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Offtopic / Re: Damn
« on: June 14, 2023, 23:52 »
Left 2-3 months ago still number 5 on ladder
Congrats mate, you will be top10 player at the end of this season  ;D :y:
I thought no_lifer_xd is the one to be the next #1, but he is not and hes 30 PSR lower than yours after all this time  :peace:

Ban Requests / Ban
« on: March 17, 2023, 18:47 »
1: mordor

2: den4ik-_-master

3: Mass Leaving/Ban Evading

4: 24:38       [All]    [den4ik-_-master]CaCaCeA killed den4ik-_-master
24:41       [All]    [den4ik-_-master]Demon^Slayer killed CaCaCeA
24:45       [All]    den4ik-_-master has left the game voluntarily, den4ik-_-master was autobanned.

5: High leaving rate, 14 total games and 2 left.
Both times he did it in my games and in my team, 5 days ago he did it to this game;sa=game;gid=6504780


DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 28, 2023, 18:55 »
NOTHİNG WİLL CHANGE !!!! lagabuse will dead soon:(  no change no new movement about dota many people play dead dota here (6.90) so look other servers how many poeple online and playing dota and look lagabuse here players just criticism and idle talk about dota !!
Everything is really good and even better than before. I must say Lagabuse is very alive with 100+ ladder games daily and nothing changed in last 5 years. And admins and moderators did really great job. The only unexpected glitch of time is unwanted dead v7 map. You and your fellas spent obviously too much time on other servers. Who talk what and who does criticism? - Only you and few of your fellas and that's it. And its not criticism, its crying on forum with stupid :shit: request.
All of you who came with this stupid request should stay right there where you belong, in history. Right there in my memories.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 26, 2023, 16:01 »
Or there is the possibility that v6 players will simply stop playing on this server, so v7 players still won't have anyone to play with here and the server dies. Btw did anyone notice that v6 players don't mind if anyone plays v7, but it's always the v7 players demanding to remove v6? I wonder why...
This is alternate reality in worst scenario, not possibility its something what is going to happen in worst scenario, then not more than 5-10 ladder games daily for days, then for weeks until the last remaining v7 players move to gaming platform with 10000 active v7 players - RGC. That is idea behind this topic and aggressive approach of few who wants so badly to remove the most popular map from ladder games. Why? - Because they can't get 10 players to start the game.

how can I vote for V6?
voting already closed
Voting is never closed, its just 1 more soul who wants to play what he wants to play and not what few fellas wants.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 26, 2023, 15:49 »
- Check for example No_LiFeR_xD who is against v6.9, atm last 30 games he played are v6.9.
That is correct and at the same time he plays 7.0 with me and many others on another platform (where new maps are updated automatically).
Since everything is so perfect on another platform (RGC) and you have many friends over there, why don't you stay there with your friends? 10 000 v7 players, its real heaven for you and for your friends. It must be no longer than 1 minute to start the game, isn't it? Take rgc, where they update latest map automatically and 10 000+ players are ok with that.

You people say making 7.0 the only playable map here would make some people quit but the truth is it would make some people also return back. :)
The truth is its much better option v7.0 to disappear from this server for good. These who already left NEVER GAVE 0 fuck about dota.eurobattle, its obvious you know its true. How many years of v7.0, - 3, 4? Where are your friends? Why don't they play here, they had choice and they left for good. So 20-30 of you remaining, on your place I would move on with life.

Anyway modoror you seem like a player who gets outplayed by neutral creeps so expect no more replies from me to your superficial and weak arguments.
At least I gave valid arguments, what are yours? No offense, You can not connect 2 sentences, I don't know is that your lacking of education, your falling in your own lies or something else. My parrot can speak and he can give better arguments than you can do. Seriously in each of your posts all you learned so far to say is mocking others, how they are bad players, how they are noobs, how they have weak arguments, but only truth is You don't have valid arguments at all and you are irrelevant. All what you want is to kill this place, there are at least 20x more v6.9 players and they don't give a shit about your wishes.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 26, 2023, 01:40 »
I just wonder many of those who voted for "Both" are actually v7 players or, like myself, v6 players who don`t mind v7 map as an option for those who wish to play it.

I can say for sure all who voted for both maps are v6.9 only players, or players who play both maps. Why would anyone who play v6 be against 2 maps after all this time, it is normal now, you play what you want. And the winner after all this time is? - You play what you want to play and with more than 90% of games lately v6.9 is undisputedly main map on this gaming platform with largest percent of games compared with all other games.

The thing is almost all v7 players already left because they can't gather 10 players to start the game. How many of them still remaining? Up to 30 players max with mixed level of skills and half of them play both maps. Does it effect ladder? -Of course it does because v7 games are less competitive now. Who is the best v7 player atm? -gHe #20

- Check for example No_LiFeR_xD who is against v6.9, atm last 30 games he played are v6.9.
- On other side pastmistake is representative of RGC community, inactive player with ban history when he was active. How it comes to this, now RGC player opinion is relevant?
- begin is also inactive player, he is openly advertising RGC community as next destination for v7 players with 10000 players, see yourself if you don't believe me,201417.msg714284.html#msg714284
This is his recommendation "Take rgc, where they update latest map automatically and 10 000+ players are ok with that. "

And fun fact, more people who posted something in this topic are for v6.9. Not to mention how many players play v6.9, with at least 100 games daily. On other side v7 can be compared with other custom games with 3-10 games daily. Its 1 game per few hours. Satisfaction guaranteed.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 24, 2023, 21:27 »
Make it 7.0 or I stop playing dota after 18 years! Don't test me!
Goodbye my lover
Goodbye my friend
You have been the one
You have been the one for me
We've had our doubts but now we're fine
And I love you, I swear that's true
I cannot live without you!
You are tested. Now stop and go already. I promise you You will be forgotten! .i.

Guys give me one reason why we should stay on v6?
all playres on v7 are dog shit and the ones that arent spam dog unbalanced heroes
True story bro. How many v7 games in last few days. +1 for your wise words  ;D

both maps already exist. i dont understand what kind of problem do we have about it? v7 players crying in the forum need v6 players to fill the lobby? Is this the full explanation :D
v7 brotherhood of sadness, they need to wait for hours to have 1 game :''(

Well as I said. From personal experience you're not the only ones that confronted with this situation. Similar was on RGC, and the most anti-update were the Peru and Bolivia communities. Europe was first on the band-wagon. Regardless.. now everyone admits update is ok.

Also I noted that in current top 10 ladder, analyzing stats, there are close to literally 0 GOD (carry) players. Maybe I`m wrong, but I'm really into stats and numbers.
You are very wrong at numbers sooo why don't you move back to Columbia or Peru where you belongs? And move back to RGC to update yourself, you will be forgotten I promise. And tell us why all the people stopped to play v7, how many of you still play, 15, 20? :peace:
Something is very wrong here, don't ya think?

Lets replace v7 map with LTD, this will bring back many old players, dotaeurobattle needs exclusive LTD map. Everyone will be Happy.. this is my promise.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 21, 2023, 15:37 »
v7 is better OFC !!! v6 is not balanced.
Of course it is.

DotA Discussion / Re: Dota Map megapoll
« on: February 19, 2023, 18:33 »
Hello to everyone
Me as a player who playing active dota 1 and i play v6 and version 7
I have to say  It's time to leave v6 version.

V7 is better map and with less bugs

Other players should try new version 1 or 2 montha and they will see there is not a big difference. (Btw v7 is better map)
This is very correct, I totally agree. 6.9 is bugged and less interesting than 7.0.
Yea dude 7.0 is very interesting, that's why all the people play more popular map.
How many 7.0 games today, zero (0)?

Offtopic / When will v7 ACTUALLY die?
« on: January 06, 2023, 18:24 »
I am getting tired of poor, boring v7 players who spam me to join their empty lobby each time they see a new v6 game. On 10 v6 games there comes 1 or 2 v7 games and the only thing these few people do is spam via /whisper and on forum, never enough of their crying since they never have enough players to start their games in less than 20-30 minutes. And its not only that, on v7 games there are stacks with up to 5 solid players versus noobs in another team most of time. V7 is nothing more than poor copy of Dota2 and most of people who wants to have a nice game are already in Dota2 communities.
So v7 games quality is very low to be competitive and to be considered as part of ladder games. The best for all will be removing v7 from ladder already. I'm sure this gonna be the best solution for community and step forward for gaming experience on this place. These poor people will finally do something in their lives instead of wasting more than 30 minutes to get enough players to start the game they are trying to play.

Ban Requests / Ban
« on: June 18, 2022, 23:12 »
1: mordor

2: analdestruction

3: leaving  ban avoding

4: 16:33       [All]    [Sakra]AbDuRaMaN killed Analdestruction
16:44       [All]    Analdestruction has left the game voluntarily, Analdestruction was autobanned.
Player was autobanned for [6 days and 7 hours] on [16-06-2022 19:11:35] in game [AP ++1].

5: High leaving rate, after every 8 games played


Ban Requests / Re: Ban
« on: June 14, 2022, 18:25 »

Ban Requests / Ban
« on: June 13, 2022, 22:01 »
1: mordor

2: todor  yondaimehokage

3: todor  intentional feeding and command abuse votekick
yondaimehokage  command abuse votekick and spam votekick and minimap signals and chat

4: 07:09    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    necro
07:11    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    let him psh
07:12       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
07:21    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    bravoo
07:25    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !ignore todor
08:47       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
08:50    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
08:50       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
09:49       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has expired.
09:49    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
09:49       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
11:39    Todor    [Allies]    !votekick hok
11:39       [All]    [Todor] voted to kick [YondaimeHokage] [1/6]
12:36       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
12:39       [All]    A votekick against player [YondaimeHokage] has expired.
12:41    Todor    [Allies]    xd
12:45    Todor    [Allies]    !votekick hok
12:45       [All]    [Todor] voted to kick [YondaimeHokage] [1/6]
12:47    ramizdayi    [All]    STOP
12:47    ramizdayi    [All]    IT
12:52    Todor    [All]    must kick
12:53    ramizdayi    [Allies]    -MUTE 5
13:01    ramizdayi    [Allies]    -MUTE 3
13:44       [All]    A votekick against player [YondaimeHokage] has expired.
14:03       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
14:14    Todor    [Allies]    xd
14:30    Todor    [Allies]    xd
14:49       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed YondaimeHokage
15:03       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
15:06    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
15:06       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
15:10    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    -unmute 1
15:11    mordor91    [Allies]    !votecancel
15:11       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has been cancelled.
15:13    mordor91    [Allies]    stop it
15:16    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
15:16       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
15:19    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !owner
15:22    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    -unmute team
15:22    mordor91    [Allies]    !votecancelk
15:24    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
16:15       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has expired.
16:22    Uraharakisuge    [Allies]    feeders
16:23       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed YondaimeHokage
16:28    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    -c
16:30       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
19:06    mordor91    [Allies]    b
19:08    mordor91    [Allies]    necro
19:11    mordor91    [Allies]    b
19:13    mordor91    [Allies]    b
19:20       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
19:23    Todor    [Allies]    ffs
19:31    mordor91    [Allies]    why do you feed pudge?
19:41    mordor91    [Allies]    you had 15 seconds to escape
19:43    Todor    [Allies]    dude he focus me
19:51    mordor91    [Allies]    no you focus feed on him
20:04    Todor    [Allies]    g
20:25       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
20:42    mordor91    [Allies]    !votekick tod
20:42       [All]    [mordor91] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
20:45    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !yes
20:45       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [2/7]
20:49    Uraharakisuge    [Allies]    !yes
20:49       [All]    [Uraharakisuge] voted to kick [Todor] [3/7]
20:51    mordor91    [All]    he is feeding pudge
20:55    YondaimeHokage    [All]    KICK
20:57    mordor91    [All]    on purpose
20:57    YondaimeHokage    [All]    HE FEED"S
21:01    mordor91    [All]    please kick
21:22    mordor91    [All]    can we kick him?
21:27    ^ArchaeologisT^    [Allies]    !yes
21:27       [All]    [^ArchaeologisT^] voted to kick [Todor] [4/7]
21:42       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has expired.
21:46    mordor91    [All]    last 2 kills pudge used both heroes
21:55       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
21:58    YondaimeHokage    [All]    CMON
22:00    mordor91    [All]    guys
22:02    YondaimeHokage    [All]    WE JOKE HERE OR WHAT
22:05    YondaimeHokage    [All]    JUST KICK THE FEEDER
22:06    mordor91    [All]    this is against the rules
22:10    YondaimeHokage    [All]    WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM
22:11    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !yes
22:12    Uraharakisuge    [All]    !yes
22:12    ramizdayi    [Allies]    !YES
22:14    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick Todor
22:14       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
22:14    mordor91    [All]    you play with 6 players in your team
22:16    mordor91    [Allies]    !rmk
22:16       [All]    [mordor91] voted to rmk [1/8]
22:17    ^ArchaeologisT^    [Allies]    !yes
22:17       [All]    [^ArchaeologisT^] voted to kick [Todor] [2/7]
22:17    Uraharakisuge    [All]    !yes
22:17       [All]    [Uraharakisuge] voted to kick [Todor] [3/7]
22:18    cokoladica    [Allies]    !yes
22:18       [All]    [cokoladica] voted to kick [Todor] [4/7]
22:20    shiver    [Allies]    !yes
22:20       [All]    [shiver] voted to kick [Todor] [5/7]
22:21    ramizdayi    [Allies]    !YES
22:21       [All]    [ramizdayi] voted to kick [Todor] [6/7]
22:27    mordor91    [Allies]    !yes
22:27       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has passed.
22:27       [All]    Todor was kicked by vote.

5: I want to play dota and not to watch two who interrupt the game all the time and after starting conflicts one retard do bad things against own team. Last 3 deaths of Todor are very obvious satisfaction in dying, and his efforts to feed pudge are obvious, even some deaths before are suspicious. Both spammed votekick without reason and YondaimeHokage used it before Todor did anything wrong. Once I warned Todor to go back, Pudge was coming and he moved to scourge creeps to be visible target and after that he died fast 2 times just after respawn after what we kicked out him.


Ban Requests / Re: Ban req
« on: June 07, 2022, 22:26 »
I would like to withdraw my request.
Please close it.

Ban Requests / Ban req
« on: June 06, 2022, 17:20 »
1: mordor

2: ThE_MiRaCoL93 





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