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Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: August 13, 2022, 12:13 »
First of all, he was not Spamming the !votekick command.

05:13    Sisojed    [Allies]    i suport you
05:16    Sisojed    [Allies]    go you win
05:27    Sisojed    [Allies]    od mene ne ocekujte nista
05:33    Sisojed    [Allies]    Cent neka win game

Luna said she wouldn't play, but she did.

Luna cannot make face to face combats against to naix, tiny and swen. She may support team by her ulti and her stun. I think she did his best.


Ban Requests / Re: Ban Game Ruining
« on: August 13, 2022, 11:23 »
Yurnero didn't play with team even once. he even didnt join the combats which has happened next to him. This was a single player game for him. But  Dota is a team game. All five players have to work together.

black_sk !Banned 10 days + 4 warn points due to Game Ruining(Refusing to play 2nd Time).

Ban Requests / Re: ban
« on: August 13, 2022, 09:20 »
06:58   branislav_r   [Allies]   b
06:59   branislav_r   [Allies]   bot
07:00   branislav_r   [Allies]   mort
07:48   branislav_r   [Allies]   MORT
07:54   branislav_r   [Allies]   !F
07:56   branislav_r   [Allies]   MA JBM TI

08:18   familyflamer   [Allies]   you son of a bitch
08:23   familyflamer   [Allies]   fuck your mother in ass
30:23   familyflamer   [Allies]   mater ti jebem
30:28   familyflamer   [Allies]   jebem ti mater
08:27   familyflamer   [Allies]   fuck you sister in ass
08:38   familyflamer   [Allies]   serbian piece of shit
08:42   familyflamer   [Allies]   fuck your nation

08:25   votekickabuser   [Allies]   retard low iq serbian sluts
08:50   votekickabuser   [Allies]   dog language
14:47   votekickabuser   [Allies]   their nation is full of dogs

familyflamer !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.
familyflamer !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to National intolerance.
votekickabuser !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to National intolerance.
branislav_r !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.

You already got a sanction.


Ban Requests / Re: ban
« on: August 12, 2022, 00:58 »
I am going to check it please do not post another ban request about this topic. I will lock it temporarily.

We are going to check a command abuse. Sniper was kicked by vote of other players. Lets see sniper is innocent or not.

This is a common mistake is done by our players. Fights between teammates have always affected the fate of the game badly. Our games usually last 40 minutes. Please try to tolerate each other during this time. Otherwise, your game that you have entered for fun will turn into hell.
Please, be nice to your teammates. He can make mistakes this is normal. Sniper has only 1300psr and he is so noob.

04:04   bajrozupic   [Allies]   !sd rce
04:11   bajrozupic   [Allies]   why retard go mid?
04:19      [All]   [DOTABRZ]Jacksonfor killed jj_pierce
04:24   jj_pierce   [Allies]   !İignore baj
04:27   jj_pierce   [Allies]   thx for barat ss
04:36   jj_pierce   [Allies]   ask your retard whore mom sand
04:39   jj_pierce   [Allies]   !ignore baj

Sniper and sandking are enemy of each other since that moment. Sniper thinks that sandking is useless but sandking has the same ideas about sniper.

09:53   jj_pierce   [Allies]   we play 4v5 bcs of thıs moron sand
09:55   jj_pierce   [Allies]   useless fuck

Minute 22:05
Sniper killed the nc which are almost killed by sandking. Unfortunately, the sniper continued the argue that happened at the beginning of the game until He got kicked.

As a result,
You knew the sniper was a noob.He has only 1300psr. You cannot wait him to play like 1700 psr player. Use "!ignore" command if you think sniper disturbs you. Sniper played his game. So sniper is innocent.

bajrozupic !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
saiya-jin !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
hemsinli !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
wardotta !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
warframe !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
dotabrz !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
jj_pierce !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.

Ban Requests / Re: ban
« on: August 11, 2022, 09:57 »
Host can swap a good player to his own team after balance. Host can swap the bad player to the opposing team. even he can lock him there. Host can change mode of the game etc.
You have to be awake while waiting in the lobby of the game. Host supposed to adjust the settings of the game equal for both teams to play fair game. Let's say you noticed that host is preparing a team for himself(he is stacker) or he is preparing an unbalanced game etc. First of all warn him not to do it or simply leave the game lobby.

Finally game started and you wanted to rmk.

00:42   2256   [All]   !rmk
00:42      [All]   [2256] voted to rmk [1/8]

Neither your own team nor the opposing team supported you to remake the game. Anyways, you cannot push them to do it. I would like to remind the rule.

Ingame Rules

0. General codex:

      a) The following rules apply on "", "la tour" channels and in any lobby or game hosted by la-dota bots
      b) Spamming, flamming, national intolerance and similar on our channels will be punished with a channel kick (1st time) or a temporal channel ban (2nd+ time)
      c) Evading ban is forbidden and may lead to a lock on server, as well as permaban on all newly created accounts.
      d) Sharing account is forbidden and may have consequences for both, account owner and other person who is using shared account.
      e) Using more than 1 account is allowed unless the rule 0a is broken.
      f) Backdoor is allowed.
      g) Player cannot be forced to use !ff, !rmk, !votekick or !yes commands even if the majority of players wants it unless the rules oblige him to do so.
      h) Saving the game is forbidden.
      i) Reporting anything you are not directly involved is not allowed.
      j) User can not request sanctions for actions Older than 7 Days.


Unban Requests / Re: unban req
« on: August 10, 2022, 17:26 »

Ban Requests / Re: ban
« on: August 09, 2022, 19:28 »
nuks !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.

Unban Requests / Re: unbanrequest
« on: August 09, 2022, 19:21 »

Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request .runwhenyousee.
« on: August 09, 2022, 13:13 »
"Tinker" wanted to grab the regeneration rune but "syllabear" got it earlier than him. Tinker became mad after this. He just followed syllabear and didnt play at all.

16:59   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   -gg
17:02   Tihulu   [Allies]   go gg guys
17:03   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   go
17:03   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   take
17:05   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   runes
17:08   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   and enjoy free lose
17:09   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   peice of shity
17:11   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   players
17:13   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   playing dota ...
17:15   ff_this   [Allies]   stfu u low nab
17:16   Trust-   [All]   tinker why are u throwing game ?
17:17   ff_this   [Allies]   trying to play mid
17:21   .RunWhenYouSee.   [All]   syla
17:22   .RunWhenYouSee.   [All]   takes

17:22   ff_this   [All]   he already did 10 minutes ago
17:22   .RunWhenYouSee.   [All]   ruens
17:24   .RunWhenYouSee.   [All]   and blocks me

17:25   Trust-   [All]   hahaha
17:30   ff_this   [All]   HE DOESNT HAVE BOTTLE
17:32   .RunWhenYouSee.   [All]   says he deserve it cause he spends 65 gold
17:38   ff_this   [All]   doesnt buy a ward
17:42   ff_this   [All]   still he thinks he can
17:55   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   type -gg idiot
17:59   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   so game can finish
18:00   .RunWhenYouSee.   [Allies]   !F

.runwhenyousee. !Banned 7 days + 3 warn points due to Game Ruining(Refusing to play).

Ban Requests / Re: refuse team play
« on: August 09, 2022, 12:26 »
Scourge team were destroying top lane rax and  Lina did not join a crucial defense without an excuse.

matei13 !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Game Ruining(Refusing to play).

Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: August 09, 2022, 11:43 »
I have watched the replay of the game. I paused the replay when weaver left the game. I checked status of the sentinel team;

Tiny couldnt finished even "sabre" in 55 minutes game. He got only 2 kills. he failed in this game.

Medusa had only linken sphere and bkb. She couldn't finish even the eye of skadi in 55 minutes game. She got one kill only.

Sentinel team had two hero alive and one of them is leaver's hero. besides scourge team's players are all alive and ready to fight. Ursa and slark had full items. sorry, sentinel team has lost hope.

When your hopes are gone, the war is over.


Unban Requests / Re: Honest mistake not an intentional leaver
« on: August 08, 2022, 17:59 »
Please write it properly for the next time. You may follow the instructions from the following address.,76972.0.html


Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: August 07, 2022, 12:28 »
[ugt]senka !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.

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