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DotA Discussion / Re: v7 is Totally Better !!
« on: March 28, 2023, 17:43 »
Here is the point you missed
if i want to play 6.83c fixed map i prefer icecup
if i want to play 6.90a8 i prefer lagabuse
if i want to play 7.03-04 i prefer rgc
It's stupid to think that people will stop playing v6 and switch to v7, as you can see, custom maps /v6/ are being create at night, or there were people who switched to rgc.
For myself, instead of choosing the current dota 2 version in the current dota 1, I switch to d2 better.
Having played all versions in all communities, I think the most enjoyable version of the game is version 6.9. There is a bug situation, of course, the fixed version of it will be even better, like  icecup. Also, no matter what version, there will always be a meta hero pool. Let's not confuse this situation with heroes with bugs, please. This should not be difficult to understand.

DotA Discussion / Re: v7 is Totally Better !!
« on: March 28, 2023, 13:29 »
I decided that you are the dumbest player in eurobattle, congratulations, keep it up. :shit:

Offtopic / baza out
« on: March 27, 2023, 15:53 »
I heard that 6.9 is being removed. Thank you everyone for everything. If I go back to playing dota, I will probably continue with dota2. If you have enough rank to play with me, you can add this account to contact me.

let me send a "comeback"video. For the 6.9 games to be remembered. Sorry for the advertisement and low quality. :'(
You will no longer be able to see these accounts left by me from friends who left the server.
foggy,m0s (new one old one deleted/created 2005/ i forgot paswords  :P
hsakuragi/created 2010/,
bazarci,one_piece,slam_dunk,fatihakdogan /created 2014/,
hobodoksiker,fucheng/created 2016/,
2256,gofrettin,çüknettin,,hebeloy,hobodok,,cCcborillacCc,TRborillaTR  ;D ;D ;D

bye guys  :peace: :peace: :like a boss:

Ban Requests / ban
« on: March 13, 2023, 17:43 »
family flame/ nat intolerance
toxic behaviors from the beginning of the game;sa=game;gid=6504893

DotA Discussion / Re: Bad karma
« on: February 28, 2023, 17:45 »
congratulations you won a 5v2 game
or 8v2 lol
I don't know if you realize but you're crying right now  :peace:

Ban Requests / Re: ban please
« on: February 27, 2023, 18:27 »
I wasnt in the game but I looked at the link, that part was funny
and help my team
0   2   0   25:17   was kicked by vote  :agreed: :shit:

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 24, 2023, 12:04 »
both maps already exist. i dont understand what kind of problem do we have about it? v7 players crying in the forum need v6 players to fill the lobby? Is this the full explanation :D
+the game you've been playing for 20 years, I don't know what you're talking about :D
+an old-school dota-loving crowd is in the ice cup. Those who like the version adapted to Dota 2 also play rgc.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 21, 2023, 14:08 »
You can play V7 in other platforms but we can play v6 only in lagabuse. Also majority playing v6. So, removing v6 doesn't make sense to me
I would not describe what they are doing on v6 with 'play' word xd

we can arrange an all star match between v6 and v7 players on your map and see who will "play" bro :D

Maybe it means nothing here, but i got top 1300 on Dota2 in EU;
Could go higher, but stopped playing for a while, due to my new interests;
It took me a whole lot of learning, because literally nothing that you do for the win here works in Dota 2;

With this, let's say extended and even more deep than before knowledge, games in Dota1, does not matter, v6 or v7, are looking like a complete clown fest to me, a lot of absolutely inefficent and self-losing actions on the map;

> we can arrange an all star match between v6 and v7 players on your map
A year ago there was very similar disscussion, and there was a *Corristo* gameplayer, who was saying the very similar - like, 'come to play our v6 game and see who is the real pro';
And i played like 10 games with/agaisnt him in 'high skill' games;
There was literally nothing to be proud of, people are running on the map with absolutely weird and inefficient actions, just like players on v7;
And in response to my arguments about bad gameplay, he was only laughing and sorrying;

Players on v6 are not any better than players on v7, and v7 players are most likely are not that much better than players on v6, regardless of what they speak;

I personally prefer either v7, either last map (that was not really bugged) by IceFrog - 6.74c;
I do not like v6 because it has some not-well-balanced things (can list some of them later, if you want), and some game breaking bugs (Tusk's insane ult damage for example; or damage stacking for riki; or invulnerable Xin)

Yet, it does not make me think bad of anybody, i love that you guys are still playing dota, does not matter what map you are playing;
So we can still play the game in 2023 which is just amazing;
A little off topic but I can confirm that this guy is not immortal //d2 rank //. You can buy an Immortal account but you can't play like an immortal unfortunately maximum ancient ///much lower rank///:( . Let's fix this.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 18, 2023, 12:20 »
Let me tell you again the difference between v6 and v7. v6 gold and experience per minute gain higher. For this reason, games usually end between 25-45 minutes. Item selections are also more team-fight oriented. So little but effective farm so much fight. In V7, on the other hand, because it works like the gold gain alchemist skill, more farm is needed. So more farm, less fight and long games. For example, as the first three items, if you play ursa in v6, you will get boots dagger mask to dominate the early game. In V7, boots fury and mask to farm fast. As you know, Dota is a game that constantly updates versions and makes certain heroes meta in version. Unfortunately, certain heroes are in this meta and are strong in V6. It's boring to play with the same hereos, it's a fact. Therefore, having both maps loaded means a larger hero pool. For example, you like two heroes, Lich and Trax. If you prefer the v6 version when you want to play lich, or the v7 version when you want to play trax, you will have played the meta heroes of both maps. As a v6 player, a bug-fixed v6 version would be the ideal choice for me. If I were to play V7, I would prefer a community with more players, obviously, or I would play dota 2, which is even more logical and similar. As a suggestion, you can keep the v6 v7 statistics separately, or one season v6 and the other season v7 map can be played.i think the most logical one single map game is like dota eurobattle v6 fixed version.

Ban Requests / ban
« on: February 16, 2023, 01:50 »
3-votekick abuse
4-18:16   savke_sd   [Allies]   !votekick 22
20:29   savke_sd   [Allies]   !votekick 22
51:19   NoFeelings   [Allies]   !votekick 22
51:19   savke_sd   [Allies]   !votekick 22
52:32   NoFeelings   [Allies]   !votekick 22
53:08   NoFeelings   [Allies]   !votekick 22

5-I will say one thing, they won the game because of me. and they tried to kick me I can't explain the level of noobness of the players :( this post should come to them they really deserved it.//warning// don't watch the game, your eyes will bleed
each of the players can be shown separately in dota fails of the weak. :laugh: :laugh:

Ban Requests / Re: VOTEKICK ABUSE
« on: February 15, 2023, 12:34 »
Your arguments makes no sense to this post. Why should a player be kicked if he is not doing anything wrong? Think again. Anybody can start to play DotA, some might have a bad ping, some might eat something, some might be tired. Some just want to start to play dota and have a different style. As long as someone is not ruining the game on purpose. The kick situation is just a bunch of kids who have anger issues.
You play with players who have finished the last 4-5 seasons in the top 25, unfortunately, the mistakes you make compared to normal games lead to defeat. There is a different level of competition. I recommend you not to enter these games. because that's how it will be reacted every time.
Game: SD 1600++++ 9/10 ///game name look at the psr of the players you play and i think you should think again////

btw idk this trash
ruedelav played Total ladder games:   16
total forum messages 12 all about me
As I said before the message you send to the post of the games you havent played doesnt matter.
I think I f..d this badly on his other account, hes crying here with a fake account

Ban Requests / Re: VOTEKICK ABUSE
« on: February 14, 2023, 21:06 »
First of all, you don't have enough mana items to play support abad. mana boot soul ring etc. Secondly , playing support is not farming support items while your team is fighting . Thirdly, if you do nothing while your teammate dies in front of you in the fight and return to the base with your non-cool down items and skills, you will get kicked in these games because you have an ult, you don't use a skill, you wait behind while you should stand in front. :o

Ban Requests / Re: Ban
« on: February 13, 2023, 00:50 »
You can't open a ban post for games that you are not in the game and whose one week has expired mr noob . don't waste your little brain on these

Ban Requests / Re: Ban
« on: February 13, 2023, 00:44 »
05:27       [All]    [Sex.bez.lasky]Neutral creeps killed fucheng
11:36       [All]    [Sex.bez.lasky]Neutral creeps killed fucheng
14:02       [All]    [Sex.bez.lasky]Neutral creeps killed fucheng
you dont even know why im doing this omg
you are too noob to argue with you i don't need to write anything else mr noob
+I have no idea who you are, just stay away from me and my games. I'm sick of noobs like you, I hope I explained it clearly.

Ban Requests / Re: Ban
« on: February 12, 2023, 14:09 »
here is your answer mr noob. In the early game, there was no chance of us getting the fights with slardar over-farming. If you send an anti only fury to a fight without a manta, you will lose that fight. An example of this is the death of the anti in front of the bot tower. Since the other side does not push the lanes even though they farm so much, they give a chance to the anti who farms faster and faster than them. When this is the case, playing safe and farming for the mid game is what needs to be done to get an easy win. Now let's get to what you noobs do to not win the game. Because you bought all the kill gold because of your hero, the farms of the carrys were delayed. They gained a lot of advantage because of Ursa and Wk, who stubbornly fought incompletely during the farming of the manta, which was needed. Here is the mistake you made about who you should play the game with:
Average kills:   7.5   Kills:   113
Average deaths:   3.6   Deaths:   54
Average assists:   7.8   Assists:   117
Average creep kills:   196.7   Creep kills:   2950
Average creep denies:   10   Creep denies:   150
Average neutral kills:   72.7   Neutral kills:   1091
Average tower kills:   1.3   Tower kills:   20
Average rax kills:   0.9   Rax kills:   14
Average kills:   14.4   Kills:   187
Average deaths:   7.1   Deaths:   92
Average assists:   7.5   Assists:   97
Average creep kills:   171.3   Creep kills:   2227
Average creep denies:   19.5   Creep denies:   253
Average neutral kills:   45.9   Neutral kills:   597
Average tower kills:   2.2   Tower kills:   28
Average rax kills:   1.2   Rax kills:   16
eurobattle   Skeleton King   25   1255 PSR
plsnoban /samle like tajpan we all know that noob and most game dont let him play/
Average kills:   6.2   Kills:   356
Average deaths:   8.7   Deaths:   495
Average assists:   8.5   Assists:   485
Average creep kills:   177.2   Creep kills:   10101
Average creep denies:   9.7   Creep denies:   555
Average neutral kills:   30.4   Neutral kills:   1733
Average tower kills:   0.9   Tower kills:   52
Average rax kills:   0.6   Rax kills:   33
come on, if you don't understand these things, you have to be an idiot not to understand the mistakes made by these noobs who knowingly make fights that they can't win.
24:48   fucheng   [Allies]   we have
24:51   fucheng   [Allies]   better late
don't you realize that you can't get the game when you kick me with this stupidity
28:33   PlsNoBan..   [Allies]   !votekick fuc
29:37   ruedelav   [Allies]   !votekick fuch
32:11   ruedelav   [Allies]   !votekick fuche
44:24   tajpan   [Allies]   !votekick fuch

[11-02-2023 14:28:34][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [WHISPER] /w tajpan fu
[11-02-2023 14:28:34][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] [WHISPER] [tajpan]: fu
[11-02-2023 14:29:02][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [tajpan] said: farmer 0 skills :D
[11-02-2023 14:29:12][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [WHISPER] /w tajpan you have 1200 psr you know that right :D
[11-02-2023 14:29:13][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] [WHISPER] [tajpan]: you have 1200 psr you know that right :D
[11-02-2023 14:29:13][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [tajpan] said: you deserve to lose nab
[11-02-2023 14:29:18][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [WHISPER] /w tajpan pls dont write me
[11-02-2023 14:29:18][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] [WHISPER] [tajpan]: pls dont write me
[11-02-2023 14:29:21][GPROXY][BNET_CHAT] [BNET COMMAND] /ignre tajpan
[11-02-2023 14:29:21][GPROXY][BNET_ERROR] [ERROR] Unknown command.
[11-02-2023 14:29:25][GPROXY][BNET_CHAT] [BNET COMMAND] /ignore tajpan
[11-02-2023 14:29:25][GPROXY][BNET_INFO] [INFO] Tajpan has been squelched.
[11-02-2023 14:11:52][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [PlsNoBan..] said: ananın amından nc de mi cıktın
[11-02-2023 14:11:58][GPROXY][BNET_CHAT] [BNET COMMAND] /time
[11-02-2023 14:11:58][GPROXY][BNET_INFO] [INFO] EuroBattle.Net Server Time: Sat Feb 11 13:21:50
[11-02-2023 14:11:58][GPROXY][BNET_INFO] [INFO] Your local time: Sat Feb 11 14:21:50
[11-02-2023 14:11:58][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [PlsNoBan..] said: 2 sattir komnbat oluyo

if you annoy your teammates so much trying to win the game, you shouldn't expect him to win the game .As a result, the reason we lost the game is your insufficient knowledge of the game and your go bark away mr noob.

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