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Ban Requests / ban
« on: January 30, 2018, 23:36 »
1: wut
2: fractals multy acc ban avoid ( yk2. and forgespirit )
3: link from last ban report
5: check that last link he played today to he is playing now with shadow and was palying with venge

Ban Requests / ban
« on: January 29, 2018, 23:48 »
1: wut
2: UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg (deer )  : don_Kondo   
3 : flame
4: he ignored me on start of game for no reason started to flame all game
UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   i strike your mother from back
35:02   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [All]   and i`m having a good time with wut's mother
36:13   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   his mother acts like this too
39:09   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [All]   it is
39:11   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [All]   wut's mother
39:49   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   it means
39:51   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   he is gay
39:54   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   same as wut's mother
46:00   don_Kondo   [Allies]   he got raped
46:05   don_Kondo   [Allies]   as wuts mother
47:28   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   my cock is
47:29   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   locked
47:34   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   inside your mom's hairy pussy
58:13   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   he can smell

58:14   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   my cock
58:18   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [Allies]   after wut's mom pussy
59:52   UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg   [All]   SYNC BEFORE I FUCKED YOUR MOM

Ban Requests / ban
« on: January 18, 2018, 00:15 »
1: wut
2: flyingdick, wild-hoof
3: leave on purpose (to make draw) and wild-hoof afk
4: they were losing so bad, sniper went afk for no reason i think for few minutes, and 1 player left in 11 min of game and zeus (flyingdick) said u wont get psr cuz he will leave game and he left on 14:50 so it was draw
5 :;sa=game;gid=6090660

Ban Requests / ban
« on: December 28, 2017, 14:09 »
1: min3
2: all who voted to kick me
3: i was farming rly well on start and had rly low team with 0 miss support or something, only my mate accidenta was there doing something.
4: slark vote kick me for no reason all did yes ofc they lose after ez, it was around 13 min of game

Unban Requests / unban
« on: October 04, 2017, 23:10 »
1: meth0od
2: autoban
3: lost connection
4: it was   33  min i lost connection

Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 30, 2017, 22:59 »
1 wo0rm
2: i3nt, yurnero , deliveryboy
3: i3nt (sf) feed on purpose 0 15 he made, dileveryboy ( pudge) didnt care to killing him he didnt want vote before 10 min of game he feeded 1st:  and yurnero our team he didnt want to vote only one who didnt vote kick feeder he even said lose game for no reason. Just wathc 1st 15  min of game or 20 he started feed from start
4: 25:50   YuRNeRo   [Allies]   noob
25:53   YuRNeRo   [Allies]   lose

Unban Requests / unban
« on: August 28, 2017, 22:19 »
1: wo0rm
2: autoban
3: i got error at end of game
4: 57:24      [All]   Wo0rm was unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++, Wo0rm was autobanned.

Unban Requests / unban
« on: August 24, 2017, 15:45 »
1: wo0rm
2: autoban bug
3: i got some error just closed my game and there were some ID if i want to report bug second time heppened
4: was 23  min of game

Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 23, 2017, 13:28 »
1: wo0rm
2: opentrr ( game ruiner ) and all of those who didnt want to vote before 5 minutes and k.t.b.f.f.h. ( opentrr was mid and feed him 0 8 in 5 minutes )
3: i went mid with necro and that tiny was rly low stats player i said go side he didnt i made disablehelp on start he tryed to toss me after that 10x and i see it when he go nears me, after that he go feed viper mid he was like 0 8 in 5 min i said kick who dont want to vote i will report em viper k.t.b.f.f.h. was laugh on me and said he cant get ban for not vote !yes on ruiner after he got like 5 or more kills from tiny he type yes after 5 min to not draw game. He said can we vote now when 5 minutes passed

05:11   K.T.B.F.F.H.   [All]   xd
05:50   K.T.B.F.F.H.   [All]   no rule like that :D
05:55   Wo0rm   [All]   u sure ?
05:57   K.T.B.F.F.H.   [All]   y
07:30   K.T.B.F.F.H.   [All]   we can kick now :D
10:20   K.T.B.F.F.H.   [All]   u can go to forum
10:25   K.T.B.F.F.H.   [All]   there is no ban for that

after that nessaj left game and still they didnt want i mean he laughs on me later we start !rmk and its 7 players need to rmk if im not wrong so we make it somehow but still that viper didnt vote he enjoy in free kills and game ruining


Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 21, 2017, 20:06 »
1: Wo0rm
2: Mithrandir_420 (oooo_q7)
3: ban avoid

he is still baned he had 1 chance and h  cant w8 1 week to not play i was locked for 7 days on server and i didnt play and flamed 2x so is this fair ? nope..
5 : and he report some1 and he is about to be perma baned and still avoid ban that he needs to respect after that all ruin on server :

Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 21, 2017, 16:23 »
1: wo0rm
2: svemocni_zubic
3: afk force stuff abuse
4: 1st he feed 1 13 score he was ussles and we were def hard we succed to def rax and he go afk around 35 min he said he dont care, he was afk 2 3 min then he force stuff me in base 43 min of game i stack need to use tp

Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 18, 2017, 14:58 »
1: wo0rm
2: oooo_q7 balthazar^
3: family flame racism leaving game
4: oooo_q7 flame all time on /w im lazy to take ss, there is lobby pre game flame and racism
03:14   oooo_Q7   forum ur mom?
03:25   oooo_Q7   perma mom?
05:48   oooo_Q7   my friend is ban and unban head
05:58   oooo_Q7   i will soon delete all warn points
10:22   oooo_Q7   u are fuckin siptar
10:36   oooo_Q7   albania noob

01:43   oooo_Q7   [All]   enjoy it game siptare

game 1:;sa=game;gid=6058334

btw im not even albanian and next game he was in team with some player he didnt want he complein about him after he saw they cant win and hes team fail he left in min     and after we played still and morph was plug in 14 min balthazar^ for draw .... and oooo_q7 ruin alot of games i know that and he has tones of warns and he left that game too he could leave lobby if he doesnt like player he ruined game waste our time  i think he deserve a perma and lock for some days, if i got locked for flame only on  7 days and i had 3 warns idk then he has 10 wars. Tired of noobs like that ruin every game.

00:13   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   host
00:16   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   u are here?
00:34   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   u check moisesoh?
04:12   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   !rmk
04:12      [All]   [oooo_Q7] voted to rmk [1/8]
07:13   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   i said
07:15   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   !rmk
10:45   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   leave
10:47   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   slark
10:48   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   pls
10:50   oooo_Q7   [Allies]   for us
12:35      [All]   oooo_Q7 was unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++, oooo_Q7 was autobanned.
12:35      [All]   Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

thenn min 14 knowing they cant win he plug

17:08      [All]   Balthazar^ has lost the connection (timed out) but is using GProxy++ and may reconnect.
17:08   Balthazar^   [All]   Please wait for me to reconnect (338 seconds remain).

after drop = draw

game link 2 :;sa=game;gid=6058338

Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 17, 2017, 17:52 »
1: wo0rm
2: trinkets; kurwulens
3: flame game ruin racism
4: start of game thrall going mid dont want to move fairy was akasha 100x better player and thrall (trinkets) low stats psr everthing we ask to go side he start flame ignored all and all game he was afk behidn twr didnt join team fight and flame and he saying all game he gonna ban 3 player bla bla, and kuwulens flame to later.
5: 04:56   trinkets   [Allies]   mamu ti jebem nakaznu
05:01   trinkets   [Allies]   sad ces ban da dobijes
05:03   trinkets   [Allies]   posle gejma
05:23   trinkets   [Allies]   operisani telac
05:26   trinkets   [Allies]   stfu be ti mentolu
05:34   trinkets   [All]   sad ces i ti i on ban
05:36   trinkets   [Allies]   zajedno
12:58   kurwulens   [Allies]   fuck ur mother thats what
16:20   trinkets   [Allies]   !f
16:27   trinkets   [Allies]   bosansko tele
16:28   trinkets   [Allies]   ahahah
18:41   trinkets   [Allies]   dont worry banned nab
18:44   trinkets   [Allies]   ur done here anyway
18:46   trinkets   [Allies]   stupid akasha
18:47   trinkets   [Allies]   whore
20:21   trinkets   [Allies]   just kser nab
20:21   trinkets   [Allies]   whore
20:46   trinkets   [Allies]   dead dumb shit
20:50   trinkets   [Allies]   go ks that
20:51   trinkets   [Allies]   low nab
21:14   trinkets   [Allies]   stupid nab shit
25:09   trinkets   [Allies]   stupid bosnian dumb shits
25:14   trinkets   [Allies]   like average iq 20 there
25:33   trinkets   [Allies]   sad ces ban ti seljacino
25:36   trinkets   [Allies]   ne sekiraj se
26:08   trinkets   [Allies]   i taj glupi goindar
26:11   trinkets   [Allies]   ce sa tobom
26:32   trinkets   [Allies]   i akasha
27:58   trinkets   [All]   dont worry gonrad u get ban anyawy
29:34   trinkets   [Allies]   dumb lion idiot
29:36   trinkets   [Allies]   slow in the head
29:37   trinkets   [Allies]   whore
29:44   trinkets   [Allies]   from bosnian dumpsters gipsy
29:54   trinkets   [Allies]   sad ces i ban
29:56   trinkets   [Allies]   da dudlas
30:09   trinkets   [Allies]   cigansko tele
32:24   trinkets   [All]   that banned bulgarian gipsy maphacker noob
32:30   trinkets   [Allies]   last game gondar
32:34   trinkets   [All]   last game dumb gondar
32:35   trinkets   [All]   gipsy
34:51   trinkets   [Allies]   hel get ban anyway
39:13   trinkets   [All]   dumb maphacker low shit
41:49   kurwulens   [Allies]   I AM AFK
42:08   trinkets   [Allies]   why im afk last 30 minutes
42:14   trinkets   [Allies]   fuck those idiots
42:18   trinkets   [Allies]   they 2 dumb for dota
42:39   trinkets   [Allies]   they cant play dota even if they pay for it
44:45   kurwulens   [Allies]   FUCK UR MTHER LION
44:53   trinkets   [All]   lion akasha gondar
44:55   trinkets   [All]   mhers all 3
45:03   trinkets   [All]   they get ban dont worry
45:04   kurwulens   [Allies]   FUCKING BOSNIAN DIOT
45:55   trinkets   [All]   Stfu maphacker gipsy
46:02   trinkets   [All]   low nab
46:07   trinkets   [All]   bulgarian dumpster gipsy
46:15   trinkets   [All]   gondar ban
46:17   trinkets   [All]   instant
46:22   trinkets   [All]   low


Unban Requests / unban
« on: August 16, 2017, 22:09 »
2: autoban
3: i got mad at family issues at home and i hit laptop and insant lost connection after alt tab i saw i dont even have wi fi connections to pick didnt have choice i w8 then restart later.
4: was 5 min of game it wasnt even draw if u think im left cuz i wanted ...

Ban Requests / ban
« on: August 16, 2017, 19:02 »
1: wo0rm
2: oooo_q7 , starigejmer
3: family related flame
4: 18:38   oooo_Q7   [All]   i will sun strike ur mom

24:37   starigejmer   [Allies]   jebem ti sve
24:38   starigejmer   [Allies]   botovsko
24:46   starigejmer   [Allies]   majku ti jebem glupu
24:55   starigejmer   [Allies]   ma banam ti staru
24:59   starigejmer   [Allies]   jebem ti svu familiju
25:05   starigejmer   [Allies]   idiotsku


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