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Unban Requests / First dota game, left 1 min before end
« on: May 01, 2024, 18:09 »
unban i didn't know

General Discussions / Re: My Account is deleted ?!!!!?
« on: December 08, 2023, 05:55 »
It's this one. Also there is a red message on top of the launcher that says "could not fetch server data". when i launch the game and click, it downloads files and enters

General Discussions / My Account is deleted ?!!!!?
« on: December 07, 2023, 17:23 »
Why can't i login to the game guys. Whenever i try to login it says that account does not exist. Heeeelp :/

So as i said guys, I could somehow fix the 1.26a warcraft lll problem and its now working through the client just by uninstalling the game, the client and every warcraft lll thing related from my pc then i uninstalled my antivirus, disabled firewall and disabled windows defender's auto scan and default settings. Then i reinstalled warcraft lll and client cleanly. The 1.26a worked when 1.28.5 problem is still the same. It's a mystery !

Hi Luke, choosing the Extracted File as the game directory was exactly the first thing I did and it still didn't work :(

Hi Antlerman, no I'm sure it's not my own opinion, it's a proven fact actually xD as the game is useless as I said as when I just choose the (Extracted File) as the 1.28.5 game directory it doesn't work. At this point I think the game is not installed as there is no frothen throne icon anyway + it's not working + it already has a launcher that anyone would think it will install the game but it doesn't sadly.

And for your information, my Warcraft lll 1.26a that doesn't work is the same one I used to play on the old installer (I'm sure it was v9)
That old installer was the best men as it used to configure everything automatically like downloading patches and installing them or fixing game problems
I'm not sure what team viewer is but I will be online by the time you said you will be available at.

Thank you Cen, the username works :)

Im also having troubles to log into the client after recovering my passowrd for the 3rd time on Im sure its because i forgot the username i was using as this is the same account i was using many years ago so...

Im asking you to tell me my username for email please :)

Well...i actually reinstalled my 1.26a warcraft and it worked. I could install the launcher successfully but i had more problems after...

1- I found out that the 1.28.5 Warcraft lll that i downloaded from your website is a complete waste of time as its not even working or installing (when i open the launcher and attempt to install the game it says that there is an update available and i press continue and then it freezes at 65%) also the client says that there are no updates available and if i choose the extracted 1.28.5 Warcraft 3 file as the game directory, it also wont work :(

2- When i choose my 1.26a Warcraft 3 file as the 1.26a game directory and attempt to run, it shows me this : *The picture*


Technical support / Cant install Client :(
« on: June 03, 2020, 06:46 »
Whenever i run the installer v11 client and start installing i get this...
 :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

===== Starting installation process =====
===== Starting installation process =====
===== Starting installation process =====
Received w3 path 1.26a: F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3
Received euro path: C:\Program Files\
=============STEP 1==============
Extracting files
Backing up files before extraction
Dbg: \w3l.exe
Dbg: \w3lh.dll
Dbg: \wl27.dll
Dbg: \tft.w3k
Dbg: \roc.w3k
Dbg: F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\w3l.exe
Dbg: F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\w3lh.dll
Dbg: F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\wl27.dll
Finished backing up files
Copying :\data\w3l.exe to \w3l.exe
Copying :\data\w3lh.dll to \w3lh.dll
Copying :\data\wl27.dll to \wl27.dll
Copying :\data\tft.w3k to \tft.w3k
Copying :\data\roc.w3k to \roc.w3k
Copying :\data\w3l.exe.126 to F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\w3l.exe
Copying :\data\w3lh.dll.126 to F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\w3lh.dll
Copying :\data\wl27.dll.126 to F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\wl27.dll
Copying :\data\xdelta3.exe to C:\Program Files\\xdelta3.exe
Copying :\data\xpam.exe to C:\Program Files\\xpam.exe
Copying :\data\xpam.ini to C:\Program Files\\xpam.ini
Copying :\data\gproxy.exe to C:\Program Files\\gproxy.exe
Copying :\data\botan.dll to C:\Program Files\\botan.dll
Copying :\data\gproxy.ini to C:\Program Files\\gproxy.ini
Copying :\data\gproxy.log to C:\Program Files\\gproxy.log
Copying :\data\xpam_pub.pem to C:\Program Files\\xpam_pub.pem
Copying :\data\eurobattle.reg to C:\Program Files\\eurobattle.reg
Copying :\data\update.bat to C:\Program Files\\update.bat
Copying :\data\uninstaller.exe to C:\Program Files\\uninstaller.exe
Copying :\data\zlib.dll to C:\Program Files\\zlib.dll
Copying :\data\quazip.dll to C:\Program Files\\quazip.dll
Copying :\data\Qt5Core.dll to C:\Program Files\\Qt5Core.dll
Copying :\data\Qt5Gui.dll to C:\Program Files\\Qt5Gui.dll
Copying :\data\Qt5Network.dll to C:\Program Files\\Qt5Network.dll
Copying :\data\Qt5Widgets.dll to C:\Program Files\\Qt5Widgets.dll
Copying :\data\libeay32.dll to C:\Program Files\\libeay32.dll
Copying :\data\ssleay32.dll to C:\Program Files\\ssleay32.dll
Copying :\data\sounds\challenge-completed.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\challenge-completed.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\challenge-started.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\challenge-started.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\friend-join-game.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\friend-join-game.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\hosted.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\hosted.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\moderate.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\moderate.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\slap.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\slap.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\started.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\started.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\unmoderate.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\unmoderate.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\whisper.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\whisper.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\kicked.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\kicked.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\announcement.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\announcement.wav
Copying :\data\sounds\autojoin.wav to C:\Program Files\\sounds\autojoin.wav
Copying :\data\platforms\qwindows.dll to C:\Program Files\\platforms\qwindows.dll
Copying :\data\msvcp140.dll to C:\Program Files\\msvcp140.dll
Copying :\data\vcruntime140.dll to C:\Program Files\\vcruntime140.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\botan.dll
Copying :\data\botan.dll to C:\Program Files\\botan.dll
Copying :\data\bncache.dat to C:\Program Files\\bncache.dat
Copying :\data\euro3icons.bni to C:\Program Files\\euro3icons.bni
Copying :\data\plink.exe to C:\Program Files\\plink.exe
Copying :\data\proxychains.conf to C:\Program Files\\proxychains.conf
Copying :\data\proxychains_hook_x86.dll to C:\Program Files\\proxychains_hook_x86.dll
Copying :\data\proxychains_win32_x86.exe to C:\Program Files\\proxychains_win32_x86.exe
Finished extracting files
=============STEP 2==============
Skipping W3 update check, latest W3 not selected
=============STEP 3==============
Backing up MPQ
Updating MPQ with custom icons
F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3
Access is denied.F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\War3Patch.mpq
Rolling back icons
Could not revert the file: Destination file exists
W3 was not updated. Nothing to revert.
Deleting new files (49)
Deleting \w3l.exe
Deleting \w3lh.dll
Deleting \wl27.dll
Deleting \tft.w3k
Deleting \roc.w3k
Deleting F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\w3l.exe
Deleting F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\w3lh.dll
Deleting F:\games\Spiderman\data\lowres\claws.psc\Warcraft 3\wl27.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\xdelta3.exe
Deleting C:\Program Files\\xpam.exe
Deleting C:\Program Files\\xpam.ini
Deleting C:\Program Files\\gproxy.exe
Deleting C:\Program Files\\botan.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\gproxy.ini
Deleting C:\Program Files\\gproxy.log
Deleting C:\Program Files\\xpam_pub.pem
Deleting C:\Program Files\\eurobattle.reg
Deleting C:\Program Files\\update.bat
Deleting C:\Program Files\\uninstaller.exe
Deleting C:\Program Files\\zlib.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\quazip.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\Qt5Core.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\Qt5Gui.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\Qt5Network.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\Qt5Widgets.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\libeay32.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\ssleay32.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\challenge-completed.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\challenge-started.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\friend-join-game.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\hosted.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\moderate.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\slap.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\started.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\unmoderate.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\whisper.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\kicked.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\announcement.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\sounds\autojoin.wav
Deleting C:\Program Files\\platforms\qwindows.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\msvcp140.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\vcruntime140.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\botan.dll
Could not remove C:/Program Files/
Deleting C:\Program Files\\bncache.dat
Deleting C:\Program Files\\euro3icons.bni
Deleting C:\Program Files\\plink.exe
Deleting C:\Program Files\\proxychains.conf
Deleting C:\Program Files\\proxychains_hook_x86.dll
Deleting C:\Program Files\\proxychains_win32_x86.exe

This problem really bothers me and it would be nice if could have a chat with a moderator because i might need some detailed guide.
please you have to help me i really missed as the last time i used it was back in 2016 and i really wanna play on it now.

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