Damage
STR from 21 +3.4 to 23 +3.3
AGI from 13 +1.6 to 10 +1.5

 Inner Fire
Damage from 100/170/240/310 to 120/180/240/300
Cooldown from 14/13/12/11 to 17/15/13/11

 Berserker's Blood
Strength as Max Health Regen Bonus from 25%/45%/65%/85% to 25%/40%/55%/70%
Now also provides up to 10%/15%/20%/25% magic resistance bonus based on missing health

Cast Range with aghanim from 850 to 800

LVL 20 left talent from +400 Life Break Cast Range to -5s Inner Fire Cooldown
LVL 20 right talent from +30% Berserker's Blood Regen to +25% Berserker's Blood Regen
No longer damages himself. Instead, he loses his HP when Rot is activated. This means that his magic resistance, shield buffs, and other similar effects won't be counted when he loses HP
Loses half of the damage as HP
Doesn't lose HP with magic immune

Swiftslash duration from 0.8 to 1

   Sand King
Damage from 100/160/260/280 to 95/150/205/260
Stun Duration from 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2s to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8s
Cast Range from 425/500/575/650 to 525/600/675/750

   Shadow Fiend
Applied Shadowraze new animations on base model
Attack Range from 500 to 525   
 Aghanim's Scepter upgrade:
Now also reduces Requiem of Souls cooldown by 30
Increased self-heal per return line from 32/48/64 to 48/72/96
Increases Necromastery stack gain per kill to 2

Now applies a stackable 15% movement speed slow debuff per consecutive stack

Stacks lost on death from 40% to 30%   

 Requiem of Souls
Debuff duration per line from 0.8 to 0.9
Max debuff duration from 2.4 to 2.7
Requiem of Souls now also reduces enemy magic resistance by 5%/10%/15% before applying the damage

LVL 25 left from -50s Requiem of Souls Cooldown to Shadowraze Applies Attack Damage
LVL 25 right from -4 Presence Aura to -5s Shadowraze Cooldown
LVL 15 left from +100 Shadowraze Damage to +115 Shadowraze Damage
LVL 10 right from +8% Spell Amplification to +25 Shadowraze Stack Damage

LVL 20 right talent from +150 Culling Blade Threshold to Attacking procs Counter Helix

REWORKED Aghanim's Scepter upgrade:
OLD Changes Laguna Blade's damage type to Divine, and pierces spell immunity.
NEW Provides Lina the Flame Cloak ability.

 Flame Cloak
Grants Lina unobstructed movement and increases her spell damage and magic resistance
Magic resistance bonus: 35%
Spell damage amplification: 35%
Cooldown: 25
Mana cost: 50
Notes: Cannot be dispelled.
Grants max Fiery Soul stacks on activation
AGI from +2.1 to 2.4
INT from +3.7 to 3.8

 Light Strike Array
Damage from 80/120/160/200 to 110/160/210/260
Stun duration from 1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5 to 1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2
 Fiery Soul
CHANGED granting stacks from casting abilities to whenever Lina's abilities deal damage to enemies

 Laguna Blade
Now grants max Fiery Soul stacks upon cast
Has a 5-second buff duration

LVL 10 left talent from -2.5s Dragon Slave Cooldown to -3.5s Dragon Slave Cooldown
LVL 10 rıght talent from +30 Damage to +25 Damage
LVL 15 left talent from +130 Light Strike Array Damage to +150 Light Strike Array Damage
LVL 15 rıght talent from +350 Health to +325 Health
LVL   25 left talent from +150 Attack Range to Laguna Blade damage is Divine

Mines now count spell damage amplification of Techies
 Land Mines
Doesn't deal any damage to buildings without talent anymore
Land Mines damage from 125/250/375/500 to 140/280/420/560
Activation Delay from 1.75 to 0.50
Detonation Delay from 1.6 to 3

Blast Off! damage from 100/200/300/400 to 300/400/500/600

LVL 25 left talent from +40% to 50% Land Mines Damage to Buildings

LVL 10 left from +175 Health to -1s Plague Ward Cooldown
LVL 20 left from -1.5s Plague Ward Cooldown to Gale Hero Impact Summons 2 Plague Wards

Shrines now disabled untill 5th minute of gametime                        
Corrected a bit terrain colors
Fixed bug with Huskar's ulty losing control when its reflected
Fixed bug with Sven's ulty being on cooldown after its refreshed
Fixed (?) bug with Meepo's not properly counting killed clones under Caustic Finale debuff
Fixed Scourge side Shrine didn't work
Fixed orb-effects allowing to attack Roshan outside of Roshan's Pit
Fixed Centaur's Retaliate buff effect on illusions
Fixed Juggernaut's Omnislash not being silenced while Blade Fury active
Fixed Supernova not refreshing Haunt
Fixed Duration of Illusions from Haunt not being increased by each level
Fixed Rubick could steal Rearm
Fixed Stone Remnant duration with talent
Fixed Clones couldn't pickup new runes
Fixed Terrorblade's +2s duration talent not affecting on Aghanim ability
Fixed Lina's talent on Divine Damage not providing piercing spell immune for Laguna Blade
Fixed Sand Storm aoe visuals on extras
Fixed Exorcisms spirits missing on attack
Fixed Tauren Chieftain's recall didn't work on spirit
Added chat command to change MiniMap during game "-minimap 1" for new style, "-minimap 2" for detailed and "-minimap 3" for old style
Added effects on Ice Shards of Set #102: Tusk the Firemaster
All hexes now can be dispelled only by Strong dispel
Anti-Mage's mana-break slow duration increased from 0.75s to 1s
Rune Illusions and Wisdom now works on Spirit Bear
Reverted Place Stone Remnant's ability change which allowed him to place rocks without turning (it caused ability's malfunction when casted outside of the cast range)
Chronosphere buffs now also affects all player-controlled units of Faceless Void while inside the Chronosphere
Corrected some tooltips
Corrected Pit Lord's talents
Skeleton King's lvl 10 left talent from +20 Movement Speed to 0 Reincarnation mana cost
Psionic Traps now can always be denied and Psi Blades treat as the attack target's location and the spill area extends beyond
Mines ms from 75 to 100 (talent)

 Phantom Assassin
LVL 20 Talent from -3 Armor Corruption to Adds Fan of Knives ability
 Fan of Knives (NEW)
Phantom Assassin releases sharp blades around her, dealing a percentage of each victim's max health on impact and applying Break
Max Health as divine damage 16%
Radius: 550
Debuff Duration: 3
Cooldown: 15
Manacost: 50

Reduced Ghost Shroud self restoration amplification from 75% on each level to 45%/55%/65%/75%

 Reaper's Scythe
No longer increases the target's respawn time by 15/25/35 upon killing them
Now permanently grants 3/6/9 self health regeneration bonus and 1/2/3 self mana regeneration bonus upon successfully killing the target

Boots of Travel moved to Ancient of Wonders (sentinel), Tomb of Relics (scourge)
Necronomicon removed from game   

Added New Item Helm of the Overlord
Helm of the Dominator - 2625
Vladmir's Offering - 2450
Recipe - 1325
Total Cost 6400
+7 Strength
+7 Agility
+7 Intelligence
+7 Health Regeneration
+7 Armor
Dominate (active)
Takes control of one neutral target unit and sets its movement speed to 425 and max health to a minimum of 2500. Also provides the unit with +70 base attack damage, +15 health regen, +5 mana regen and +10 armor
Vladmir's Aura (passive)
Grants 20% lifesteal, 18% bonus damage, 2 mana regeneration, and 3 armor to nearby allies

Added New Item Disperser
+20 Agility
+10 Intelligence
+45 Attack Damage
 Manabreak (passive)
Burns 40 mana on each attack. Burns 12/8 mana if used by melee/ranged illsuions. Deals physical damage equal to 100% of the burned mana. Doesn't affect spell immune enemies
 Suppress (Active)
Affects all units in a 350 AoE around the target. Increases allies MS, reduces enemies MS for 4s and applies basic dispel
Both movement speed reduction and increase start at 100% and gradually decrease to 0% over the course of the buff duration

Diffusal Blade - 2500
Demon Edge - 2200
Recipe - 1000
Total Cost - 5700
 Diffusal Blade
+15 Agility
+10 Intelligence
Blade of Alacrity - 1000
Robe of the Magi - 450
Recipe - 1050
Total Cost - 2500

 Mask of Death
No longer grants +15 attack damage
Cost from 1200 to 900

Cooldown from 25 to 30
Lifesteal from 25 to 30
Attack damage from +45 to +25
Now requires Claymore instead of Broadsword
Total Cost from 5000 to 5050

 Helm of The Dominator
+6 Strength
+6 Agility
+6 Intelligence
+6 Health Regeneration
+6 Armor

Helm of Iron Will - 975
Crown - 450
Recipe - 975
Total Cost - 2625

 Mask of Madness
Now requires Quarterstaff instead of recipe
Total cost - 1775
Attack damage reduced from +15 to +10

 Vladmir's Offering
Aura lifesteal from +15 to +20
Now also requires Blades of Attack
Recipe cost from 100 to 250
Total Cost from 2150 to 2450

         Global Changes
From circular to trapezoid form   and now also deals damage in 100 area around affected enemy                  
Also this rework fixes many bugs that could occur
Now works on illusions but deal only 10% damage

Now Neutral Building as shops. It means both team can use teleport to them
Now teleporting to shrine takes 6 seconds (except Tinker's Keen Conveyance)
Now regenerates HP/MP of both team
No longer can be destroyed

Now has 100% true strike
Now applies break to the target for 0.75s (if target is not magic immune)

Fixed bug with Arc Warden's clone
Fixed Arc Warden's clone no longer replicates Tome of Knowledge
Fixed (?) bug with Land Mines not dealing any damage to buildings (talent)
Fixed Death Pact with talent providing HP more than needed
Fixed Rolling Boulder with talent providing distance more than needed
Fixed Force Staff working on Lasso affected targets (it's not related to Batrider's drag with Lasso)
Fixed Reflection illusions being attackable
Fixed Tree Throw splash not dealing damage properly in 275 radius of the target   
Fixed Moon Glaive attacks bouncing to courier
Fixed Frost Shield researching
Fixed Anti-Mage's blink teleporting in more distance than needed
Fixed Psi Blades counting spell amplification
Place Stone Remnant's ability now allowed to place rocks without turning again (fixed ability's malfunction when casted outside of the cast range)
Guardian Wisp no longer able to cast Tether on couriers
Debuff of Fan of Knives now dispellable
Reaper's Scythe reduced permanent HP regen from 2/4/6 to 1/2/3
Bane's lvl 15 left talent from +35% XP Gain to -3s Nightmare Cooldown
Disruptor's lvl 20 right talent from +180 Gold/Min to +200 Static Storm Radius
Lion's lvl 15 left talent from +150 Gold/Min to -2s Voodoo Cooldown
Gurdian Wisp's right talent from +90 Gold/Min to -3s Overcharge Cooldown
Ogre Mage's right talent from +90 Gold/Min to +16 Ignite DPS
Tidebringer cleave from 450/500/550/600 AOE to 650/800/950/1100 Distance and in 100 area around affected enemy                     
Empower cleave damage from 10%/20%/30%/40% to 16%/24%/32%/40%   
Anti-Mage lvl 15 left talent reduced from +150 to +100 Blınk Cast Range

   Earth Spirit
Geomagnetic Grip can now target allies

LVL 10 left talent from +2s Magnetize Duration to +10% Spell Amplification   
LVL 20 right talent from +18% Spell Amplification to +100 Boulder Smash Damage
LVL 25 right talent from Geomagnetic Grip Targets Allies to Magnetize Undispellable

LVL 15 right talent from +35% XP Gain to +325 Health   
LVL 20 left talent from +150 Gold/Min to +25 Macropyre Damage

Hand of God now applies basic dispel

LVL 10 right talent from +30% XP Gain to -2s Divine Favor Teleport Delay
LVL 15 right talent from +7 Armor to -40s Hand of God Cooldown
LVL 20 left talent from +1000 Holy Persuasion Minimum Health to +1200 Holy Persuasion Minimum Health
LVL 20 right talent from +180 Gold/Min to Hand of God applies a Strong Dispel

LVL 10 left talent from   +20% XP Gain to +80 Fortune's End Damage
LVL 15 left talent from +120 Gold/Min to -1s Purifying Flames Cooldown
LVL 15 right talent from +150 Cast Range to -20s False Promise Cooldown
LVL 20 right talent from +45 Movement Speed to +30% Purifying Flames Enemy Damage

Disperser no longer applies Basic Dispel on enemy

 Helm of the Overlord
Reduced set unit movement speed from 400 to 380 and max health minimum from 2500 to 2000   

 Battle Fury
Cleave damage from 60% to 70% against heroes and 40% against creeps
Damage from +60 to +65
HP Regen from +6 to +8

Now Requires
Orchid - 3475
Mage Slayer - 2400
Recipe - 925

Total cost - 6800

+20 Intelligence
+50 Damage
+60 Attack speed
+20 Magic Resistance
+250% MP regen
Soul Rend (active)
Mage Slayer (passive)

Now Requires
Blitz Knuckles - 1000
Claymore - 1350
Void Stone - 825
Recipe - 300

Total cost - 3475

150% Mana Regeneration
+30 Damage
+40 Attack Speed
Soul Burn (active)

Added to bots
Fixed critical bug with Battle Fury's cleave
Cleave no longer deals damage in 100 area around affected enemy and deals damage only in front of the attacker
Overwhelming Odds now deals bonus current health as damage instead of max health to Illusions and Summoned units

Announcements / DotA version update
« on: March 26, 2023, 13:25 »
Official DotA map is v7.03b, v6 is retired but can still be played on Sunday for the hardcore.

Announcements / Rule book update March 2023
« on: March 26, 2023, 13:24 »
Spamming and flaming rules changed from ban to server mute.

When muted, you can not talk in any official game or channel.

DotA Discussion / Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 17, 2023, 18:26 »
Things changed since we last had a discussion about this and it is time to finally do something about it.

This poll is a consultation, staff will decide what we do after the poll ends.

Votes with less than 10 forum posts and accounts newer than 1.1.2023 won't count in the final tally.

Tournaments / Server icon for PSR claim thread
« on: January 04, 2023, 20:25 »
For each 100 PSR gained on the ladder, you can receive a free server icon for 6 months.

You may only claim a single time per each goal. e.g:

1600 PSR -> claim
1700 PSR -> claim
1800 PSR -> claim

1600 is the minimum goal.

All icons:

When you reach a goal write your server name here and the icon of choice.

Announcements / Ladder reset season 2022
« on: January 02, 2023, 19:36 »
Congrats to top players in 2022 season.

Rank | Player | Final PSR
1    rob_real    1982
2    caneee    1913
3    real_rob    1900
4    2256    1879
5    zdrabranding    1859
6    obsidianberk    1846
7    dark_tauren    1843
8    epic07    1841
9    erahalme    1837
10    magnifiquedieu    1835

Top players will recieve their VIP status and other benefits as well as added to the main website winner page.

Next reset will be either June 1st or later, we will decide as we go.

Still no other bot changes, I ran out of time. Forgive me.

May the light of Elune shine upon you.

Announcements / Stats reset: 8.2.2022
« on: February 02, 2022, 10:37 »

Announcements / Map updated to 7.01b0
« on: June 26, 2021, 11:29 »

Announcements / Server installer v14 released
« on: May 25, 2021, 22:25 »
What is new?
- added server status on top
- dedicated DotA tab to change some of the DotA config settings directly from client. Currently for widescreen, accepting proposals for other useful settings.
- we now ship a latency.txt by defaut so w3l can change W3 engine game latency. Value set to 30 instead of default 100.
- W3 GUI overlay for DotA stats in game lobby. If this is causing your game to crash, it can be turned off in 1.26 client settings or w3l.ini.
- moved login form to w3 tab as to not confuse newcomers
- update to msvc 2019, Qt 5.12.2
- tested down to Windows 7 32bit
- prep work to include an embedded browser in the future
- hidden feature that will be revealed on Sunday Twitch stream

Autoupdate might not be available or it will be provided with delay due to sheer amount of files that were added or replaced.


We cordially invite you to join us on a twitch live stream on 30th of May at 21:00 CEST. We will reveal a new matchmaking system for PG and CG maps and play some games with the viewers. We will also answer any of your questions. Be there or be square.

Announcements / You may now pub from channel
« on: May 13, 2021, 20:56 »
!pub and .pub are now allowed directly from channel (, w3) instead of needing to whisper.

Announcements / Restricting unbalanced games
« on: May 12, 2021, 23:24 »
We are slowly rolling out a new feature that will block the game start if the teams are way out of balance.

There are two different limits currently implemented and we will decide which one to use depending on game monitoring and feedback.

1. PSR Win % limiter
When you type !balance, the command outputs the Win chance % for each team. If the difference is too big the game will not start until host balances the game (auto balance or manually). This chance is calculated purely from weighted PSR.

Proposed limit: 20%
This feature is currently disabled.

Possible negatives:
- PSR can be weird sometimes and not representing a balanced game

2. Win ratio (WR)
We calculate win ratio for each player (W/L of 6/6 means your ratio is 50%).
Then we calculate average WR per team.
Similar to the first option, if team WR difference is too big the game will not start.

Proposed limit: 22%
This feature is currently enabled.

The idea is to check who wins a lot and who does not, then average it out across teams.

Posible negatives:
- !balance currently uses PSR to shuffle the slots, it might not actually produce a state that is within limits and it can require manual balance. I will probably have to rewrite the !balance formula to use WR when this setting is turned on so manual balance is never needed after autobalance.
- new players and fresh accounts have very skewed WR. Thus, below a certain number of games we assign a not so good WR to these players instead of their actual. This can skew the result for multi accounts.

Command info expansion:
[GAME: eee] [Local]: Sentinel avg. PSR: 1535 (100% to win, avg WR=50%), Scourge avg. PSR: 0 (0% to win, avg WR=0%)

[GAME: eee] [Local]: cen (PSR=1535, WR=50%)

Bots will be replaced in gradual rollout once we confirm everything works as expected.

Best regards, cen

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