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Title: Report Translation [Must Read Before Posting]
Post by: Jimmy on September 29, 2019, 12:28
When reporting Player/s  for Family Flame, National/Religious Intolernace You must provide Translation [If the chat Copy is not in English].

Forum Rules state & must be followed , specially in Ban & Unban Section :

0. General Codex
      a: Obligatory language on forum is English (excluding offtopic's country child boards)
      Note: Posts in other language than English will be deleted.
      Note: All decisions are mainly rendered by Moderators and can vary from those from 'Table of Sanctions'.
      Note: Admins' words are always indisputable.

Regardless if Staff have some members that can Understand a specific language, you Must provide translation , because we work as a team, and any problems or situations that may happen, Staff can have clear view ,and solve it in best interest of All included.


2. Member must not lie in MH/Ban/Unban requests:
      Note: Lying in official request may lead to additional sanctions against user account.
[If u Provide Wrong translation, that can affect outcome of the Report ,that will lead to Sanctions against the person who provided that Translation]

8. Member must not use CAPS-LOCK all the time:
      Note: Clear enough.

Our work must be transparent and clear for anyone who visits Our Forum,that is why these Standards must be uphold.