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DotA Discussion / Re: Unbalanced games
« on: January 13, 2021, 17:31 »
Yes, let`s discourage stacking in a team game, instead of promoting teaming up for everyone

I agree about this!

Ban Requests / ban request
« on: January 06, 2021, 20:29 »
1: Your NickName?
2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?
all who vote
3: What rule did he/they break?
kick me with no reason (i think i farm too fast, my bad :D)
4: When was the Rule Broken?
32:30      [All]   [LetmeDown] voted to kick [Star_scream] [1/6]
so around 32min
(i also had bkb in courier :D)
6: Link of the game?;sa=game;gid=6352354

Offtopic / Re: How to play Dazzle
« on: December 29, 2020, 16:56 »
@MarvinJunior my jugger vs god's dazzle..
Who wins? Rate.

@mordor911 No to racism!

Offtopic / Re: Wouldnt believe it unless I have seen it...
« on: December 24, 2020, 21:04 »
just lol

I dont know why are you shocked, people choose to ward unnecessary places and waste stock, like putting deffensive wards in aggressive moments better not to buy than waste it, also in new version when i'm mid, my team mates take all wards and im loosing lane because of it, simply as that.

truth, Dota7 aka Dota2 is very balanced to play. In one game Witch Doctor super carry had easy job to destroy Mortred, Tuskar and 3 more guys, alone. Not possible in Dota1 map6.9

Can you tell me what is difference between witch doctor in version 6.9 and version 7.0?
Enlighten me!

@grga_man thoughts on the list of supporters

Im trully happy seeing daniel123 in that list, also im waiting charts of mordor to make it, its easier to watch statistic calculations via charts.

Games played today:
DotaMap = DotaMapGames - draw = total games
Dota6.9 = 16 - 1 = 15
Dota7   =  7  -  2 = 05

150 accounts involved playing Dota6.9 and 50 accounts involved playing Dota7.

Imagine running a Dota 1 community during the time when three different Warcraft patches are active, still caring enough to try and make the best choices and compromises for the sake of community, and ending up with these kind of topics on an almost weekly basis and people asking you: "Why do you run this server man?" The fuck is wrong with some of you guys...

Anyway, TL:DR, the point is, the whining was the same when 6.85 was out, as well as when 6.89 was out, and here we go again on 7.00. Perhaps the best thing some of you guys can do is switch to GameRanger, those peeps choose not to evolve and keep playing 6.83, sounds like a fucking dream for some of you guys.

I don't even play 7.00 and even I agree that it's better to switch to it, simply cause things have to progress in order for improvement to happen. Or I guess you can do what Bnet peeps are doing, and play versions like Dota 6.85k NE15 v6. The perks of patching up a single Dota version are real...
Your post has no point and is not related to this subject since you are not dota player anymore and this topic is about dota players and dota game, and the question is for you, why do you care to post about this if you are not a player? If you want Dota7.00 go and play it or watch it or use GameRanger to play it, but do not make an illusion and do not talk about default map with minority of players and games should be improvement and progress just because its newer. You and GameRanger are made for eachother. Newer does not mean more quality or better experience nor in this case is more popular. Let the things to be back to as before where Dota6.9 is default and then talk about progress. Here we do not have equality, 423 vs 267 games is small difference for only 5 days, isn't it?
Now go and switch to GameRanger and enjoy your Dota 6.85k NE15 v6. Good luck.

And what does it mean this 423 vs 267? It means 10 accounts in each game to start and to finish the game, 4230 accounts vs 2670 accounts. This is very huge difference in popularity. And from 2670 accounts involved more than 500 are undecided players or better to say they prefer Dota6.7 but play Dota7 because it happens mistake with !pub command or they do not know how to host Dota6.9.

This topic is about active Dota6.9 map and wild buggy misscalled dota map Dota7.
Please stick to the topic. 10 or more posts are not related with topic.

Okay you triggered me to reply on this, on other server there is 6k players who play v7 and you and other 40 players who are uncapable to learn new staff and adjust to play old map, so at the end there is 6k players and lets say they play 3 games per day 18000 games  vs your 400 games.
Beat that.. How other people could adjust you can too, if you cant play that old v6 and stfu.
I stopped playing here because of an old map, but i want you to see overall how many people accepted and you and small majority make big deal about this, so ridiculous.

For confused fellas who ask what is Dota7:


- Day1:
Dota6.9 - draw = 95 - 11 = 84 games
Dota7 - draw = 55 - 6 = 49 games

- Day2 part1:
Dota6.9 - draw = 67 - 9 = 58 games
Dota7 - draw = 53 - 13 = 40 games
- Day2 part2:
Dota6.9 - draw = 42 - 2 = 40 games
Dota7 - draw = 35 - 3 = 32 games

- Day3:
Dota6.9 - draw = 79 - 3 = 76  games
Dota7 - draw = 61 - 8 = 53 games

- Day4:
Dota6.9 - draw = 88 - 5 = 83 games
Dota7 - draw = 64 - 16 = 48 games

- Day5:
Dota6.9 - draw = 90 - 8 = 82 games
Dota7 - draw = 56 - 9 = 45 games

Dota6.9 = Day1+Day2part1+Day2part2+Day3+Day4+Day5 = 84+58+40+76+83+82= 423 map6.9 games finished
Dota7    = Day1+Day2part1+Day2part2+Day3+Day4+Day5 = 49+40+32+53+48+45= 267 map7.0 games finished

Total games played in last 5 days since default map change = 423+267= 690
For sure 5%-20% games are result of default dota7 map autopick on !pub command. 61% games at this moment are dota6.9 while real balance is for sure 64+% for dota6.9. Main question is without this help from !pub command does dota7 have over 30% of total games at all?

Get him fairy!

I have competition for being best focused player on d1, trully fascinating how they are best players i always rape too shade in games, sadly i wont play old map so im not in position to do it more.
By question of fairy, i rate 9/10 because they have patience to wait all day stacked vs 1300 players to earn "points" which means nothing

This guy thinks that he will play better if he has coloured letter. like fairy's monkey king skin?
What you think @MarvinJunior

Technical support / Re: Cant load DotA_Allstars_7.00e4
« on: November 08, 2020, 10:28 »
@TooShade brutali-_-s or amon-_-ra?
I think amon-_-ra, he is more passive player like too shade

Technical support / Re: Cant load DotA_Allstars_7.00e4
« on: November 07, 2020, 22:49 »
also there is new version published one month ago is 7.00e6 so if you wanna update it, it fix some bugs.

Offtopic / Re: Give me feedback on my s**t
« on: October 19, 2020, 22:46 »
pretty accurate 8/10, you should have added grgas jugger gameplay

Well when im focusing im playing for real, right?
@Happy.. @MarvinJunior

Offtopic / Re: Who will win the 2020 ladder?
« on: October 06, 2020, 23:41 »
Lifer is numero uno, but the man is too busy chasing girls

I request to freeze lagabuse system while no_lifer_xD is chasing girls, he is best player here, its not his fault he is good irl and at dota, so sometimes he needs to choose between these two.

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