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General Discussions / Re: Hosting system
« on: June 25, 2019, 15:32 »
First of all
Hi to everyone from  VIP member and w3-safelist lvl 5.
Level of cringe is unreal, no point of reading after 1st sentence.
Also he just copy rgc system and coming here to be smart about it.
And y btw i told already on stats reset topic the best solution but lexmonster and etc admins who are not even active in past years dont even read suggestions. Get over it server is dead.

General Discussions / Re: Stats reset - voting
« on: June 09, 2019, 20:35 »

General Discussions / Re: Stats reset - voting
« on: June 09, 2019, 17:56 »
I just admit for what i've done, you dont need to explain me more about it.
I thought we are talking and giving ideas about some fresh changes in this server, but since you dont care about anything except talking about me like im some kind of a retard, gameruiner and a antiteam player, then i will say this to you: i will become noob, biggest noob here, and being noob is not a crime. Goodbye.

You are worse thing that could happen to this platform  :y:

General Discussions / Re: Stats reset - voting
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:53 »
Is it hard to keep fucking stats and reset only psr ? and Give ppl permission to reset stats once per month so they dont make new accs that much and they can hunt stats and psr. Cuz here most of players playing for stats not for psr, damn im around like 10 years was rly active and i know that all want stats more then psr... w/e :D, seems you ruining this place even more ^^

Feedback / Re: Have a suggestion? Check this topic first
« on: May 30, 2019, 11:56 »
I know where I can find it son, but 90% players doesn't nor even care.

Wow, son. They know but they dont give a fuck to read long changelog, and he posted on his site where is map and all info. idk but you talk nonsense. Its game for fun, you all getting to serious about dota and you are not kids anymore i think.

Feedback / Re: Have a suggestion? Check this topic first
« on: May 29, 2019, 23:49 »
Tell Draco to spam morons with links to patch notes( map changelogs ) from 6.83 until current one, so they can realize that this games has changed. So many players here and probably on other platforms are playing this game like it is still 6.78, same build, same gameplay, picking same heroes, same, same, same everything...

lol are you deluded, you can find changelog easy on d1 site, and would you spam ppl and work hard every day on maps, you wouldnt carry nothing more.

Feedback / Re: Have a suggestion? Check this topic first
« on: May 29, 2019, 23:28 »
If i may, i consider that you look in another way, for instance how to improve server and bot, that path is in some way better but takes more time, better solution is to make people realize what dota is..
For example:
When game is loading, after countdown maybe it would be better to put picture of hero and items for that hero or some usefull tips..
I know you cant do that but telling dracolich or sth..
Or putting on forum more information about gameplay (better to have 2 supports and 2carry and 1 tank than 5 carries; which is common thing here)

I can give you admin for instructor of dota. But you need to do full time job, can you dig it, Mister Grga?

im just hyperactive guy so eat my little dick all of you are zeroes in real life against me and begin too....muheheeee
yy 17cm still more than stupid zero ......die can u even make ur own text with sense except cry to admins for stupid u did????nah ure stupid so u cant.....AHAHAHh m

im just hyperactive guy so eat my little dick all of you are zeroes in real life against me and begin too....muheheeee

General Discussions / Re: Stats reset - voting
« on: May 20, 2019, 19:54 »
I think 4 or 5 months would be reasonable season time.
Sir please add your reasoning there is no value in such comments. I wrote the main problems 4-5 months season time doesnt fix any of them without adjustment

Take a breath, and get a life. Damn.

General Discussions / Re: Stats reset - voting
« on: May 20, 2019, 16:43 »
Meth0d banned 5days + 2x warns.

Renovatio your behaviour will be monitored closely watch your mouth.

Sorry sir, can you unban me :( i will play legolas for you!?

Damn i told you solution is easy, and you dont even read it. My suggestion makes all players happy i guess those who hunt stats and those who want to be 1st on ladder and those who hunt psr. And also you avoid that multyaccs with giving reset per some time, that vip and voice icon doesnt do much anyway so what if you give stat reset normal to all players, server needs more players better give them more options. If there is stats reset to all ppl here there would be less ban avoid and staff like that. Nvm you dont listen great minds anyway, thats why you running low on players.

General Discussions / Re: Stats reset - voting
« on: May 19, 2019, 10:54 »
You need to save stats of players amd reset only psr, so stats hunters wont make new acc on new season etc... Some ppl play for stats longer so they would like to save it, and also you can see who is good player or bad if u play better games or something. Also give all ppl chance to reset stats like those in vip, by making req in unban req if someone doesnt like his stats so they dont make thones of accs, and you can make it 1 reset per every 10 days cuz active users play a lot per day and also if u make season that last few months 10 days is fine i think. And you avoid players addicted to stats and u get more interesting 3 5 months season so everyone can compete in shorter time is harder to make psr sometimes. And there is stats reset per every 10 days or something and if some1 ruins or avoid ban u lock him for 2 days and they will stop that cuz they can play on one acc or 2 max. Simple as that.

btw draco wont give u for free nothing, u are funny if u think that will happen he doesnt give on his main server to give it here where is no ppl. :peace:

Show is joke, i wish i never spent time watching it, Better call Saul is better 10 times then this.

terrible episode 3, everything is to fast, ''biggest battle ever on tv'' hahahha wtf, that battle was shit if u go - dragons. Lotr battle is even 10 time better and longer in hobit. Why he wanted kill bran, how she sneak on all those guards of w. walkers. Why is nk so weak? Didnt show any power or be in fight for real, 7 seasons and 10 years talking of winter is coming of that fight and its over in 1 episode so ez, and worst enemy destroyed so fast and ez, and why ppl hype this got that much. Lotr imo is better a lot. Breaking bad is the best show of all time period.

Offtopic / Re: rate this player: nolifer-halloffamer
« on: April 26, 2019, 19:38 »
popcorn time

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