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Title: Blizzard Application Interreaction
Post by: Skagosy on May 27, 2020, 11:50
Hey guys,

Just 10 minutes ago I downloaded the Warcraft III 1.28.5 file, extracted from rar and put it in under My Computer/E: disk.

I opened the game through w3l.exe, hit, it basically downloads a patch, says download is successful, please restart Warcraft 3. All is good till here.

When I hit the restart button, the game doesn't open, rather, my Blizzard application gives me a warning. I guess it is trying to restart the game from the Blizzard app.

I saw an "InstallPath fixer" file in Eurobattle's downloads section. Used it but unfortunately problem seems to insist.

Weird enough, I can't even uninstall the stupid Blizzard application...

All and any help is appreciated.
Title: Re: Blizzard Application Interreaction
Post by: luke on May 27, 2020, 16:23
It downloads patch if you have blizzard servers selected but you need to use the version downloaded without patches.

Delete your game then redownload and check if you have selected in gateways (icon next to button)