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Offtopic / See you all and good luck!
« on: March 27, 2023, 14:59 »
Hey guys! I just stopped by to say goodbye! With v6 basically removed the day has finally come to stop playing on this server for me.

Thank you all for the fun moments when playing together.

@cen thank you for your hard work keeping this server up and running over the years!
Thank you all the admins and moderators for you work!

One last time: Good luck and Have fun!

Corristo off.

DotA Discussion / Re: beta 7.04b0
« on: March 25, 2023, 06:22 »
Last night no v7 game at all .. we waited 2.30 hours for 1 game and we didnt play... wtff all players gone other platforms .. 0 solutıon from you all !!


Unban Requests / Unban request
« on: March 14, 2023, 21:42 »
1: NickName?

2: Who banned you?

3: Why did you get banned?
no idea

4: Reason that forced you to break the rule?
I was ingame and got kicked for afk? I wasn't afk.

5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.
Attached a screenshot too. Got kicked but was in the game also. Never seen this before.

6: Link of the game?

Unban Requests / Unban request
« on: March 14, 2023, 11:47 »
1: NickName?

2: Who banned you?

3: Why did you get banned?

4: Reason that forced you to break the rule?
Electricity went off for a few minutes.

5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.
Nothing more to add. Had no reason to leave, the game was pretty much decided.

6: Link of the game?;sa=game;gid=6504921

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 26, 2023, 10:54 »
Or there is the possibility that v6 players will simply stop playing on this server, so v7 players still won't have anyone to play with here and the server dies. Btw did anyone notice that v6 players don't mind if anyone plays v7, but it's always the v7 players demanding to remove v6? I wonder why...

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 20, 2023, 10:42 »
-So you could be pro, but you have other interests right? :D No sir, we both know that on professional Dota2 your skill is simply not enough. Otherwise you would be playing in professional Dota2 tournaments, which you don't. So either you are lying, OR you are dogshit compared to real pros.

-"Why are you the one who is being rude once again in such thread?" -> why is you the one who mentions me once again in an insulting context?
You must have some real mother-complexity issues if you have to express your bully behavior on a dota forum.

-I am not saying 'you are all losers because i am better', and would never say so; -> this is exactly what you were saying in your previous post. Simply bragging.

-"Well, a year ago, when i played with you? If ':D' was not laughing, then sorry, i misinterpred common things" -> again no proof. Give a ":D" with context so everybody can see what you are talking about (even I can't remember this) or just simply stop backing up your words with more lies.

Stop lying and embarassing yourself Deer.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 20, 2023, 08:54 »
A game between v6 and v7 players was asked by a v7 player not by me. Falsifying stuff like your master Putin I see. Stop lying around here.

"And in response to my arguments about bad gameplay, he was only laughing and sorrying;"

-When did I laugh and said sorry? Are you living in fantasy world little mobik?
You comparing yourself to me, is like me comparing myself to rl-valter. Whats the point? There is always somebody better, you could compare yourself to dota2 pros, but you don't. Why? Because you love to bully smaller/weaker players. Typical russian behavior.

Go and compare yourself to dota2 pros if you are big boy. Oh wait... you are trash on that level. I forgot.

I will say sorry ONLY the day I see you perform well in a professional Dota2 tournament. Until that day, shut the fuck up and stop bragging.

Secondly, @cen can we ignore the votes/opinions of those players who are basically inactive on this server? Like this russian mobik.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 18, 2023, 21:26 »
Voted for the more active map. Played by the majority of top 50 players. Nuff said.

Offtopic / Re: When will 6.9 ACTUALLY die?
« on: January 07, 2023, 14:38 »
DotA v6 will probably be removed from ladder soon. Learn to play v7.

This is the message I get each time upon entering battle net. Is it going to happen anytime soon or just plain words? I am getting tired of this 6.9 full of bugs and glitches being played. :(

Nobody wants to play v7. And for a reason. I understand you are frustrated to play with the same 15-20 players every game in v7... but it is what it is. Everyone had a free choice to choose and the players clearly showing interest in v6. The best solution would be to find a good mapmaker and take on v6, fix the bugs and improve the map from there. Add the new heroes, new items and maybe some other changes. I know it will probably only stay a wish, but who knows...Maybe the staff knows a mapmaker willing to take the mantle.

General Discussions / Re: privileges
« on: December 06, 2022, 19:05 »
Yea, banning a player for flames or insults when we have !ignore and !mute commands is lame.
Change that rule, so players can release soem fuckin steam without getting banned lol.

Complaints Board / Is the staff incompetent or corrupt again?
« on: October 13, 2022, 08:36 »
1) Your ingame nickname?

2) Moderator's nickname (as in subject).
I can't tell who was it. Please check.

3) Why you are not happy with Moderator's decision / behavior.

My ban request was closed without taking a decision or giving an explanation.
Thror was permabanned, then his ban was reduced for 1 month. He stil did ban evading which is against the rules.
His acc is: obsidianberk,1425.msg5531.html#msg5531

 c) Evading ban is forbidden and may lead to a lock on server, as well as permaban on all newly created accounts.

Are the admins and the rules are a joke on this server?!

4) Forum link / Game link.,202320.0.html

Ban Requests / Re: Ban request
« on: October 12, 2022, 20:39 »
It's funny if you think you won that game :D
It was spectre who won. you actually fed us with your starting 0-4 xD.
No, you are a massive provoker who insults other players and you should stay permabanned.
It's the admins who don't stick to their own rules on this server. Shame.

Ban Requests / Re: Ban request
« on: October 12, 2022, 19:52 »
It's 3rd day since I posted the request and still no decision, while other ban requests were solved meantime. Can anyone tell me why this super toxic player is not permabanned as he supposed to be? Ever since you let him play, he just trashtalks and provokes every game.
Admin connections again I see. His permaban was reduced to a month.

Ban Requests / Ban request
« on: October 10, 2022, 18:39 »
1: Your NickName?

2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?

3: What rule did he/they break
ban evading

4: When was the Rule Broken?

5: Explain to us your general vision about the situation.
His real nickname is Thror. And he is ban evading. Nothing more to add.

6: Link of the game? (;sa=game;gid=6485553

Suggestion Board / Re: no players !!!
« on: September 18, 2022, 11:39 »
soon or later i knew this will happen and I m not happy about it, agree with grga he said ppl didn't make the transition on time and they clearly can't jump around few versions,I m just afriad some ppl can't make any transition, the era of dota1 on this server is over sadly, soon ppl who decide to play only v6 will start quiting dota forever
and the new incomers players won't come,however, rgc will survive for some period of time, the simple thing about dota is:" if there is no progression with new versions coming out, there is no need to play game"
 1 of the biggest reason why I m still playing this game is actually progress and new versions coming out,I can't believe some ppl are happy with "get stuck" in 6.9 but that's how they think... without any offense they don't have the brain capacity to look in the future. Coristo can says w/e he likes but keeping the old version was huge problem and big issue,gl now coristo with stacked 30 players max on the server with few lobbies in the progress, and most of the time the same players into these lobbies.

No mate, I'm not against new maps. I never was in my 16 years of playing. Back in 2008 we just couldn't wait the new versions to be released, it was so exciting and fun. Trying out new heroes, new items, im ALL IN for that.
And I said with v7 as well, I very much welcome new heroes, new items. What kicked in the door for me was, that it was too much a copy of Dota2. I said, do a few rollbacks, remove shrines, player UI (disgusting as fuck) ,the terrain changes (with few minor exceptions) and for me it's good. But what drakoliched did, was simply took stuff from dota2, and put it into dota1. It's neither dota1 nor dota2 at this points. It's an abomination. Of course players with bad taste will eat it like pelicans, so for them anything new is WOW. Same as Iphone fanboys...
So for me it's a no, and I would rather play Dota2 than v7. Simple as that. I just don't prefer v7 in it's current form.

Solution would be: or make rollbacks, listening to feedbacks, or get a mapmaker who can continue editing/fixing v6 based on players feedbacks and ideas. Drako doesn't want to listen to anyone (typical russian mentality). Fine by, I will just quit when playing v6 won't be possible anymore.

I'm too old for this shit anyway... xD

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